WIN! Kane & Lynch 2 Games & Hoodies

Fancy yourself as Kane or Lynch? You could win their new game and a hoodie worn by Lynch in the game just by entering our competition.

Thanks to Square Enix we have TEN Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days games and TEN Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days hoodies to give away. You can even choose whether you want the game on 360, PC or PS3.

But first, that hoodie. Here's what it looks like, from the front and back. Click the thumbs to enlarge.

So what do you have to do win yourself a hoodie and a copy of the game? You're going to have to send us a photo.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days adopts a highly... unusual visual style. It's as if the whole game is being filmed by someone running around behind you with a broken mobile phone and then uploaded it to Youtube at the lowest possible quality compression. It is deliberately ugly, full of colour bleeding and artefacting.

We want you to send us a photo of you that resembles a scene from Kane & Lynch 2. We don't want you to rip off a Kane & Lynch screenshot; we want you to send us a photo that looks like it could have been from the game. Yes, photoshopping is permitted. The only requirements are that you are in the photo and the Kotaku logo is visible in the scene, not 'shopped in later. Got it?

You've got until midnight Sunday August 29 to get your entry in. Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    Does the sweat and body odour come with the hoodie?

    That's one beefy dude..

    I think i may start brainstorming idea...

    I'd love to play though Kane and Lynch 2 (It really is good, don't believe the crap!) again and get some achievements, as I played it on PC. But I can't make videos for sh*t and I don't really want to look like an Aussie rules bogan in the hoodie, those people seriously tick me off :) It was nice to see it in the game though.

      Photo, not video!

        Sorry I meant picture! This will be my first Kotaku competition entry and for a series I actually like, fingers crossed!

    Does Kotaku-tan count as the Kotaku logo?

      If you mean the "K" alone, then yes that's fine.

        Dunno if you're being sarcastic or not but, that ain't what he means by Kotaku-tan.

          Oh right, the t-shirt! (It's a US thing, not AU, hence my failing memory.)

    lol so i should just send in a blurry photo?

    Would love to win the hoodie though, was pleasantly suprised to see the aussie logo in the game :D

      Me too! I mean its not a great deal, but its nice to be included :)

    cant wait to attack this
    got some ideas for this...

    Hmm... ugly, full of colour bleeding, artefacting, and a photo of myself. Looks like I want need any scenery. Aww, I made myself sad!

    Can I enter if I'm in the U.S.? I would love one of those hoodies.

      Sorry, just read the terms and conditions and it is limited to Aussie residents only...

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