iiNet Is Buying Internode

iiNet Is Buying Internode
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It looks as though iiNet, the fastest growing ISP in Australia, is about to buy Internode.

The deal is expected to be completed by the end of February. iiNet has maintained some of its other acquired brands — Westnet and Netspace being the clear examples — and Internode will also continue as a separate business unit. “Off-net” customers — those using a service wholesaled from Telstra — will be migrated to the iiNet network. Apparently that covers 15,000 of Internode’s 190,000 customers.

More news as we get it.


  • Weren’t these two ISP providers the number 1 and 2 voted providers by the folks here? What implications do you think this will have?

    • As an ex “7-year” Internode customer who moved to Perth and is with iiNet now… I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. They’re both great companies with a customer-centric focus. I may be surprised by the announcment, but I think it’s a logical move.

      • As an Ex-“Westnet” Customer Service Rep I can say that even though its a seperate business, it will slowly replicate iinets customer service, which is not a good thing..

        • As a current employee, I refute your claim and our customer service stats are actually even better than before the merger. This is a great thing for iiNet and Internode customer’s alike.

          • Well I took a pay cut to start working for Westnet, so it would be my personal opinion 😛 things were rocky when the merger happened. But they’ve really improved in the last 2 years.

  • I like iiNet, they’ve never done wrong by me. I do wish I was with Internode for the quota free downloads and more bang for your buck but I’m happy with iiNet.

  • iinet has the worst customer service, prices and general packages….. internode is one of the cheapest regional prices you can get… So here is me saying hello to paying more for the same speed and downloads

    • iiNet definitely DON’T have the worst customer service, they have better customer service than most companies in Australia and it’s steadily improving. Their prices are also incredibly competitive, and you’ll probably find that the merger means they’ll be able to offer come cheaper packages as a whole. Your bad experience with iiNet does not mean everyone else has bad experiences.

      I’ve been with pretty much every provider in Australia, Bigpond, Westnet (before the merger), iiNet, Dodo, Internode, Exetel, Optus…and iiNet/Westnet have had the best customer service by far.

    • Um, not sure if trolling or just stupid…
      I changed to iiNet after being with Optus and 3. Optus internet often crapped out on me despite being on the outskirts of the inner city. Ringing them was even more of a hassle. 3 took $200 more then they were meant to out of my account and I had to do a lot of work to get that money back!
      So far iiNet has the best service yet. There’s not much of a wait on the phone and if I call via mobile they tell me to hang up and then call my mobile so I’m not charged. Oh and the two issues I had have been fixed within the hour.
      Can’t say that I had that with either of the previous companies.

  • Good thing I’m moving ISPs to Telstra during the week. 250GB, 10mbps speed bundled with the home phone and mobile phone for $180/month.

    There’s no way in hell I’m going back onto the iinet network, ugh. Used to be with Netspace up until 12 months ago and would only get 250kbps speeds when I was supposed to get 1.5mbps.

    • We swapped to that when iinet couldn’t give us a plan for our internet that was similar to what we had when they bought Supernerds residential customers. We were on a 250/250 GB with VOIP, but they could only give us a 100/100 GB with VOIP for the same price that we were paying before.

      They were fantastic while we tried to figure out what was going on (being told we were on one plan, but being charged for another), but even though they expected to lose some customers during the merger, they were still very courteous to my partner, even though we ended up leaving.

      Went to TPG and it’s going good so far.

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