How Successful Was GOG's Prank?

Yesterday, we learned that Good Old Games didn't actually go down - they were just building a new site and decided to have a bit of mischeivous fun with it. They may have pissed a few fans off in the process, but it looks like the stunt worked. Shortly after the site went back up, it had trouble staying up - due to server demand.

A post on GOG's front page reported 20 times the amount of traffic the site has ever had. Worth making a few founding fans angry? Probably.

Their "welcome back" post included another apology, and reiterated that Baldur's Gate was now available and would be supported with other Hasbro licenced games:

We know our little game with closing down the site made some of you angry. Once again we'd like to apologize to everyone who felt deceived by us closing down without any warning and without giving you access to your games. We apologize for that from the bottom of our hearts, it was done with the best of intentions and hopefully we can make it up to you!


    "Shortly after the site went back up, it had trouble staying up – due to server demand."

    I wonder how many of them were people who wanted to download all their undownloaded games after realising gog are happy to cut off access at a whim...

      I would think twice about buying from them.

        Why?. They're a fantastic service who pulled a silly PR stunt. Everything is back the way it was. It's incredibly unlikely that they would ever do this again, and if they did permanently shutdown in the future, I'm sure there would be prior notice, along with basic access for a few months so that everyone could download their library of games. They didn't give any notice for this stunt because that would have caused a massive download rush.

        There's no DRM, remember. Once you've bought a game from GOG, it's yours. I just don't get what all this bloody fuss is about.

          Read the forums. They have lost our trust. I don't care if you were not affected, but there are people who were, and that is the problem - don't you see that? How can you ever take what they say ever again at face value? Furthermore, the rage that this generates is going to crack the community from being a "classy" one, to a forum of customers who got f'd on and wish the websites demise, which frankly, I don't blame them.

          I wish I could get back to liking them again, but this is one site I didn't want f'ing with me.

            Seriously? Wow. Some people just need a cause. They need something to fight or something to complain about. Chill out. Have you never had a friend pull a harmless prank on you? GOG realized immediately that a lot of people have thrown hissy fits over this and have acknowledged and profusely apologized for hurting these peoples tender feelings. Get over it. Fight against deforestation or baby seal clubbing or SIDS, not against a company providing a genuine, valuable service.

              "not against a company providing a genuine, valuable service."

              You're not talking about the company that just pretended to shut down and deny people access to their legally-purchased games, are you?


    How long was the site even down for?
    From the forum posts on there you would think they posted pictures of users kidnapped mothers and held guns to the heads of favorite pets or something.

    People of the internets: Chill out.

    Wow, I loved GOG. Good thing i saw this article otherwise I would have assumed it was gone for good.

    As for how successful I can't think that making people think you are out of business is a good business strategy. They should have made it a blank screen with a count down with no explanation if they wanted people talking about it. :/

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