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A pretty standard week in the world of Australian ratings for games - only a couple of MA15+ ratings, and a few happy reminders that certain games are actually coming, like Tron: Evolution.

Looks like Red Dead got its MA15+ rating just in time, seeing as it was released last week. The Fight is due mid October, and despite being all about beating a man's face into goo, gets through with an M.

We award no points whatsoever for guessing what "A Fairy Tale" contains, and I'm always amazed at the imagination of some of these names. Take "Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life" for example, with words so interchangeable they could've been drawn out of a hat.

Chronicles of Trees: The Secret Life of Mystery

Mystery of Secrets: The Chronicles of Tree Life

Amiright gais?

Anyway, here's what's been classified in the last week.

The Fight (Coldwood) M Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats (Rockstar San Diego) MA15+ Exed Exes (Capcom) PG Commando (Capcom) G Spin Master (Data East) PG Crash Course (A2M) G Airport Mania: First Flight (Reflexive) G A Fairy Tale (Reflexive) G Tron: Evolution (Disney) PG Sonic Free Riders (SEGA) G Cities XL 2011 (Monte Cristo) G Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life (City Interactive) G Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Ubisoft) MA15+ Mario Sports Mix (Square Enix) G Spare Parts (EA) G Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (EA) G Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (Stickment) G Michael Jackson: The Experience (Ubisoft) G 101-In-1 Sports Party Megamix (Nord) G


    AC2: Brotherhood!
    We need more MA15+ titles coming.

      Every MA15+ title is one that I see as just slipped through the idiocy of Australian rating system. What we need is more R titles.

    Cities XL 2011 aye...

    Should be intresting...

    Funny how its being branded under Monte Cristo... They were shut down mid this year..

    wait... i though Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit was already classified a few weeks ago, they must have added something.

      My guess would be one of the titles is a portable version or something.

      One that only shares the same name but ultimately is a completely different game.

    Clearly Michael Jackson: The Experience isn't actually providing the full Michael Jackson experience if it's got a G rating :P

      Maybe it's the current Michael Jackson experience... you know, what with being dead and all.

        You're thinking of Plants vs Zombies :P

          No... that charector got removed, something about a lawsuit.

          Hey Jung, where's Talk Amongst gone?

          Or Dead Rising 2. Michael Jackson + drill bucket = win.

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (EA) G

    Isn't the idea here to run away from Police? Surely that warrants a PG rating =P

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