Puzzle Quest 2 Coming To PSP

Aussie-made gem-matching RPG Puzzle Quest 2 has been released on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS and PC. Soon, it will be released on PlayStation Portable.

So, if you don't have a 360, a DS or a PC, but you do have a PSP... you should buy it because it's an excellent game.

Puzzle Quest 2 (XBLA version pictured) will be available for download on the PlayStation Store later this year.


    No matter what platform you have you should buy this game... it is damn good (even if i do get mauled by rat swarms)

    plus Aussie developers need your support :)

    David, do you know whether Puzzle Quest 2 will be coming to the i-devices? I remember seeing/hearing/reading a rumour before that it was.

      I assume it will at some point, but no news from Infinite just yet.

    This is awesome news, I played the first game on PSP and it is the perfect platform for it.

    This is a must buy for me!

    Awesome. I was complaining about there not being a PSP version earlier, so I'll have to put my money where my mouth is and get this.

    Grabbed it on Steam already. Great game!

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