LunchTimeWaster: The Immigration Game

Want to do your bit to halt illegal immigration? If you spot a boat overflowing with illegal immigrants, be sure to call Tony Abbott on his boatphone. It's your national duty!

Stop The Boats pokes fun at the Liberal leader's ideas about border security. Arrows track towards the country and you've got to mouse-over them and identify whether they're planes (ie. good immigration) or boats (ie. bad immigration). If it's one of those nasty boats, click on it and call Tony!

Of course, the number of planes greatly outweigh the number of boats, although a pedant would suggest there are still far too many boats for it to be a realistic simulation. But, hey, when have we ever facts get in the way of playing the immigration game?

Stop The Boats [Cratesmith, thanks Kieran!]


    If the sites down, check it out on Youtube

    The influx of traffic has smashed my site, working on fixing this.

    Until then, the game can be played here:
    (sorry the page is awful, best I could do in 30 seconds)

    and a video of the game can be found here:

      Good work!

        Site's back up! Though for how long is anyone's guess :)

    Haha, I rather enjoyed that little piece of political commentary at the end of the post.

    so, its like flight control... with the opposite objective? sounds fun!

    This game is horribly inaccurate.

    For starters, there would be no-where NEAR that many people immigrating from Antarctica

      It's all the escaping evil genius henchmen from their destroyed bases looking for work.

    I cant seem to get it to work through chrome or ie8.. whats the deal?

      You may need to download Unity.

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