Community Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released recently, and we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it? We need your thoughts below!

You wake up in a castle. You don't know who you are, or what's happened, because you've got...

Wait for it...


No, silly, you've got amnesia, and you'll have to brave the unknown and encounter dark, mysterious forces for clues about your past and identity.

Amnesia is from Frictional Games, the makers of Penumbra, a similar horror game. But Penumbra - a product of its time - was a little heavier on the physics puzzles. With every man and his dog sporting the Havok physics engine nowadays, building in-game see-saws doesn't get the same reaction it did back in Half-Life 2.

So Amnesia focuses more on the horror element. And it's a more understated, atmospheric horror too. The kind that understands the difference between a "scare" and a "startle".

To achieve this, it plays with your senses. Things you can hear, but not see, like footsteps. Like a good horror game should, it uses your imagination against you.

So how did you feel while playing? Horror games are all about atmosphere - how do you think Amnesia handled it? Is it one you'd recommend? There's certainly no shortage of good games at the moment (ones that take up lots of time as well), so is this one good enough to warrant a break from the likes of Civ V?

Leave your thoughts below.


    Looks like an interesting game - reminds me of the 11th hour back in the day. Wouldn't mind reading more information, but it seems strange that its a community review on a game that has no articles on it on this website.

      I agree - there should be more about it. Everyone I've heard talk about the game is loving it, but it hasn't received much media attention.

      Frictional have a unique style, kudos to them for doing things their own way. You can't go wrong for $22.

    After waiting nearly 11 years since the last game in this series from Outrage Entertainment (formerly Parallax Software) I was disappointed. Gone is the sense of freedom of movement, the sense of awe of controlling a space ship with 6 degrees of freedom in zero gravity, and there are no robots at all. While it's true that this Descent is dark, it lacks all of the fun of the first three games and I think Frictional Games have gone too far away from the series' roots. 2.27 stars out of 5.

      That.... is fairly random.

      I remember playing g-police on the PS1 back in the day, and i recently downloaded it for the PS3. i had one of those moments of 'How in the hell did I ever play this!?!'

      Off on a tangent I know, but work is boring right now.

      Are we playing the same game? This isn't Descent, it's the spiritual continuation of Penumbra.

      Scary as hell too.

      Dude you're not EVEN playing the same game. This ISN'T "DECENT".

        I'd say it's decent, just not great. The original games' controls were much more direct; the pacing in this new one feels very slow by comparison.


    This game is an incredibly terrifying and immersive experience, although it uses the outdated technique of crafting a story around a main character with AMNESIA, it is actually quite compelling to scan the notes throughout the castle and attempt to peice together past events from Daniel's life.
    The way it presents the monsters and initially hide them from the player makes them incredibly confronting when you have to hide or flee from them.

    This game is fantastic. It wasn't cheap scares or thrills, it was true horror. Often I could not sit down and play this game for a longer period of time because of its truly chilling atmosphere. Also, typically I don't have the patience to read in-game journals and notes, but I was just that immersed in this game, that I wanted to read it all; It didn't feel like an obligation. I would of enjoyed more complex puzzles, however it is still an amazing game!

    I played it and liked it a great deal. Probably the best horror game made in the last several years.
    Only problem I have with it is that the endings don't really give much closure.
    Definitely worth the $20.

    I've been a huge horror fan for years and in recent times horror games have been terrible. Apparently developers think that zombies and shotguns = horror.

    However Amnesia is freaking awesome! Fictional games nailed the horror aspect in this game, It's a true SURVIVAL Horror. You know... one where you have to actually try to survive!

    The atmosphere is thick and immersive, It's definitely the best horror game i have played in years!

    Loving this game so far. Not a huge fan of the horror game genre so this was a quite refreshing perspective for me. Amnesia definitely uses your imagination against you and has been well capable of reducing me to moments of such wound-up tension that I have to have a break just to get my guts to open the door/go around the corner. The game's greatest magic is to immerse you. Like all magic once you figure out "how" that magic works you start to loose interest.

    Thanks for all the feedback on this guys.
    Your communal thoughts on this game have convinced me to downlo- err, buy this game.

    Sir Eats-a-Lot - Dude, it's 20 bucks! Frictional games needs the money. They worked seriously hard on this and even said that pay checks were cut in half in order to get it finished.

    This is by far one of my favourite games of all time. They really nailed it. GO BUY IT! Frictional games deserves more!

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