LunchTimeWaster: Toughen Up, Princess

Because, quite frankly, I reckon you're going to have to get out of this one all by yourself.

Orton and the Princess is a rock-hard platformer with minimal graphics and a familiar objective. In each level you must jump "like a plumber" to navigate a fiendish series of platforms, spike traps and other obstacles, and rescue the princess.

The design is unforgiving. Orton moves quite quickly and thus it's maddeningly easy to overshoot a jump or overcorrect yourself mid-air and land on some killer spikes. For that, you are sent back to the beginning of the level.

But I could never stay mad at a game with such a jaunty soundtrack. And nor will you.

Orton and the Princess [Kongregate]


    I would be more entertained if it was about a princess going to rescue her plumber.

      Super Princess Peach!

    The amount of times I died by trying to be cautious and just tapping the arrow key then sprinting off the edge or into spikes,oh man.

    satisfaction was had when I completed it and got to marry the princess

    By the time I finished that game, I felt I was Neo . I could time the bullet shots, how fast the balls were being shot out at, which moving platforms I could reach by jumping - nothing could touch me.

    I came for the game but I STAYED for the music.

    Damn Kongregate pausing it when you switch windows : (


    Another case of my brilliant ideas being ripped off!

    My indoor soccer/sports team has been called 'Tuff'n Up Princess' for at least the last four years!

    Fun game, good music, but an absolutely TERRIBLE difficulty curve and length. Needs a lot more levels, and some easier ones to act as a challenge without being nearly impossible.

    I didn't see anything wrong with the difficulty curve. We've all played games just like this before, it's nothing new, so why not make it a challenge?

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