LunchTimeWaster: That's A Straight Red

To celebrate the World Cup kicking off in South Africa, here's a game that sadly neglected former Socceroo Kevin Muscat would be proud of.

In Soccer Balls the whole idea is kick the ball at the referee and receive a red card. Of course, it isn't actually a football game.

You've got to contend with bouncy pads, moving platforms, giant fans (of the air blowing variety) and even multiple refs.

It's utter nonsense and, frankly, not particularly good. But hey, neither is Kevin Muscat.

Soccer Balls [Kongregate]


    Hrmmm. Former national team captain and current captain of two time national league champions/premieres. Yeah, Kevin Muscat isn't good.

      You must remember I'm from Sydney...

        Right, bring it. VICTORY!

          who the hell is Kevin Muscat?

            I'm pretty sure he's one of the characters from "Meercat Manor"

        Sydney huh, so you'd be a supporter of that team that trys to buy it's way to championships.

          I'm pretty sure we won the championship last season. No "trying" about it...

            Indeed, I stand corrected change that too ".....that team that buys its way..."

            Are you a Cove member or a latte/corporate box type?

            Go the Jets!

              Kotaku should totally get a catered corporate box next season. Thanks for the idea!

    hahaha right in the nuts.... *ahem*...

      Speaking of which I believe they have already announced a sequel, starring J Griffiths where you punch the ref in the nuts instead.

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