WIN! Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The PSN Game

WIN! Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The PSN Game

WIN! Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The PSN GameA celebration of geek culture, Scott Pilgrim is a comic, a film of the comic and now a videogame of the film of the comic. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game was released on PSN this week and we’ve got some download codes for you.

What is Scott Pilgrim? It’s about one geek’s quest for love, and the seven ex-boyfriends who stand in his way. The game’s a side-scrolling brawler that pays homage to all your favourite retro games. Yes, all of them. I’m not even joking.

Thanks to the kind chaps at Ubisoft we have FIVE codes for the PlayStation Network download to give away.

To be in the running to win, we want you to reveal your geekiest moment involving your girlfriend or boyfriend (or ex or husband or wife, if you prefer!). Describe this moment in no more than roughly 250 words in the comments below.

The five geekiest (and funniest and most heart-warming) entries will win the download codes. You’ve got until midnight Sunday August 15 to get your entry in.

Good luck!

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  • My wife and I are both game addicts! We met online and our relationship blossomed through lots of chatting. While there have been many a geeky moment over the years, like both of us rocking out to guitar hero in front of 30+ friends of my parents friends. BUt I would have to say that probably the most geeky moment would have to have been the marriage proposal.
    I made up a lovely flash animation outlining all the things I loved about her, and finished with an array of fireworks asking her to marry me!
    She actually replied to me with a powerpoint presentation containing some photos and a big YES on the final page! I was shocked and stoked!!
    I never expected her to embrace the geekiness for a reply, but it eally warmed my heart that she put in the effort!
    Unfortunatly for us, both of those got lost in a now dead harddrive. Perhaps one day if I get a spare $1000 I’ll try to get it recovered, but until then, it shall remain just a loving warm memory!

  • Ah, nice competition! Picked it up yesterday and had a bit of a play last night. Goddamn is it a cool game. I’m smitten with the art and music. Smitten!

    • It really is fantastic. Awesome music, great visuals and plenty of Pilgrim-ey accents to make it feel unique. I just wish it was a little less arse-paddlingly difficult – I’m playing on the easiest setting and I can’t even get past Patel!

      • Tell me about it! The game is pretted damn hard…I did discover however, a secret (or maybe it’s not so secret) shop that Scott’s roommate mans. Its in the shopping district just past all the shops you get to a tunnel type area. At the beginning of that area there is a Star on the wall, press up and walk towards it and you will enter the shop. In the shop are some great items, one being +50 Strength (fairly pricey item, $130). This helped me immensely! One thing I don’t know is whether or not it is a permanent stat boost or if I will need to buy it again when I turn it on next.

        Also, it becomes a lot easier in co-op because you can revive each other! That is assuming you manage to clear a path to your fallen friend.

      • I managed to get through the first level after failing against Patel and buying the cookbooks. They’re hilariously titled, relevant to the source material and give you great little boosts. I’m at the stage where I obsessively want to try out everything in every store to see what they do!

        The missus is excited, we’re going to give co-op a run tonight 😀

  • My lovely Fiance is not a gamer. She enjoys Peggle and Burnout 3, but honestly anyone who doesn’t find those games enjoyable must be a communist. What she did do though, is recognise my desire for a platinum trophy in Assassin’s Creed 2. She found a guide to find all of the feathers and glyphs, and led me around to each collectable until I earned my first (and only) platinum trophy. I love you Carly, and now it’s only 4 months until we get married (not that you’ll read this, but still the love is there)!

  • My girl hates the fact that I play video games. She just doesn’t get it and roles her eyes at me every time I am glued to the TV battling it out in an imaginary world.

    Little Big Planet came along and I decided to test out the level creator. I made a level that was a bit like a picnic that I could take her along. I set up some candles, nice ambient music, a picnic rug, a giant diamond ring and beside that a big red button. I handed her the controller and explained to her that what we were about to play was something that I had created especially for her.

    We started off just jumping over things, and having a bit of a laugh. We finally got to the end of the level with the rug and the big red button. She let out a big ‘awwww, isn’t that sweet!’ I invited her to press it, which she did… from the air dropped down thousands of different sized hand made love hearts that covered our picnic area. She started to cry as she gave me a big hug. We then spent the next 10-15 minutes jumping over and playing with the hearts.

    After that level, she decided to give the rest of the game a go… Little Big Planet was the first game that she has ever played and completed.

    • Oh. Guess I didn’t read the text there as well as I thought I did. Please ignore my public stupidity, all.

  • When I was watching BSG through the first time my wife used to always ask me what I saw in it, referring to it as “neighbours in space”.

    She would watch it for 5 minutes here and there when I was then shake her head and walk off.

    One day after I’d finished watching it she was in the kitchen and dropped something, to which she exclaimed “FRAK!” I fixed her with an intense, serious look. After pondering for a few seconds she realized what she had said and let out a depressed, self disappointed “f*ck”.

  • Nice comp! My fiance and I are huge gamers, albeit impatient ones, so as soon as I got up yesterday, I downloaded this game for PSN. It’s fantastic! Great retro feel and style, reminds me of all the hours I spent playing Streets of Rage 1-3 on my Mega Drive as a kid! I am just lucky enough to be re-living the fun with my beautiful fiance 🙂

  • My wife and I are huge Wow addicts. While she was pregnant with our first child, and I was at work, she spent her time in WoW grinding and saving gold so that I could buy my Epic Flying Mount skill for our first wedding anniversary! It took her ages! She is such a champion! Best gift EVER!!! Saved me hours of grinding!!!

  • I’m a huge gamer and my girlfriend understands this (thankfully) so when I can I try to get her involved as well. She’s now a big fan of LittleBigPlanet and sackboy and loves the antics we get up to while playing it (and other random Wii waggle games like Raving Rabbids that I can’t stand… but that’s another story)

    Those were the good times, before the dark times, before the … no wait… wrong movie…

    I also happen to have flOw on my PS3, a nice supposedly relaxing game which also features multiplayer, so I figure, let’s give that a go and conquer the deep depths of the sea together. What a great plan…. in theory.

    All is well (for the first couple sessions)…

    So there we are enjoying times in the sea, eating organisms… well… I am… I keep managing to eat them all before she does, which starts to frustrate her. Before long my micro-organism is huge, and hers is still quite tiny and she starts getting the shits that she’s not able to get them all before I do. Me being me (quite competitive) I continue doing my thing (it’s just a game after all?) and before long she’s annoyed so much there is the dreaded silence…. and I don’t mean for a couple minutes… I mean like an hour or so.

    Who said flOw was meant to be relaxing and peaceful?!

    Of course, we both came to realise the utter silliness of the situation and have since mutually agreed never to play flOw together again, and will stick to things like LittleBigPlanet where it at least has the cuteness factor.

    Through our experiences, I’d like to think we’ve become better people 🙂

  • In 2003, my final year of high school, I finally managed to convince the girl I dug to start hanging out on a “more than friends” basis. She wasn’t the gamer type and was outside my circle of friends, captain of girls soccer team etc. So it was HUGELY IMPORTANT to me that she didn’t find out about the LAN sessions I had with my chums, epic Neverwinter Nights co-op, user made Flashpoint levels and the rest, oh so good times, oh so socially shameful to a 17 yr old trying to impress a girl.

    Inevitably the weight of the secret became too much to bear, my LAN mates were getting dirty at my absentee record and started to insist that I come clean, she’ll see past it mate shut up you don’t know what it’s like man she doesn’t even own a computer though yeah but she has an open mind besides we need a healer.

    Around comes her birthday, and one of my friends arrives at the party with an abnormally large gift wrapped box, the type usually reserved for novelty presents like 30 litres of packing foam and a fake dog turd. It’s weight defied this sarcastic first impression and, much to my surprise, he’d given her a mint SNES with boxed Mortal Kombat II, DKC 3 and Yoshi’s Island. It goes without saying that she loved it, and the subsequent LAN SESSION CONFESSIONAL that occurred a week later was anti-climactic to say the least.

    Fast forward to 2010 and we’re still together, currently playing Castle Crashers co-op on 360, to the point were if one of us needs help around the house we say “gimme some Y’s”.

  • My husband and I met online through our mutual love of Firefly. We then bonded through our mutual love of games and metal.
    I don’t have any geeky/funny/heartwarming stories, but our whole relationship evolved around geekdom and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    Oh, and we named our son after a game character….

  • I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 4 years now, and we are gamers. We own somewhere around 25 consoles together, everything from the Commodore 64 to the PS3 and we play them all.

    I have tonnes of stories from games like Warcraft that are mushy and I could share, but I think simply PLAYING games together though isn’t that romantic a gesture, so what better way to say “I love you” than to beat the ever-loving snot out of each other in a Smash Bros-esque brawler you both star in?

    This is the game we’re working on collaboratively in our spare time using sprite edits from Maple Story, starring characters that resemble ourselves and a few of our other obscure characters thrown in for good measure. Nothing says “I love you” like a dreaded F-Bomb Attack to the face or a Razor Post-it note in your back. Even if we never finish it, it’s a fun side project we enjoy together.

    Really the most romantic part of gaming for me is being able to enjoy all aspects of games together, whether it’s playing, making, talking about… I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love my gamer girl.

    Here’s a screenshot of that game for good measure.

  • The first time my girlfriend and I enjoyed coitus, I commented… “you are really starting to get on my ‘pudendal’ nerve!” 🙂

  • It was the year 2007 and my girlfriend at the time – now wife – and I had decided that moving in together was the next logical step for our relationship. As an avid gamer and hopelessly addicted WoW player (now reformed!) I was very particular about my gaming setup and the hardware that connected it all to the intertubes.

    With us both completing IT degrees at university; a discussion in binary was entirely possible, if we could both be bothered. Me a software developer in the MS.Net space and her a Communication Engineer with a fancy for Linux and Open source our worlds where close but far apart.

    Metal note to fellow (younger) nerd: There is nothing worse for the hip pocket than a gadget obsessed shoe loving, handbag collecting chic – that I’ll share for free (Love you Honey)

    It began on an innocent – typical spring – afternoon, as we where deciding what furniture was allowed in our new shared rental, and what was to never see the light of day – as I was moving from an all boys rental. My – now wife – announced that we would be using her router and modem for the internet connection. My mind instantly thought of the unproven hardware’s reliability versus my own known and tested configuration and instantly I protested – It was on like Donkey Kong!

    Gentleman (as I’m sure the lady readers already know this fact) I was never going to win this argument as her mind was made up. We did in fact user her router and modem and are to this very day – despite the need of a desperate upgrade. *Cough* 802.11n *cough*

    We now have a good laugh at I, and use it to remind each other we are both uber geeks – arguing passionately over which damn router to use.

  • I married my girlfriend of 10 years in March this year. Our honeymoon was to Japan. One of the few things I wanted to do in Japan was to play Street Fighter IV against some locals.

    We went to so many different places looking for an arcade cabinet of it. Most of the likely looking spots were infested with Pachinko or Skill-tester style machines. A few had actual arcade games, I even found a couple of Tekken 6 cabinets. After two weeks of exploring three cities and numerous gaming parlours, my new wife spotted a SFIV cabinet upstairs in a Ginza gaming centre.

    I planted myself in front of that machine for nearly two hours. Cleared the arcade mode. Played a couple of local school kids who wandered in. Played a few more opponents over the network. Total cost of about 300 yen or AU$4. All the while cheered on by my patient and loving new bride.

    She knows I’m an enthusiastic/obsessive gamer and loves me all the more for it.

  • Whilst not something I’ve personally done (I suffer from the singularity syndrome, Major symptoms include being stuck in the friend zone… No sure has been identified as of yet), I think the most amazing geeky thing anyone has ever done for a girl was what Ethan did to propose to Lilah in the webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del – He set the high scores on an arcade machine to read: “Lilah, will you marry me” (ref: Seriously… the amount of hardwork and dedication this requires is phenomenal… and such a geeky way to propose *giggles* It’s something I’ve always wanted to replicate, but seriously lack the skill level to pull it off.

  • My girlfriend isn’t much of a gamer, but somehow I managed to get her to play Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds on the original XBOX. Sometimes, I would let her win, but mostly, I’d end up beating her. After a while though, she actually got pretty good, and just once, she managed to actually beat me for real. She let out a scream of delight so loud that the neighbors banged on the wall.

    I would love to get a copy of Scott Pilgrim, because I know she’d love it, and it’d be so much fun annoying the neighbors even more!

  • Wow so wierd this comp pops up after what happened last night. I discovered my new girlfriend is a hero at Pixeljunk monsters! I sometimes play co-op with my mates but last night I conned my GF into helping me perfect 7 levels to get into the next zone. It was a breeze compared to trying to strategise with me and my pissed mates.

  • Well this is a two parter really. First was how I broke the ice with my girlfriend (well ex now) and what I did first night she stayed with me.

    On my wall at my place I have space invaders painted above my bed. When I met her the first time I asked her if she’d like to see my space invaders. She came over saw them and bust out laughing. She had labelled me the “invaders guy” but hey she remembered me.

    When she stayed over the first night, we had a power failure. No big deal, but that’s how I learnt she feared the dark. But lucky me I had bought the collectors edition of COD with the nightvision goggles.

    I gave her theme switched them on. Her fear was but to rest and my reward was my first kiss with her…WITH THE GOGGLES STILL ON!

  • I enjoy programming C++. It’s fun. For my birthday, my girlfriend learnt some basic C++ just so she could write this on my card:

    for(int i = 2009; i < forever; i++){
    if(date == your.birthday){
    birthday == true;
    presents == lots;
    cake.lie() = false;
    game.collection.add(LittleBigPlanet); += 2;

    This card lives happily in my room, alongside my gaming/comic/memorabilia collection 😀

  • A long time ago, in a galaxy pretty much like this one, there was this girl, who was also my friend.

    This girl who was my friend, upon receipt of a single red rose, agreed to accompany me as my date, to a University College Ball, if you will.

    Much dancing and merriment was had by all during the night of the ball, and when it got late, upon a balcony, did many of us gather before it would be time to leave.

    While I was in conversation on the balcony with other more masculine and geeky friends, the girl who was my date, approached me from the side and gained my attention.

    In words she thanked me for the evening, and oh if only I had known she wanted to thank me in one other way.

    Alas such a geek I was, inexperienced in the matters of the heart, that my attention briefly returned to the previous geeky conversation but for a moment, just in time for her to plant an open mouth kiss awkwardly upon the lower far right corner of my jaw.

    Things never progressed from that point onwards, and the girl who was my friend moved far far away.

    Recently however, I have re-connected with her on Facebook, some 10 years later.


  • Back in the day I had a PS2 in the room that me and my girlfriend were renting.

    When the Sims 2 came out for it I thought I’d get it for her to play. We spent a long time customizing her character and I explained the controls.

    The next day I came home and she called me over to the TV, she said she bought a couch in-game but didnt know how to rotate and place it in the proper position, so I did it for her.

    The next day she bought all these lights and potted plants and placed them everywhere. I said there are better things to spend your money on, but she said it created ambience.

    Few days later she wanted to renovate the place but of course had no idea how to. So I helped her. She wouldnt listen to my suggestions for wallpaper or tile patterns of course…she had a “theme” in mind.

    And this one time she wasn’t home I decided to give the game a whirl, so I bought a dance floor and a DJ machine. My girlfriend came home and flipped out, with the conversation going something like this:

    “What have you done?? Why is there an ugly stereo in the living room?”
    “Its not a stereo, its a Scratch Machine!”
    “But why?”
    “Well its good for when you have company over, and your housemates are enjoying it too”
    “But its such a waste of money! And you got rid of my couch!”
    “Says the person who spent all her money on pot plants! Plus the couch was ugly anyway, the only reason you got it was coz it’s pink”

    …At that point her Sims avatar started to laugh and say some Sims gibberish, and I swear she was looking right at us and saying “Look at these humans, they’re just like us!”

  • So me and my gf were meeting up to go to this really awesome electronics/game festival. So we met up at like 12 pm and we were like hey! lol “hugs”.
    We started talking about calculus, specialist maths and video games on the train, as we headed into the city. The wind was blowing wildly as if a giant had come out of his slumber and tried to blow his candles out. So we were like casually talking when suddenly one of my ex-friend (arch nemesis) came to talk to us.
    So he was like: “hey dude, I bet I could beat you in CS, pistols only, no Armour!”

    “I was like ROFL, sure u can”

    ” if I win I get ur girl if u win I hang my head in shame, deal?”
    The fight was on

    so IT WAS ON!!!
    We got our mobile phones out and played CS

    Suddenly his “crew” appeared and took out their phones and watched the match. GLOCKS ONLY Match

    Overall….I won

    his crew was like :” WOW OMG WTH XD ROFL PWN 133T”

    and my gf xoxoxoxo me and we had a fun trip to the fest



    For about two weeks we would have ritual after-school Heavy Rain sessions every Wednesday, and take turns in each chapter. Some choice quotes:


    Me: “HE’S GOT A GUN, QUICK SHOOT HIM!…oh wait, it wasn’t a gun… woops”




    non-gamer bystander: “PICK UP THE STICK AND GIVE IT TO HIM, QUICK” “you can’t do that” “JUST GIVE HIM THE STICK, HE’LL DROWN OTHERWISE!!”

    Instead of what would probably be this deep, personal experience, it was as if all the characters were bickering old couples trapped inside adult bodies.


  • Ok! Warning: A bit of a sappy teen story. If it wasn’t for Pokémon cards I wouldn’t of met my first ever girlfriend. One day after school I stopped by a local trading card store called ‘Swap Meet’. Since I had some left over lunch money I went in and bought a Pokémon booster pack. There weren’t any other customers in the store other than a girl who came from a school not too far from mine. I could see that she had already bought a pack and was already checking out what cards she had. As I went to open my pack I went over and asked if she had any rare cards. She said the only decent one was ‘Dragonite’, but she said she had already owned that card. From memory, I actually needed that card! As I opened mine, First thing I saw was ‘Charizard’. That was my second time getting ‘Charizard’. And we all know it was one of the rarest of em all! So at that moment I asked if she wanted to trade! She smiled and agreed! After all the trading card business we both needed to kill time as we figured that both our buses came at a later time! So from that afternoon we had a bite to eat and actually got to know each other, she was also into the Pokemon gameboy games! From then on we started seeing each other every day after school, which eventually led to me asking her out!

    The End

  • One of the geekiest (and funniest) moments happened right during his first playthrough with the demo for “Scott Pilgrim”(I usually sit and watch him playing).He was going through it with some difficulties,getting stuff thrown at him from every direction ,wich got him slightly embarassed.So,everyone who played the demo knows there is this part ,after the rottweilers fight,where there are A LOT of snowballs on the ground.Being in critical health I suggested him “Why dont you get rid of all those balls,it will make it easier to fight the incoming guys”.He did as suggested,both of us being totally unaware of what was going to happen next.Once done that big “SNOWBALL FIGHT” writing on the screen appeared he stared at me in dismay,succumbimg ammo-less in the battle.As the game over screen appeared we both laughed !

  • This competition makes no sense. I have videogames, why would I need relationships? Can’t we stick to haikus or limericks… 🙁

  • It almost ended when my girlfriend innocently asked me what all the “hype” was about star wars – she’d never seen it and I had just picked up a copy of lego star wars complete edition.
    Luckily we had a long weekend coming up and we spent it with a star wars movie marathon (old saga first ;p) and playing through lego star wars. I knew our relationship would last as I watched her gleefully “accidently” kill jar jar binks at every opportunity

  • The missus likes games, which is great! It means that there were no second thoughts when we bought the PS3, and using “just 5 more minutes” while plugged in, is a perfectly valid excuse in our household to get out of chores.

    However, all isn’t happy shiny lollypop land… enter Red Dead Redemption…

    Her: “Hey sweetie, would I like this game?”
    Me: “Um… sure! It’s got cowboys, guns, animal skinning…”

    So, she picked it up, and progressed on the story mode in parallel to me… dangerous, dangerous move…

    Enter SPOILER-AVERSION-MODE to our relationship…

    The next month consisted of timed 2-hour shifts on the PS3; Where one of us would get stuck into John Marston’s trials and tribulations, and the other would be facing the opposite direction, with headphones on, reading/PCing/something-ing, purely to avoid spoilers.

    Sure, we skipped meals, argued over who played for 5 seconds over their 2 hour limit, complained when the other accidentally spoiled it for the other…

    …but we both finished the game…

    …and did it together <3…

    Man I hope there isn't another RDR for our relationship for some time to come 😉

  • For Valentines Day, 2009, my fiance and I went to Game On in Brisbane, and played our way through the history of video games together. That night, we went home, booted up our laptops, and lay in bed together playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

    It was just an average day for us. <3

  • I was 16 years old and had just finished my final exam to complete my high school education. That afternoon was going to be something special since it was the first time I was going to my new girlfriend’s house. She knew I loved games, so she said I should be ready to get spanked at Mariokart 64.

    16 year old me was living the dream, I had a great girl and she wanted to game. I get to her house, low and behold she doesn’t have Mariokart OR a Nintendo.

    She explained that she lied so she’d have a better chance of getting me to her house to knock boots. I was so mad at the deception with such a cheap ploy that I didn’t feel in the mood to get down to business.

    We never did knock boots the entire relationship. I got to really know how to be in love with someone emotionally through the experience. But when she played mariokart with me it was something else.

  • So my girlfriend was watching me play Ocarina of Time a year or so ago, and I was up to Twinrova’s death sequence. We were both naked at the time, but all of a sudden the witches started arguing and it was just loud enough for my folks to hear (they thought I wasn’t home, you see).

    They entered the room, without knocking. >_<

    The worst part is my girlfriend started deflating after that. My parents said I had to throw her away or find a place of my own. *sigh* I miss Angel.

  • On my birthday, 2 years ago, my girlfriend (now wife) came to me apologising for not being able to give me my birthday present as it was in the glovebox of my car (apparently the only place I wouldn’t look) and of course the glovebox wouldn’t open. When we finally retrieved the envelope inside, after dismantling the dashboard of the car, she presented me with 2 tickets to the video game museum on display at the art gallery.

    We braved the hoards of kids on the weekend and spent nearly the whole day on the old classic machines before realising that there was a whole other level upstairs with last and current gen consoles.

    It was there that she encounterd Katamari Damarcy for the first time, which was surprising since she grew up in Japan, and her brother has owned pretty much every console made ever.

    Anywho, I managed to not only source a PS2, but also the Katamari game from a work colleague, however he couldn’t find his memory cards, so for nearly 3 weeks, the PS2 was left on while she played through the game. She’d finished the game and was working on getting 100 scores on all the levels when disaster struck. Comming home late one night, fumbling in the dark, I tripped over the PS2’s power cord, erasing her game. I couldn’t coax her back into starting again, or even trying out the PS3 (sans PS2 compatibility unfortunately) when I finally got that. By the time I got “Little Big Planet” she had started to warm a little, but it was only when I brought home “Katamari Forever” that I was truely forgiven.

    Even now, nearly a year later, I catch her occasionally singing to herself:

    “Na naaaa na na-na na-na na na na katamari damarshi”

  • my gf and i aere walking down the street one day and my friend called, we were talking about Metal gear online and tactics about it, the games name was never mentioned or anything and when I hung up she says “You know you should always have someone as a sniper if you are playing MGO, you know- to allow for support so people can’t cwc you.”
    my jaw dropped and that’s when I fell inlove:p

  • Once my girlfriend and i were having a dispute over the mario worlds (in smb3, which one was giant land). Our ickering went for hours and that turned into days, we were both unsure so we didnt want to google it and look stupid infront of eachother. One day she invited me over and i was locked in her house, forced to play a marathon of multiplayer games to decide who was right. We played: GH5, SMB, wii sports, Halo 3 and COD6. She won =.=. We later googled it and we were both wrong. To make things even geekier, I quoted Star Trek afterwards, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!”.

  • I hugged my girlfriend. I loved her so much, and I always felt as though our connection was special. I don’t think that I have ever or will ever meet someone as funny or as intelligent as her, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

    And then I woke up.


  • Two foreign excursions that my wife and I been on exemplify our shared geekiness.

    The first was a 150 mile round-trip across England, driving together from Nottingham to Leeds (and back again) in one evening to see They Might Be Giants – the quintessential geek band – play. We only had a rough idea where we were headed, but we somehow made it on time, despite the cold and darkness.

    The other excursion was when we spent half a day trying to track down the Tokyo pokemon centre. The first place we went to turned out to be the old site, then all we could find about the new site was the nearest train station. We wandered aimlessly around the streets surrounding that station until we encountered a steady stream of school kids carrying green pokemon shopping bags. “Follow the children!”, she said. So we followed them back to the source and found our goal! We were easily the two most excited people in the store, and spent wayyy too much on high quality pokemon merchandise.

    So that’s two of our geekiest moments. Both showed that even when faced with total cluelessness, our geek instincts always save the day!

  • Very early on in our relationship my (now, not then) wife and I were playing FIFA on my trusty old MegaCD (well this was about 15 years ago). It was a pretty unenventful game until our cat (hers at the time) decided to perch on top of the TV and try to chase the on screen ball.

    Much hilarity ensued which led to…. other things.

  • My girl and I have been together for a while. I knew she liked all sorts of games, but was mostly into hidden object games and the like, leaving playing through stuff like Arkham Asylum, WarioWare, Bayonetta, Mirrors Edge or Borderlands to me.

    One day we’d had pizza for tea, and I’d gotten a meat lovers with extra garlic. The last bit I ate was quite literally covered in the stuff, you could see nothing but garlic and a few bits of meat on it. I went to kiss her afterwards, which was met with a push-away and a “I thought only Wario used garlic toothpaste?”. I was incredibly dejected until I realised the reference she had just made. She shall now be mine forever.

  • The first time my girlfriend came over to my house and saw my home-made framed picture of Grunty’s Lair hanging on the wall. She went up to it and said “Hey, that’s from Banjo Kazooie, I love that game!” I knew she was a keeper.

  • For our one month anniversary, I decided I would give her…
    the knowledge of how to play Magic: The Gathering
    I’m still surprised it took her another six months to dump me.

  • well the wife never ever used to like gaming or anything technology related, that was until i bought a wii for her at xmas last year, now i am lucky to even get near the tv to play my ps3,
    now every week when she goes shopping, she comes home with a new wii game, unbeleivable.
    she has bought wii tennis racquets and all that stuff. it looks like a wii shrine in our media room, and poor playstation is not getting the love it deserves maybe if i win this code it will.

  • Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 and a half months, and at every major milestone we’ve had (first…everythings), I’ve said “DING! Level up”
    While she may not a gamer, but she still gets it and laughs with me. I’ve also drawn a Triforce on her naval in sharpie(and redo it everytime it gets too faded)
    She’s a keeper!

  • Geekiest moment by far was the night me and my ex made sweet, sweet music. I literally mean music, I showed her my talent at remembering retro game music by singing them out loud, she then proceeded to make requests and I’d honor them. Good times.

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