Bargain Hunter: JB Hi-Fi’s “Massive Games Blowout”

Bargain Hunter: JB Hi-Fi’s “Massive Games Blowout”

JB Hi-Fi is offloading a heap of stock at some very tasty prices right now. Let’s check out some of the better deals.

On the hardware side, there’s an Xbox 360 bundle including a 120GB hard drive and copies of BioShock, Forza 3, Halo 3: ODST, LEGO Batman and Pure for $399.

But the real bargains are found amongst the software. Here’s a few of my picks:

007: Quantum of Solace (PS3) $20 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (PS3) $25 Afro Samurai (360, PS3) $20 Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City (Wii) $15 Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City plus Wii Speak (Wii) $20 Battle Fantasia (360) $30 Beaterator (PSP) $25 Blast Works (Wii) $15 Blue Dragon Plus (DS) $20 Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii) $25 The Bourne Conspiracy (360, PS3) $20 The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena (PS3) $20 Civilization Revolution (DS) $20 The Club (360) $10 Condemned 2 (360) $20 Cursed Mountain (Wii) $30 Dead Space (360, PS3) $40 Dead Space: Extraction (Wii) $40 Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) $20 Dragon Quest IV (DS) $15 Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (PS3) $15 The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition (PS3, PC) $40 Fatal Inertia (360) $10 Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS) $15 God Hand (PS2) $20 Gradius Collection (PSP) $10 Gunpey (DS) $10 Infinite Undiscovery (360) $15 King of Fighters XII (360) $25 Klonoa (Wii) $15 Let’s Tap (Wii) $20 Little King’s Story (Wii) $30 Lock’s Quest (DS) $15 Lunar Knights (DS) $10 Madworld (Wii) $25 Mini Ninjas (PS3) $25 Mirror’s Edge (PS3) $25 Ninjatown (DS) $15 Overlord 2 (PS3) $40 Punch-Out!! (Wii) $20 Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (DS) $20 Resident Evil 5 (PC) $40 Samba De Amiga (Wii) $20 Sega Mega Drive Collection (PSP) $15 Shiren the Wanderer (DS) $15 Silent Hill: Homecoming (360) $40 Soul Bubbles (DS) $15 Space Invaders Extreme (DS) $20 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (360) $15 Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP) $30 Stuntman Ignition (360) $10 Timeshift (360) $15 Tomb Raider Underworld Limited Edition (PS3) $20 Tom Clancy’s HAWX (360) $25 Trauma Centre: New Blood (Wii) $20 Virtua Fighter 5 (360) $15

And you can check out the full list here.


  • It’s awesome that Trama Centre is only 20 as I was going to get it as a birthday present for my girlfriend anyway. Perfect timing. I have been meaning ot give Hawx and Madworld a go as well. Also I think ill grab Mirror’s Edge as I traded mine in ages ago and wish I didnt.

  • Hey guys, there’s an even better bundle at GAME right now, too. 378 with odst, forza, pure and lego batman. They have to be prepping for a 360 slim release, i reckon.

  • $10 for Stuntman Ignition would be the best money you could spend. Terrific game especially for those perfectionists.

  • I went to my local JB last week when this first started and they had bugger all of these titles in stock. I didn’t end up getting any of the ones I wanted and the stores with the stock are ages away from me and apparently they won’t transfer sale stock between stores :'(

  • I’d be checking out the trade in value of some of these on special games, because if there higher than there sale price (dont laugh its happened before <3 you pokemone mystery dungeon) It might be worth grabbing 3 copies, of even the one game for trade in at a later date to gain special 5+ games $20 deal at EB and the such… Also ebay is good for this

    • Nah, unfortunately for the moment their values seem to have been changed, I was checking it out myself in case I didn’t like a couple of the really cheap titles I grabbed that almost never get traded in (Eat Lead, Afro Samurai). Many have had their trade-in values reduced to less than $5 and were put on the exclusion list. There is a possibility this is a temporary reduction, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      Speaking as someone who’s worked with JB for almost a year now, this sale is more or less there to get rid of stock we haven’t had sell for ages. This means that a lot of the higher profile titles are disappearing fast, so if you’re after a very specific game, you may be better off contacting the store you are planning on visiting first.

  • I’d go pick up Condemned 2, Infinite Undiscovery and God Hand from that list, but given the nearest JB is a 40 minute drive…

  • Might be interested in

    Dead Space: Extraction (Wii) $40
    Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) $20
    Infinite Undiscovery (360) $15

    But im saving my money atm 🙁

  • i went into jb hi fi last week planning on getting dragon age for pc but to my horror they wanted $104 for it, pc no less.

  • Hm, I must burst this bubble. While these are good deals, do not go to JB hi fi for any PS2 games. PS2 games are now considered “rare” and they charge large sums for them. I saw Farenheit for $80 and was amazed that they were still charging that price.
    Other then that, Hello blast works X3

    • Apart from recent releases, new PS2 games are rare. Even some of them are rare second hand these days. At one JB I saw a copy of Persona 3 (not FES edition) for $40 and another SMT game for $70. Shy of importing, that’s about the best you’ll do to get those games locally (and brand new).

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