What's Coming To PlayStation Plus In September?

Sony's revealed the next batch of content available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in September. Anyone reckon they've got value for money yet?

I wasn't ready to subscribe to PlayStation Plus based on principle the initial offering for July and August. For September, the obvious highlight is the full new season of Sam & Max. Are you sold?

A yearly subscription to PlayStation Plus costs $69.95 or you can sign up for 90 days for $20.95. You can play the games for the duration of your subscription.

Content available from September 1-30:

* PSN: Sam & Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season) * minis: Vector Tower Defense, Echoes * PSOne Classic: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee * Full Game Trial: Warhawk (with exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase), Inferno Pool * Exclusive Discounts: LBP: Ico and Shadow of Colossus costume pack – 50%, Metal Gear Solid (PSOne) – 50%, Warhawk – 20%, Pixel Junk Shooter – 20% * DLC: Exclusive UFC Undisputed 2010 DLC * Dynamic themes: Exclusive PlayStation Move theme, Exclusive ‘Fish Tank’ theme * Premium avatars: Eye Pet Blue Goalie Avatar, Eye Pet DJ Avatar


    Unfortunately still nothing that would make me subscribe to the service. I'm quite happy with what the free service has to offer as opposed to these featured items.

      I, like I reckon 90% of PSN users, totally agree.

    Very nice, the Sam & Max entire season is about ~$40 and I wasn't 100% convinced by the earlier demo, this offering is certainly welcome...

    The addition of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee as well makes me smile also, never got around to buying the digital version... guess that would mean that Exoddus would be on the upcoming list also, need to charge up the PSP for my train trips again!

    Hopefully, EU will throw in a few surprise weekly offerings as well like the US peeps did.

    yeah the big thing for me would be to be able to play the games if you didn't subscribe again.

    atm it just feels like blackmail, keep subscribing or we will take all this lovely stuff away.

    also the business model they are using is enticing you to spend more money through discounts so the cost ends up far greater over 12 months.

    i subscribe to live but that's because they offer a very good online service. to me Sony's service is more like your paying for a catalog of discounts which you may not use.

      You're better off thinking of the free games as rentals rather than things they will take away if you stop paying.

      Of course, if you are paying to rent games it would be nice if you could choose which games you got ...

    Frack! where did my skip rope go again...

    All eyes immediately lock on to "ICO" and "Shadow of the Colossus" without noticing the "LBP" preceding it.

    When they say exclusive DLC do they mean PSN+ users get an exclusive discount? Or that only PSN + users can download this particular DLC? Because that could cause some problems in the future. I can just imagine PSN+ users being locked out of most online fights because the fighter they are using is only available to 5% of people playing the game.

      It would be that this DLC content is available to everyone...

      PSN+ Members get it for free... Regular PSN users would have to pay $x for it...

      as for the exclusive part, I'm guessing that is something that isn't coming to the 360, or was a previously a pre-order only bonus for the game.

    Se there's a vague interest in some of this, but if I really want it, I'll but it outright and own it forever rather than being required to maintain a subcription.

    Beyond that, the late last year/early year glut of quality games, still leaves me with a backlog, and a few titles purchased that haven't even been removed from the shirkwrap let alone the ones I'm yet to finish.

    I've kinda ignored all the crap about this cause I use my XBL and my PS3 for exclusives usually, so it hasn't been much interest.

    Let me get this straight...

    You will have to keep paying the $20.95 or the $69 if you wanna continue using the goodies you get for "free" for subscribing to this service? SO basically you ARE paying for those goodies, you're actually paying loadssssss more for them?

    ALSO... if you subscribe for 90 days and get all this "free" stuff, then stop, then RE-subscribe a month or so later, are you able to use PREVIOUS goodies you once had? Or must you be 'forced' in a sense to keep paying otherwise you risk losing them? It would seem unfair to someone who subscribed for a year, didnt have the money come renewal and lost everything once he did the money?...

      No, you don't lose your previous entitlements if your subscription lapses, once you re-subscribe the content is active again.

      My understanding of it though is that you are only ever entitled to the content within your subscription band, so subscribing now means you can't get stuff from July, etc...

      Basically, during your subscription if you 'buy' anything that is free via the store, but not choose to download it, it will always be on your downloaded list, so it will always be there to access when you choose to re-subscribe later on.

    I think July's offering was excellent, this month's sucked and Sept looks ok. I have to say, we love LBP and never thought about purchasing it until the Plus came along. So we are doing ok out of it.

    That's pretty rude, if you ask me. Episode 5 of Sam and Max - The Devil's Playground comes out this month - me and my girlfriend are massive fans of the series and bought the series as soon as it was available on PSN.

    So now they'll give the whole thing away for free 2 weeks after the last episode comes out? Really not very happy with that, strangely enough.

    For the record, I'm a PS Plus subscriber.


      Personally I am happy with the value for money that PSPlus offers, in fact just having a digital copy of LBP was enough for me.

      The problem is I now find myself reluctant to part with cash for PSN items as they could easily come to PSPlus as a free offer the following month.

      JoeDanger and DeathSpank are two games I want to buy but haven't for the sole reason that I suspect them to be discounted or free as part of PSPlus down the track.

      Surely this is the opposite of good strategy from Sony?

      PSPlus should offer discounts on items WHEN THEY RELEASE on PSN or before, not a month or so down the track when the dedicated market has already paid for them.

        There are always going to be times when you get caught out, but stuff like this happens everywhere. Think of the people that bought a 360 console about 30 days before they announced the Slim version, technically they aren't able to return the console for a refund and they then find out the same console will be about $100-$150 cheaper in a few weeks, that's bad luck also.

        I can sympathize with Cody Pocock position, but if you look at what he said "me and my girlfriend are massive fans of the series and bought the series as soon as it was available on PSN."

        Those decisions are made all the time and there will always be instances when as a consumer you will buy on "Day 1" because you are a fan of the series and won't even consider the idea of it being discounted in a few weeks. Everyone has their favourite, no matter what

        However, there was no option for him though, Sam & Max was released about Apr/May (?) on PSN, the PS+ service was officially announced until E3, so at the time of his purchase there was no PS+, what can you do?

        You would think that Sony would offer a rebate back to the publishers for use of content in the subscription service. If 100,000+ people now download Sam & Max in Sept, what do Telltale get out of it? Surely it can't be nothing.

        Think about the flipside though, you are waiting for Deathspank/Joe Danger... How is it different if you wait for it on PS+, after your subscription lapses you choose not to renew, but you loved that game enough to actually buy it? The outlay is the same.

        Disclaimer : For some reason the Sony-Fanboy has me by the nuts today, not sure why though, perhaps it's because I don't comprehend the hate for a completely optional service.

          Your analogy to price drops doesn't really fit.

          Instead, it is closer to inadvertently purchasing the same game twice. They were probably happy to purchase the game full price when it came out, but it does mean that their PS+ subscription is providing less value than it otherwise might.

            In a perfect world we'd able to choose the content in the subscription we want, so something like this doesn't happen, but that would be too dangerous for Sony to let happen.

            They also couldn't guarantee a complete rundown of what the content will be over 12 months because it will likely include items that haven't yet been released.

            Perhaps the subscription doesn't provide the same value that you could get on a month to month basis if you choose to buy something before it's available through the subscription, but that is your choice. Then subscribe and don't buy anything, but only download from the items provided you will get the full value.

            The value of the items announced in the first 3 months alone has well exceeded the cost of the subscription for 12 months and there is only more to come, so you might end up with a few "doubles" overtime but that doesn't mean you aren't going to get value.

    I don't understand the hate at all

    Yes i subscribed and do not regret it at all.
    Got more free stuff from PS+,and quality product as well in the 1st month than i have gotten from Live in over 3 years.
    And the goodies keep on coming every month.

    Simple fact:you can't please everyone all the time.

    Really, the only thing that I would use if I had PS+ would be the option to schedule my console updates at certain times. Aaand that's about it.

    i own all three consoles and love all of them for different reasons

    and i want to love ps+ but imho it needs to offer something different then live.

    its about the same price and it doesn't provide the same mp service as ms so it really comes down to what else its offering.

    i know i have said this already but if we got to keep the games that are offered free of charge i would be more welcome to getting a subscription.

    i guess i just don't want to feel pressured into continuing a subscription to play some of the free content they have given me if say only 30% of all free content is something i would consume. but of that 30% of content that i do use i may use that on a regular/semi regular basis.

    i don't know, does that make sense to anyone.

    Vector Tower Defense is my fav game at the moment.

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