Devil May Cry's Debut Trailer


    I died inside

      agreed, that was terrible, just...terrible

    I want to see whoever came up with this redesign to be fired.

    It looks -awful-. I guess I'll never own more than four DMC games...

    Can we get a Bayonetta sequel, as consolation?

    That's... what... what have they done?

    >.> they did... WHAT?! OMGWTFBBQWRONGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *goes out to find as many sharp and pointy objects he can stab into the design team responsible for this*

    As if the last 4 looked any better.

    Dante now looks like that idiot from those horrible twilight movies, the action doesn't look as good as the other DMC's either.

    Who thought this was a good idea? >.>

    New dante looks lame

    What the hell am I watching.

    I have to say, I'm actually interested in where this is going after seeing video. The style is still there and the story seems more grounded instead of the cartoony storytelling of the last few games (except 3, maybe). Really digging the 'mentally unstable Dante in the loony bin who awakens into the Dante we remember' vibe.

    Design wise - Dante's a little skinnier than I would've liked but I think the overall character design is much more suited to the lore. Dante's supposed to be the son of a devil or something, so naturally, he's got a gothic look goin'. Not really into the gothic look myself, but like I said, it's suited.

    I don't tend to judge things by appearances as most people seem to. If there's one thing this and the inFamous thing has informed me of, it's how horribly shallow and judgmental we are as a species than I originally thought.

    I hope for the best for Ninja Theory, coz they are REALLY gonna need it.

    1. So Dante is now 'extreme' eh? Ugh. Shoulda been a whole new character.
    2. WTF is with all the smoking in the Japanese games of late? Normally I'm not anal retentive about this at all it's just something I've been noticing. Is big tobacco funding their games? Lol
    3. Why did DMC need a 'reboot'?

    Dear developers, please don't. The last edition was only released two years ago; we don't need a reboot. And if you wanted to go down the 'angsty teen' path, we've already got Nero -- mysterious past included at no extra charge.

    ...Did that just happen?

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who is pissed off about this re-design

    .............. so when are we seeing the real dmc trailer? hahaha

    I was happier with the thought that a good series had ended...

    I think it looks pretty good.. Interesting - an attempt to freshen up the series. and hey - if it fails. just go back. atleast it isn't angsty nero again. but i do see it's all just general cries around here.

      At least Nero had that one badass moment with Yamato and DMC 4 still felt like a DMC game.

    Haha...and it's not even April *gulp*.

    I think they are making a different game with the DMC franchise name, simailar to what they did with Farcry 2. I know its not exactly what they have done, but its along those lines. They should have used a different name, the DMC name got bad enough after DMC4. I am a massive fan of those games, but I still cant bring myself to play more than 30min of DMC4 without crying a little inside.


    1. At least setting seems to be different from the olden times cobbled streets etc. etc. Looks like they have robots now!
    2. Not liking new dante. Or the new DMC logo. Looks like something they produced for australia (MA15)
    3. The battling looked abit boring. Especially in the beginning when he runs into the pack and shoots his guns. There just isn't enough impact there.


    As someone who doesn't care at all about the DMC franchise, I have to say 'angry young punk' Dante has me intrigued.

      I agree with this - I didn't care for the previous four at all, this one has me mildly intrigued!

      Guess they clearly weren't aiming at marketing this to the oldskool DMC crowd then.

        If it's not targeted to the existing fanbase, what's the point in calling it by the same title? Just tout it as "by the team that brought you Devil May Cry" instead of doing this emo garbage.

    Is this actually dante? I don't have sound, so I can't tell...

    This is not Devil May Cry. The protagonist is not nearly effeminate enough. Ugh. To think we'll be playing as a man?

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