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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like which two games would you like to cross?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question...

Capcom and Namco Bandai this week announced two games that bring together the Street Fighter and Tekken universes. What two games would you choose to cross?

Me? Well, I'm not just talking about fighting games. I'd like to take the customisation of something like Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and cross it with the village life sim of an Animal Crossing. Idea being it extends the ways in which you can personalise your experience while opening up a range of potential new activities to pursue. Building a contraption for fishing, perhaps? Being able to renovate your house with an assortment of collectible parts? Anyone with me here? No...? Oh well.


    Crysis and leisure suit larry 6 :)

    The Incredible Machine, The Sims and Dead Rising all mixed together. Basically a town over-run with zombies where you can build your own safehouses and arm them with improvised booby traps. Then you can venture outside for tools, supplies and survivors with more traditional Dead Rising gameplay.

    Alpha Protocol and Assassin's Creed.

    A sandbox open world Espionage storyline based RPG with good combat and exploration mechanics.

    Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Considering the extremely loose plots of both games it wouldn't take a lot of effort at all to put Dante and Bayonetta in the same room. Also the game should open with Bayonetta killing Nero. Over and over again.

    NBA 2K series and Mass Effect - to create a true Sports RPG experience where I can role play as one player throughout their career (more indepth then the current "my player" offerings...

    Red dead redemption and fallout 3.

    Basically the controlls and environment and weapons etc of RDR but with the depth, RPG, stats, levelling, commuication/story etc of fallout. I predict about 1 million hours.


    Trials HD with the Skate series.

    Think about it, a bunch of defined tracks that is true to the core of the game but an open world that is available in a free roam type setting where you pick a line and then ride it. Times are recorded and this becomes a custom track that others can compete against.

    So have a level editor but in an open world setting where you can see a line, hit the back button ad then it becomes a trials type game, then go back to roaming the world for another spot... thiswould also include multiplayer support and when someone in the room is doing a track, the option to spectate.. and then compete.

    Heavy Rain crossed with Mass Effect. Set in the ME universe and keeping the gunplay but expanding the non-combat elements with more Heavy Rain style gameplay/storytelling (non-gun-combat at least, could have some HR style punch outs)

    The story wouldn't be about Shepherd and co. but a different crew who don't have nearly as much financial/political backing and are just trying to get by in the universe as all the big stuff rages on around them.

    So actually kinda Heavy Rain x Mass Effect x Firefly.

    Tekken and Street Figh- oh wait.

    also Football Manager meets Brutal Legend.
    and Resident Evil meets V8 Supercars. (oh look out, here come the zombie chicane)

      you mean carmageddon after it got busted down to zombies?

    Mario vs Sonic. oh wait.....

    Dwarf Fortress + anything.

      Dwarf Fortress crossed with Imagine Babies?

        It could work (although I had to google it to see what, if any, gameplay Imagine Babyz has), although I'd knock it up a notch (BAM!) and cross Dwarf Fortress with the Sims. Depending on which games graphics you used, it could be incredible, or ASCII hell ("now does '┴' mean that they're wearing suit pants or budgie-smugglers?")

    A donkey and a caterpillar.... oh wait you meant games. MW2 and MOH .... oh wait thats silly too.

      "That's a big ass cocoon."

    Half life and Portal, it's going to happen.

    I hope.

    I had this idea in a dream last night. Valkyria Chronicles and FIFA 10.

    Before you burst out in laughter, let me explain.

    How awesome would it be to have a football game with full on RPG and stat building elements. Every character on your team has to train and learn skills and upgrade their gear. This coupled with the potential system form VC would be awesome. Think about it, under the exact conditions your players unlock specific skills for a few seconds or maybe are able to pull off a special shot or up their defence/offence. The players could also have negative potentials. Too many opposing players coming towards you and your stats go down. Or maybe some players hate playing in particular weather or on a certain part of the field.

    The team has their favourite and least favourite people to play with. And every character would have their specific class or position that you have to level up with experience. The ball could be used as a weapon in the game. Getting hit in the face with a cross court powerkick seriously drops your life, and calling the trainer onto the field to heal just takes up time.

    If that idea doesn’t pan out, then I’d cross Infamous and Prototype.

    Armored Core v Neon Genesis Evangellion!

    Maybe something like dead rising featuring Bubblegum Crisis...

    and away from the anime's...

    Marvel VS DC - everyone wants it..

    Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat... makes much more sence than SF v Tekken.. i mean both SF and MK have special powers... Tekken... er not really... Maybe if you had tekken V Soul Calibur...

    and away from fighters..

    Combining Tomb Raider with Uncharted.. a rag tag team of natan and lara.. working together and against each other both trying to gain the upper hand... wit ha special cameo from Inidana Jones... and Relic Hunter - just because i like looking at Tia Carrera.

    Maybe a game where Matt Hazard And Conker team up in awesome platformer action...


    Polish up the game play of Mafia and add a management mode which is basically Gangsters!

    Chuloopa i like the idea of uncharted and tomb raider :D

    The character scars/aging/tatoos of Fable with the highly detailed avatar creation of games like fallout and oblivion.

    I don't think I can top fatshady's skate/trials cross. That would be awesome.

    I'd cross Dirt 2 but in an open world mapped on Bert Newtons face. Sure, it would takes years to complete, but the journey through wig forrest would be pure win.

      You've got half right...

      Dirt 2 X Colin McRae Rally/Colin McRae Rally 2.0 x Grid

      Remove all the US X-Games bullshit and go back to the Point to Point rally events. Copy the WRC event structure, but rename everything if need be seeing as the license is with Polyphony (unless the Rally section of GT5 is fantastic)

      You start up as an up and coming rally driver in the a beginner class rally and work your way though that. Eventually you progess to the WRC and take part in every round and every stage.

      I want stages that are 20mins long, I want to race in a rally that goes for 3-4hrs in total for a single round, I want to have limited time to fix my car between stages. Games like Gran Turismo (Endurance Events), V8 Supercars (Bathurst!) & Formula One (Full Race length) have shown their popularity with full simulation events, rally events need to have a turn.

      Throw in a gimped version into the game also, with 3min stages so it will be alot quicker for pick up and play, but someone needs to stand up and make this happen...

        I'd buy that.

        Rally driving and F1 are the only good car-based motorsports, and a rally game that replicated the awesomeness to the level you indicated would be hot.

    I'd like to see Red Dead Redemption DLC where you are able to pull a wanted poster of Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft et al and hunt them down.

    Plants Vs Zombies and Dead Rising!
    Hordes of zombies in all shapes and sizes comin at you, as you race across the field planting and setting up traps! Then you can run out and chainsaw some to help protect the weaker ones!

      That's pretty much how Lock's Quest worked on DS. Tower defence but with the ability to run onto the field to hack & slash.

        Lock's Quest was actually really fun. A bit more involved than the classic 'tower defense' games, enough to make it interesting.

    I'd have to say that the best cross ever has already been made -> Monkey Football!
    It's ape escape n fifa, reckon i played more time in the mini-game then i did playing the game itself.

    Try 'Monster Hunter Tri' crossed with 'Make it on something more powerful than a Wii'. That sound about right?

    Jokes aside, how about Monster Hunter Tri with a creature creator of some sort, such as found in Spore. Would increase the (already considerable) lifespan of the game by allowing players to create and combat new monsters.

      sounds cool, pit creators against killers, each trying to gain an edge on their opponent.
      Balancing it would be difficult, though.

    X3 and East India Company.

    Anyone who has played X3 will know how grand in scale this game is. The ability to start off as just a single spaceship and through either combat/missions/trading to become the head of a fleet of dozens of ships from small fighters to massive capital ships. Even the ability to build your own structures to produce goods for either trading, or use in war.

    I would love for pretty much all of the X3 gameplay, put into the East India Company setting. It wouldn't even be that hard, the games are quite similar.

      I would so play that.

    EVE online and Halo?
    - wait, no... that's happening.

    Seriously though...
    Mechwarrior and Ghost Recon One.
    Mechwarrior with actual on the fly sqaud commands and planning.

    ME2 and X Wing vs TIE Fighter maybe?
    Good ground combat, excellent expansive story, upgradeable skill points, loot drops and difinitive space combat.

    Homeworld and Total War.
    Huge fleet numbers with a homeworld soundtrack and RTS and visual style.

    A cross between PS3's phototaking sim Afrika and one of the more recent Pokemon games. Great worlds to explore, hundreds of pokemon to photograph, it would be great. And just think of the Wii controls!

    And best of all it totally hasn't been done before.

      Sounds a lot like Pokemon Snap, but to be honest, that game is a guilty pleasure of mine. There's something so fun about it that I really can't put my finger on. I'm not sure if its just the simple relaxing gameplay or the nostalgia and cuteness of pokemon.

    System Shock and Starcraft.

    Humans vs. Robots + SHODAN vs. Rebellious Mutants.

    Probably never happen, but it's alive and kicking in my imagination.

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