DoW2: Retribution Favours Steam

Relic Entertainment Producer Jeff Lydell told PC Gamer that when the new Dawn of War 2 expansion pack arrives, called Retribution, it will be without support for Games for Windows Live.

Both Dawn of War 2 and its first expansion, Chaos Rising, had supported Games for Windows Live and Steam. But as Lydell said, "We've always thought this was cumbersome, and only implemented it because back in Dawn of War II's development, we needed digital distribution and matchmaking features from both platforms".

He added that supporting both services created more QA work, and that Relic and Valve were working on some exciting new features to be announced later.

Via [Gamasutra]


    I love XBL, absolutely hate GFWL. The frequent disconnect problems is why I stopped playing DoWII multiplayer. So glad to hear about this.

    good, it was just as cumbersome and hard work for us to USE too, when we have to sign into 300 accounts just to start the game...

    Does this mean we'll get a patch to REMOVE the need for it from the other game and its expansion???

      Nope - they're continuing support for it on the previous games

        Hrrrrm... damn. Oh well. Can't have everything you want I suppose. But, this is good news in and of itself.

    This is just downright good news. GFWl is totally clumsy and bug-ridden. The Steam experience is 1000x smoother and more reliable. Bravo.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Great game just got less cumbersome to play. AND a new expansion!

    Dance all night!

    So I won't get pretty achievements? :(

      If they stay with achievements i imagine they'll be steam ones.


    YAY !
    Best news I've heard all week, thanks Kotaku!

    Does this mean Retribution won't be backwards compatible with vanilla Dawn of War II or Chaos Rising - like CR was with DOWII?

    It's starting to sound less like a standalone expansion and more like a standalone game.

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