Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

It’s time again to announce this week’s Community Service Award winner, given to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days.

It works like this: each week I publish a list of ten items – grouped in five pairs – taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each week I announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items – one from each pair – from the pile to be delivered to their door.

Got it?

Well, actually, it’s welbot who gets it. Well done, welbot!

You get to choose one item from each of these pairs:

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 travel coffee mug
… or a PlayStation drink bottle
2. “Genetically-Enhanced” BioShock 2 Eve Hypo
… or Naughty Bear plush toy
3. Monster Hunter Tri enviro-bag
… or Wii Sports Resort enviro-bag
4. Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 game with Ryu and C. Viper figures
… or God of War III game and wooden box media kit
5. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Xbox 360 game
… or MySims Party Wii game

I’ll be in touch soon to get your details, but if you’d like to post your selection in the comments below, that would be great!


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