R18+ Discussion Delayed Once Again

R18+ Discussion Delayed Once Again

The Standing Committee of Attorneys-Generals were meant to meet this month to discuss, amongst other topics, the issue of video game classification in Australia. Thanks to the upcoming Federal Election, that meeting has been cancelled.

The cancellation is a blow to those hoping for a swift resolution to the proposal of introducing an R18+ rating for video games.

After a period of public consultation on the R18+ issue, which saw an unprecedented number of submissions from the Australian people, SCAG met in May to acknowledge the submissions and debate the topic.

However, the only public statement to emerge from the meeting read:

“Ministers agreed to discuss whether to amend the National Classification Scheme to introduce an R 18+ classification for computer games at a future meeting. Ministers have requested further analysis of community and expert views.”

Since May we’ve heard from Liberal leader Tony Abbott that our classification system is “broken” and from former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie that most of SCAG is pro R18+.

After the cancellation of the planned July get-together, that “future meeting” will now take place in Canberra on November 4-5.

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  • SON OF A B****!
    I can understand why, but it still hurts.
    It’s starting to feel like they’re stalling because they know what type of storm making a decision could kick up.

    • STARTING to feel like it? they never had a legitimate reason to ban R rated games, they just avoid it because of the bad rep they would recieve from people who do not properly know the situation. this is a democracy, and im fairly sure EVERY pole, survery and interview they have done, they have recieved overwhelming support for an R rating. im getting sick of this generational difference of opinion. also, i think this particullar pushback of the date is solely because of election year.

      • “This is a democracy”

        There’s your problem.

        People vote on not just one issue, but all issues. If the government were run by having the entire population vote on each issue before making changes to or creating legislation, then nothing would ever be done.

        Instead, we each vote once every three years for each jurisdiction based upon whomever we feel would best represent our interests.

        It will eventually happen, but not as soon as people want.

        • unless that is you elect someone from the “Senator Online” party.

          You can’t really let the general populace in on the policy making, but I think it would be good if the people’s actual votes on each issue could affect the senate’s passing of bills and legislation.

  • If Labor jump on the R18 band wagon, they’d probably sell the majority of the gamers with FTTH AND R18 classification.

    Otherwise it’ll be R18 and wireless broadband/satellite crap.

    Hmmm which is it..
    R18, Fibre Optic and Filter
    or definite R18 classification, crappy internet still, and no filter.

    • Uh, the Liberal party has not said it supports an R18+. Abbott said the rating system. You know who else said it was broken? Atkinson. “Broken” is a word he’s using to get gamers hopeful and, naively, vote for him. He is more conservative than Atkinson. He will not support an R18+. Besides, Abbott as PM doesn’t change the fact that the other AGs need to agree.

      Nor have they committed to kill the filter. Given the general conservatism of the party, it’s good odds that anything anti-filter they say is, again, designed to get people hoping. Even if they are committed to blocking the filter, they can do that in the senate. Between them, the Liberal party and the Greens are almost certain to have the numbers in the senate after the election.

      These are *not* federal election issues to decide your vote on.

      More election coverage (from gamers) at bothkindsofpolitics.org if you’re interested – and D.W. lets me keep the plug

      • I always thought that speech was a classic example of dog whistle politics. To normal Australians, “broken” signifies that it is far too restrictive and bans many things that a normal person would consider “OK” for a consenting Adult.

        But to the Christian far right, “broken” signifies that it’s not restrictive *enough* and should be expanded to include MORE…

        • @Dean

          How did Christian come into this? I believe the majority of sane Christians would prefer an R18 rating, given that games which should be R have made it into this country at MA.

          The only people arguing against this rating, are..

          Actually I’m not sure of the scientific word for “f****ed”.. Must look that one up.

  • The ALP will continue to ignore/put off the reclassification as long as the almighty Australian Christian Lobby continue to oppose it.

    • I said the Christian *far right*. That basically means the Australian Christian Lobby, and groups like that. You’re right that it’s not ALL Christians, but the ACL is the poster child for the sort of group that this would appeal to.

  • With the Federal Election coming up, I would vote for any Minister even the Devil aka Tony Abbott if he was supporting an R18+ rating for games.

    Yep I’m that desperate!

    • Dude, don’t even joke about that – there’s no way Abbott would be able to take a progressive stance on ratings classification without upsetting his ultra-conservative Christian base. It’s like assuming that Abbott is against the internet filter just because he’s never actively announced that he’s pro-filter. He and the ACL are just letting Labor do the dirty work for him. Why Labor are so happy to comply just smacks of dog-whistle politics.

      And besides, this is an issue that belongs to an association of Attorneys-General from the states, not a federal issue.

      • If it helps, the LNP in Queensland has passed a resolution condemning the Federal Government’s planned internet filter.

        Yes. The conservative party in (arguably) the most conservative state. The resolution passed by a substantial majority, too.

        Lets make it clear; social conservatism is a BIPARTISAN phenomenon in Australia. The working class union base of the ALP is full of racists, sexists and homophobes.

        Tony Abbot is, unfortunately, someone with a personal morality that is socially conservative. But hot-button social issues like abortion, assisted suicide (I think) and, yes, the R18 rating for video games, are decided at STATE LEVEL.

        Abbot, if elected to PM, would not be able to impose his social agenda without violating the Constituion.

    • You could always vote for the Greens. Pretty sure they do support the R18+ classification, and they oppose the internet censorship plan to boot.

      • Well seeing as G4C decided not to run I’m voting Greens, maybe if we are lucky we can get a hung parliament (not bloody likely) and while I am of the opinion that if Tony Abbot becomes PM a move to a more technologically friendly country may be on the cards, I’m really not loving Gillard.

  • Awesome, so I’ll just keep importing all my games exclusively.

    I have not idea who I would vote for Labour / Liberal. They both make me sick.

    Wake up Australia.

    • Tony Abbott and Peter Beatie have spoken, but if you’re looking for experts, international industry members have put there opinions in the arena.

      • Dude I think you missed my point.

        They’ve already had dozens of experts opinions.
        I was insinuating that their experts were going to be people who already agreed with them.

  • Protecting the Children is a joke of a reason.
    If it was really about protecting children they would have banned R18+ Movies, Alchohol and Tobacco, because they are bad/dangerous for kids. Except you try and Ban R18+ Movies (for the same reason you have not introduced R18+ games) and the entire country would go nuts. The same with Alchohol and Tobacco.

  • November 4-5??
    Just in time to be canceled by the victorian election. Though if it still goes ahead I will personally drive the victorian from his campaign office to the meeting just to vote on this one thing. Micky from the south was a giant dick, he probably could not help it but all this delay now is just plain anoying!!

  • Wow, the government delaying action on an issue that may cause them to lose/gain voters weeks before an election *coughinternetfiltercoughcough*. I am SHOCKED.

    The spineless politicians in this country make me sick, neither party give two shits about what is best for the country, nor have any coherent vison or serious, sensible policies for our nations future.

    Instead they grasp at whatever straws they feel will help them stay in power (see labour on general lack of action on any serious issues and their hilarious “budget surplus by 2012-13” promise) or regain power ( liberals “hey we’ll do the opposite of labour on everything, and cut spending, but hey interest rates totally won’t go up”)

    Whoever wins we lose.

  • Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Of course the pollies are gonna delay the discussion, because they feel the issue ain’t that ‘important enough’. I mean, hey. The only people that’ll really be affected by any of this are us basement nerds. And who really cares what they think, right? RIGHT?!

    Srsly, at this rate, we’d have more luck moving a beach one grain at a time……

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