Community Review: F1 2010

Community Review: F1 2010

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! F1 2010 is out, and we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it? We need your thoughts below!

Our coverage of F1 2010 hasn’t been as comprehensive as that of Dead Rising 2 or Civilization V, mainly due to our lack of time and car knowledge. Despite loving Colin Mcrae: DIRT to death, and despite there being Formula One fans in the office, either there just hasn’t been the time or automotive know-how to make a dent in Codemasters’ milestone new offering.

So it’s down to you. Is F1 2010 as awesome as DIRT? How do you find the driving mechanics? The weather? The physics?

How does the game handle crashes? Does it capture the strategy, and the feel of real Formula One?

And the most important question: Would you recommend it to your fellow Kotaku readers?


  • They released the game too early. Lots of bugs abound, which really take away from a feeling of F1 authenticity, which is what the developers promised. Bugs include: corrupted save files, pit stop problems (inc AI cars that dont pit stop), AI lap times that bear no resemblance to what the AI actually did, and so on. The forums are screaming with complaints.

    That being said, it has all 19 tracks, all the cars, and a great sense of speed.

    I would wait for the patch they are working on, but if you are a F1 fan, it is hard to resist as there is no other competition at the moment.

  • All of the problems relate to single player, which I really don’t care about.

    Time trials and online play is where it’s at, and what’s great. Easily the best F1 game ever created.

  • I’ve only played multiplayer so I’m yet to encounter some of the bug mentioned. Most of the problems I’ve encountered are to do with the AI not taking damage and ghost cars.
    One that isn’t mentioned, the AI doesn’t appear to receive penalties?
    I’ve been run off the road a few times by an AI and I received the penalty.

    That said, I’m confident they will patch these problems swiftly and it is still a brilliant game. Best F1 game easily.

  • Its an awesome game, and I do like it. However there are some issues which really take away from it in many ways.
    The people screaming out about AI, yeah well, if you can come up with a way for a computer to simulate 23 cars going around a track within several seconds of one another, all whilst interacting with one another…. well then I would like to see it.

    The AI is implemented as good as can be done in a racing game atm, the only thing that bugs me about it is rubberbanding [ie: catch up], which is really evident when racing, it seems that just to stay in the race you have to put in quali-like “flying laps”, for an entire race, as the AI seem to catch up with no issue whenever they feel.
    There are a few bugs with AI not pitting, and AI that stick to the racing line like they are slot cars, they dont seem to interact with the player at all and that is very frustrating when trying to pass.

    In regards to multiplayer, it is very good, however there are some glaring omissions which I just dont understand.
    First, no spectate mode….. this is very clear when you finish quali early, or if you smash out of a race…. instead of watching other drivers, you simply have to stare at a scoreboard….. so if you crash out early, you will simply rage quit because you will have nothing to watch until the race is finished.
    There is no team radio in MP, which is annoying and I dont see any reason for this, it can all be done client side.
    And finally, when you finish a race, there is nothing for winning. No podium cutscene, or even interaction with anyone else. Nothing. Just shows the scoreboard, then goes back to the menu.

    The game is good, and does a lot of things right, but there are lots of little things which I hope can be fixed in a patch.

    • The game is good, but others have said, it does have quite a few problems, amongst them one sided penalties, borked pitstops, HRT/Lotus/Virgin running at the front of the field (after pitstops!), and predetermined Qualifying times for AI. Some minor, and others which could turn the game into a complete farce if confirmed (Race AI ‘debate’).
      Although most of which don’t apply to multiplayer if that’s your thing.
      It’s also missing features one would expect such as Race replays, AI sector splits, any kind of post race rundown.

      On the flipside, it is very fun when it all seems to be working as you’d expect.
      Physics wise, it’s definitely no sim, but it does do things such as the effect of fuel weight, and difference between Primes and Options well with the physics it uses. Personally on expert difficulty, I’ve found it strikes the right balance in drivability that allows you to drive an entire race without making many mistakes but forcing you to concentrate for the entirety.

      After substantial patching, I would recommend it over GP4 to everyone, but as it stands, I’d only recommend it to people who have never played any of Geoff Crammond’s games.

      In short, it is good, but I feel as though it could, and possibly should, have been so much more…

  • I’m interested but I heard its very hard and I doubt I would be good at this, since I was terrible in F1 Championship at the PS3 launch. I guess I just suck at F1 games, I’m good in others so, I don’t know… xD

  • I haven’t played it so I have questions:

    Are there any features that tie into the F1 championship in progress this year? I’d like to see a race viewer, which uses the in game assets to display what is happening on track during a race, like a really good looking version of the ipad timing app. Including your chosen commentary. And you could jump in as a ghost and race with the pros.

    And i’d like to see a game like this come out earlier in the season and have an online championship system. Make it so that you can only set times and get championship points from a specific track during the qualifying and race periods of the real world race on that track. It would be a way to be more immersed in the real world championship.

    From the sounds of it there are more pressing general gameplay issues that need to be addressed before features like this anyway…

    I might pick it up, this seasons championship and Webber’s wins has me more interested than ever before

    • Unfortunately outside of the tracks, teams and drivers, and the F1 logo on startup, there is very little in this to tie it into real life F1.
      They haven’t made much use of the licence at all when there was so much potential to have the HUD look like the real broadcast, with the in car telemetry for speed/gears/revs etc, lap times and splits displayed and all the other useful information you would see during a normal race on TV.

  • In terms of realism, I can’t imagine anything from the makers of GRID to be realistic enough for the hard core sim fan.

    The F1 mod on rFactor was probably the closest thing to the old-school PC F1 sims from Geoff Crammond.

    That said, this will probably be a great diversion and realistic enough for most people.

    • If you want a good F1 sim, I highly recommend the recent Ferrari Virtual Academy. While it’s very limited on content (one car, and currently just one circuit (2 other planned for future release), it’s by far the most realistic handling f1 sim I’ve come across to date (it’s based on Netcar Pro, and aimed squarely at enthusiast sim racers (top 10 get a trip to Maranello for a test drive!)).

  • It’s an amazing and exciting game. Not without flaws, but it’s the most realistic (at least it “feels” realistic) racer I’ve played to date, mostly because it creates a lot of emotion.

    The sense of speed and control over the cars is brilliant, exemplified when setting a perfect lap on hard/expert with driving aids off – after spending 2-3 hours on the entire race weekend and then snatching a point in a Lotus or storming into pole on your last qualifying lap in a Red Bull, there’s a sense of achievement I’ve not really felt in any game before.

    Similarly, the feeling of despair when you’re in a good position but push just a little bit harder and spin out on a kerb is enough to destroy your confidence and rhythm for the next few laps. And still, it’s great.

    That being said, a few minor (but important) features don’t really come off. Pitstops will ruin your race as you wait 15-20 seconds for every other car in the field to drive past, as will the stewards who are quite severe on penalising for mistakes that will have already cost you time and a position or two.

    The lack of a safety car, and how the game handles that, seems half-arsed and is more irritating than anything. AI drivers can crash, but a second after the yellow flag and warning comes up that someone has crashed in sector 2 of the track, the car has disappeared and the race is back to normal.

    The ‘Live The Life’ facet of the career is a little bit lame in execution but doesn’t really detract from the game, however the lack of information such as overall race times and time between drivers does. It would be good to know where you are; you can feel like you’re just racing yourself at times, despite having another 20-odd cars on the track.

    F1 2010/Codemasters had to start somewhere and it’s not a perfect game, but it’s a damn good platform to build the franchise – I’m not regretting my preorder.

    If you like racing at all, I’d say it’s worth a go.

  • A big pile of my friends list is playing it, but I’m too busy with Halo. :3c Besides I’m not done with Forza, I just wish there were some open-wheelers in it.

  • I’m disappointed with the game, not because it is a bad game, but because of the missed opportunities. You guys had the license, and then didn’t run far enough with it.

    The game is okay, but I’d wait for a price drop if you haven’t already purchased it. I’m going back to waiting for GT5.

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