UK Retailer Targets Aussie, Kiwi Gamers

The Aussie dollar has been relatively strong against the British Pound for some time now. One online UK games retailer has decided to take full advantage of that.

OzGameShop is a UK retailer that specialises in exporting games to Australian and New Zealand customers. It lists all its prices in Australian Dollars and you'll find that they are very competitive.

New releases such as Mafia II, Kane & Lynch 2, Madden 11, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and StarCraft II are all $30-50 under the Australian RRP. And there are plenty of older titles available at heavy discounts.

However, its catalogue isn't comprehensive. When searching for new releases, for example, there's no sign of Dragon Quest IX. And several games I did find were listed as out of stock, including Red Dead Redemption on 360, StarCraft II, Toy Story 3 and - surprisingly - Green Day Rock Band.

Here's a random selection of titles:

BioShock 2 (PC) $18.90 Blur (PS3) $39.99 Brutal Legend (360) $18.79 Demon's Souls (PS3) $43.99 Kane & Lynch 2 Limited Edition (360) $57.99 Kane & Lynch 2 Limited Edition (PS3) $62.99 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) $18.99 Little King's Story (Wii) $11.79 Madden 11 (360, PS3) $69.19 Madworld (Wii) $10.89 Red Dead Redemption (PS3) $64.99 Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) $59.99 Tiger Woods 11 (360) $58.19

Anyone had experience shopping with OzGameShop?

OzGameShop [site]


    yeah thats ok but I prefer upcoming games are like $60 delivered. each game is around 35-40 pounds but since we are in australia VAT is removed which is like 5-6 pounds. cheap shipping 1.20 pounds each game

      i got modnation racers and an extra controller for less that what the game by itself cost over here (this was @ release). took less than a week to arrive. perfect condition. no problems with dlc for modnation. 10/10

    Sounds like a great option. I've got a few titles imported from europe where the savings have been significant.

    I've never actually bought anything from OzGameShop as their selection is, like you say so yourself, kinda limited.

    Also, it's sort of redundant in the way that you can still buy things from for a similar price and with the full selection of what they have in offer.

    Probably my favourite 2 online stores (excluding eBay) are and always seems to have a great collection of obscure titles on offer for all consoles and their shipping is usually a pound or so at most for the average game (newer games sometimes get charged more in postage to account for their sometimes lower prices). also has a great catalogues of random, hard-to-find games and the best thing about them is that worldwide shipping is completely free.

    Zavvi is a close third for me as they have the range of titles that OzGameShop and 365games should have at a decent price. The 2 pound shipping costs though is kinda annoying however.

    Or anyone that has used as they from the same parent company...

    Obviously they have noticed the traffic spike and simply tailored a site directly for our region.

    I'd laugh if a AU/NZ Zavvi/The Hut is made next...

    Bought Arkham Asylum GOTY from them for $35. Still waiting for package 9 days later. If it arrives today, will update.

      Simply wait. It takes 2 weeks normally but it's worth the wait for the cost savings.

      It did arrive last night. Awesome. :)

    I love the savings from shopping online, but I hate the wait. When I purchase a game, I love to go home with it in my hot little hand to play. I'm too impatient to buy games online unless I have the option of next day delivery! :0

    Yep, i'll be buying from them very soon - still haven't bought something QUITE YET - but i've always had pleasant experiences importing from the UK.

    The fact that they had COD4 for $14.99 was a pretty big bargain too - but i'm fairly sure that's over now.

    Also, when i last looked, they were offering free shipping, not sure if that's still the case now though.

      Yeah, free shipping still...

      Overall, don't think I would use them all that often, as a collector of crap it's all about special editions and all that rubbish... and I wouldn't trust any of these places with shipping the larger objects if they were available.

    Just bought the PS3 offical headset from them yesterday, already shipped and on the way. Cost $38.99AUS

      damn, nice deal! i wonder if they have the chat pads...

    I've pre ordered Halo Reach from Ozgameshop to see how they go. If delivery isnt too shabby then I'll let rip on the winter blockbusters. have always been good and they have a bonkers sale every Wednesday. are part of the same group.

    Bought 2 psp games and Forza 3/ODST pack. The forza pack arrived today, 8 business days later. All works well, have usk classifications all over it so you cant resell in aus but doesnt worry me. Pretty happy with it. The Forza ODST pack cost $38aud, $19 each for halo and forza, cant complain!

    i use these guys all the time... before this site was launched i used a lot... same company...

    i find that 9 times out of 10 they're cheaper than zavvi or thehut due to them charging for shipping... :)

    This appears to be another store front for, who were also selling on eBay as "GameShop Australia" a while back.

    I have bought things from them a few times in the past, and the shipping time was between 1 and 2 weeks.

      For some reason they stopped using that ebay shop but have switched to AustraliaGames ( Definitely the same place

    Might grab a copy of Demon's Souls. Do people still play that?

      I've been playing it recently but I find that the standard edition can't compare to the Black Phantom edition. The Strategy Guide, Artbook and Soundtrack are worth the extra money as far as I'm concerned. It's also nice and small so the entire package only takes up the space of 2 PS3 games on your shelf.

    I've purchased 4 PS3 games from 365games and can say they're one of the best online retailers out there for Aussies. Each game came in great condition, factory sealed and all.

    Though, out of the 4 games I purchased, one (Bioshock) had to be refunded since they ran out of stock (understandable), and Bioshock 2 wasn't PAL region, it was from Asia. Not to worry though, just makes purchasing DLC a little harder I guess.

    Another thing, it seems their shipping time is a little bit.. random. I had two orders, Bioshock and Bioshock 2 in one order, and the other had Red Faction and Call of Duty 4 and was ordered the day after the Bioshock order. Bioshock 2 arrived within a week, but the other order didn;t come until two weeks after Bioshock. Quite unusual, but oh well.

    You have to be careful when ordering from 365games and by default I guess, ozgameshop. They often stock Asia region and NTSC games without mentioning it in the listing. The picture is no guide of what region the game will be either.

    While all games will be PAL system compatible, this can present issues for DLC and online content/play. Buyer beware.

    I got Demon's Souls recently and it was the NTSC version, when I was desperately trying to find the PAL version.

    Very disappointed with them now, I thought they were awesome. I had to pay $6 bucks to send the game back and I've not gotten a refund yet, I bet it will get lost in the mail or something. The thing is if I was to send it back with insurance or something it would have been around $20 bucks. When I've spent $55 on the game and they're not going to reimburse me return postage costs, you're kinda left feeling screwed.

      Some JB Hifis actually sell AUS PAL copies of the Demon's Souls standard edition.

      Although it's still kinda rare.

        Yea I saw that. But I went with 365 because it was a good $20 bucks cheaper and I was in no rush to get the game.

        At the time I didn't know 365 were selling NTSC games, do'h!

        Yeah they're had to come by now, I was lucky and got the last copy from my local JB Hifi for $55 a few weeks back during the friends and family 20% off sale. Literally dove on it when I noticed it.
        It was a very popular sale, Starcraft 2 apparently sold out within minutes.

    I have used Ozgamesshop and 365 games in the past however in my experience I found the delivery damn slow, as well as not always being guaranteed of PAL versions.
    In anycase I don't buy games any more, I rent them, stumbled across a gamefly esk service a few months back and I have to say I'm impressed , in most cases I always get my 1st or 2nd preference, so I play all the games I want while spending a bucket load less.

      Delivery usually takes under 2 weeks for most stuff from the UK anyway here to Australia.

      And that's just the UK. I'm still waiting on some video games I bought from Italy which were posted to me at the start of this month..

    Ordered a couple of games from them last week, couldn't resist the great prices. To my surprise they came this week (around 5 buisness days) for free postage I was expecting longer.
    I used to shop mostly from cdwow but I check these guys first now.

    Little King's Story, $11.79!

      While this has naught to do with this thread, I bought A Boy And His Blob based on your recommendation Goose - love it. That hug button melted my friggin' heart. I wonder why this isn't on PSN or XBLA?

    I generally use, but this is definitely worth checking out! I poo-poo anyone who still buys games from EB/Game/JB-Hi Fi...

    Hrmm they have some odd things for sale.

    Great idea, but I'm impatient, I prefer to have the game on release day. So willing to pay the extra to have it when i want it :)

    Well, that site's the cheapest I've seen Yakuza 3, but they're out of stock.
    Dang it.

    I've done some buying from game UK. I've found their prices in the range of non regional steam ones. And as bonus delivery is only 5 pound, and if you preorder, most gamves are 5-10 pounds off.

    hmmmm ive bought from zavvi a couple of times and the games have always been pal region.

    i did hear about these guys the other day but if the region of the game is a bit iffy and will not always be pal i will not be using them at all.

    this for me is a must to make sure all dlc is compatible.

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