All Your Mafia II Winners Are Here

Last week we gave away five packs of sweet, sweet Mafia II gear. Here are all the winners.

Thanks to our friend at 2K Games, we had FIVE Mafia II “gangster” packs to give away. Each pack contained:

* Mafia II game
* Mafia II t-shirt
* Mafia II cufflinks
* Mafia II artbook
* Mafia II moneyclip

On Monday, we asked you to write us a limerick. Andy Pants 3000 wrote the best and won a PS3 pack:

There once was a gangster named Guido,
Who trained killer birds in tuxedos,
Despite quite a struggle,
The budgies he smuggled,
Fired prematurely whilst still in his speedos.

On Tuesday, we again requested a limerick, and Jamie took home a 360 pack for this effort:

There once was a gangster named Marcus
Who was always confused near a carcass
Couldn’t find a horse head
To put in someone’s bed
So chopped Sarah Jessica Parker’s.

On Wednesday, we mixed it up with a haiku for the only PC pack. DerangedStoat nailed the job:

The hit was put out.
‘The Cleaner’ was contracted.
Maid un-made made man.

On Thursday, Gobbo blew minds by introducing his haiku with a limerick, and won himself the second PS3 pack:

There once was a gangster named Ahmed,
Got confused, wrote a haiku instead:
Peaceful placid lake,
Cement Boots were a mistake
Good night, soon I’m dead.

And on Friday, Googotz, Corey Lee, Dutch and Shane just missed out on the second 360 pack. It was won by Andy instead:

On the run again
Well, infact a slow stride
Bodybags aren’t light

Well done to all the winners. I’ll be in touch shortly to get your details.


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