Internode To Handle Aussie Black Ops Servers, the video gaming wing of Internode, have just announced their exclusive rights to host Call of Duty: Black Ops servers in Australia, ending speculation that would be forced to provide for the entire continent (and possibly southeast Asia) with one Sydney data centre.

As part of the deal, official GameServers software will be set up on Internode infrastructure, using their existing network to service Australia. Internode already host many (good) servers for existing games, and this likely means that the service you currently receive from them is indicative of your future Black Ops experience.

As a part of the deal, Internode customers won't be metered while connected to any hosted servers. Anyone will also be able to rent Black Ops servers from GameServers, which will be hosted on Internode hardware in Adelaide and Sydney.

Earlier this week it was revealed that had exclusive rights to host Black Ops servers, yet it was unclear what the international repercussions of the deal would be. has one Sydney data centre, which we ping yellow to.

So while it seems there are now two middle men between Treyarch and the public, at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that there will be nationwide Black Ops servers capable of dealing with demand.

As for whether a similar solution is being reached for southeast Asia, or whether the GameServers Sydney data centre will be flooded with interest from across the pond, Kotaku AU is waiting on answers from GameServers.

Also still unclear is the fate of LAN play. Tweets from a Treyarch developer have suggested it's possible to have the host on LAN, but given the nature of the deal, it seems unlikely.

We'll follow up soon on more about the deal.


    I assume on the PC version will connect to servers. Is that correct, or with 360 and PS3 versions also be server hosted?

      Should have read that before I posted...

      I assume only the PC version will connect to servers. Is that correct, or will 360 and PS3 versions also be server hosted?

        You're correct, PC gamers are getting dedicated servers back, PS3 and Xbox keep their existing p2p system.

        All in all, a great win for PC gamers after the debacle that was MW2.

    OMG. I...jizz.

    Sweet, node run a tight ship.

    That's good to hear.

    Thank GOD.

    All hail!


    Thats great news, i was looking forward to black ops for the PC platform as well as the 360.

    All consoles will remain on their P2P format, which they've always used.

    The PC will be the only platform to be able to utilise dedicated servers.

    Damn it. I pre ordered for XBox before I upgraded my PC, but justified the decision based on the ridiculous server situation... Now I just don't know. I've been playing on Internode servers for years and they've always been excellent.

      Call or go into the store and see if you can get your deposit transferred to the PC version. Wouldn't hurt to check their policy.

    Looks like it might not have crap multiplayer after all XD, and im unmetered with internode... not that im getting black ops lol

    Internode servers are often very good. Still not good enough for me to buy this abomination that should have ended at COD4...

    Yeah this is excellent news.
    I think Internode is probably the best all round ISP in the country, and their gaming service is top notch.

    lol @ the person asking if the servers will be for consoles also.

    PS3 have p2p for free online gaming
    Xbox360 have p2p for $$$ online gaming.


      There are some games on PS3 that use dedicated servers. Resistance, and MAG for instance. It's also technically feasible for Xbox Live to connect to dedicated servers, though I'm not aware of any game that does this.

    So there is still a monopoly on servers, but that monopoly will now provide better service than was first thought?

    Im pretty sure that consoles will use P2P, which is fine as long as we get hooked up with other Aussies.

    I wonder how this is going to effect competitive play within Australia. What makes other GSP's be able to run ladders is the ability for them to provide servers for matches.

    Interesting to see where this leaves cybergamer and gamearena who definitely have a lot more experience running ladders than internode.

    I personally think its a pretty pathetic move on Treyarchs part.

    In the space on one week, this game has gone from "must-buy" to "must-not-buy" and back to "must-buy".

    YAY! :)

    Excellent. One less thing to worry about.

    I'm getting green ping to Sydney and Adelaide, whereas 4 or 5 days ago I got yellow to Sydney (and there was no Adelaide). Good ol' Internode, now 3FL needs to get a few servers too and it'll be brilliant.

    Players from Western Australia have been left out like usual.

      That's where 3FL would be handy - they already have a lot of servers in WA

      Western Australia is always left out becuase they dont know that Perth exists.

      How can I put this....
      You are to Australia what Australia is to the rest of the world.

      Your telling me that adelaide severs aren't going to be a hell of a lot better then sydney server's for you guys?

    it good news for all who enlisted in black ops.

    You've still gotta pay to play on dedicated servers, though, right?

    @.:Buzz:. from MW2: They should have gone with 3FL, they have servers in WA and NSW instead of just SA and NSW like

    Just bloody typical perth misses out once again. Good to see alot of thought went into making sure the whole of aus gets quality internet coverage.

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