What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dragon Quest IX, StarCraft II, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Scott Pilgrim, Hydro Thunder, Red Dead Redemption (still!), BioShock 2's Protector Trials DLC, Lost Planet 2 co-op (still!), Puzzle Quest 2, Kane & Lynch 2, Alan Wake: The Signal...

Who said winter was a dead time for gaming?

So that's my weekend of gaming lined up. What's yours?


    Scott Pilgrim isn't out until Tuesday...

    I'll still be playing Castlevania HD, and maybe some more SC2.

      I'm sure Mr Wildgoose has been lucky enough to recieve the game before the rest of us...and I doubt you will see it on PSN before Thursday.

      As for my gaming, I wll be playing SC2 and Demon's Souls.

    Yakuza 3, Half Life 2, NBA 2K10, might re-start Halo 3: ODST in split-screen.

    Alan Wake: The Signal is waiting for me, too.

    Going to game a bit this weekend. Going to go some Starcraft II mainly with a side of Forza and perhaps try to finnished Lost Planet 2 coop.

    been sneaking in some SC2 and LBP.

    DQIX arrived off play-asia during the week and I am about three hours into that and forsee it consuming my weekend.

    I also discovered Minecraft and bought the paid version of that last night, so that is going to take up a heap of hours, also.

    Little bit of Mass Effect 2 if I can fit it in (still gotta try out some new DLC). And for retro awesomeness, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.

    More Blur. Maybe go back to Just Cause 2 and mess around, that was fun. Bit of a slow time for games if you're not into Starcraft 2, really.

    Red Dead Redemption, probably some L4D2, TF2 and Garrys Mod. Also maybe some Dragon Quest

    Dragon Quest XI (about 24 hours in), Starcraft 2 and maybe a little Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

    Demon's Souls!
    Went back to it after Andrew's Reader Review. Kind of wandering aimlessly between worlds rather than progressing though.

    Man Centipedes of 3-2 gross me out. Bug-scorpion things are bad enough, but hey, putting HUMAN FACES on it is just the icing on the cake.


    I picked up DJ Hero a few days back for $49, and I'm enjoying once I worked out how to play it. Did some StarCraft 2 with some mates last night, which was awesome, and that was just Multiplayer, I've hardly even tackled the single player yet. I think some Burnout Paradise and Red Dead, once again I'v hardly touched it, AND I put a new XBOX 360 on lay-by this week, so will get that soonish...., and want to order the signature edition of Gran Turismo 5......

    I borrowed Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City from a friend the other day, so I'll be playing that a bit. Also I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts again.

    How's Dragon Quest IX anyway Dave?

      I know I aint Dave but, Maaaaaaaaan DQIX is nasty addictive!
      Can't stop...

        Amen, brother.
        Great game, sucked me in, yet to spit me out.

          Had a long break today after questing for an hour then dropping my DS so it turned off before saving.

          I am so not looking forward to double sapping and then killing 10 Tigertaurs(or whatever they is called) with fire fource again...UGH!

    I might finally finish metroid prime this weekend. Then on to mp2 :)

    other than that, I don't have all that much free time this weekend. Tap defence on my iPod will probably get a little play. I've been addicted to that this week.

    SCII and War for Cybertron

    finish off me some SC2 campaign

    and then im not sure Borderlands DLC was on the agenda but with the rumors of the new stuff im not sure if i should w8 and do it all at once

    I'm going old school this weekend. Still working my way through Might and Magic 7 that I started last week! Loving every minute of it!

    MW2 - trying to finish High Explosive on Veteran (we've got 2 stars!)

    Gears 2 - We're on wav 14 for Insane.

    inFamous - Evil cole on hard difficulty, about half way through the story

    And some LBP, because of that new trailer released earlier this week makes me want LBP2 even more!

    Also, I might pick up Lost Planet 2.

      I think with MW2, high explosive of the top of my head is the second last one. There is a YouTube clip that shows you how to complete it on veteren, you should look it up. Its very easy to complete.


        True, but it's so much more satisfying when we complete it on our own merit and not just figure it out via the interwebs. I felt like a genius when I did that arkham asylum challenge where you had to blow 3 people up at once. A genius, I say!

          Lol yes is it very satisfying, that game is such great stress relief.

    Getting close to finishing Resonance of Fate.

    Otherwise, my SSFIV rank is now 2500 pp :)

    Though I have Crackdown 2 to start, Singularity waiting in the wings, Read Dead to finish (still... also) and Cat Physics on my wife's phone... I know that the moment I boot Starcraft II the weekend will disappear in a haze of multiplayer skirmishes and pathetic attempts at getting gold achievements in all the challenges.

    I hate RTS, really I do... but Starcraft is a whole different beast. Try it, people. You might be surprised :)

    going to go old school and hit up some warcraft 3 all of you should join me haha.

      Old school? Playing through the campaigns of SC1 and Brood War again just for kicks. :P

        haha i see, now that is very old school. ive been trying to get a copy of sc1 but no one has it anymore. i might have to look on steam

    Finishing off MGS:Peace Walker and then getting started in Star Ocean: The Last Hope and possibly Resonance of Fate if I'm bothered to relearn everything.

    I've got some mates over tonight. Games we shall be playing:

    Goldeneye (N64, no Roms for me!)
    Quake 3 Arena
    Unreal Tournament
    Doom III
    Star Wars Battlefronts II
    Battlefield 1943

    It will be GLORIOUS.

    Lost Planet 2, probably a bit more than Castlevania. I just unlocked the nom de guerre to 'still grinding for levels' ... very fitting

    Death Trap.

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