Bargain Hunter: Are These Deals Music To Your Ears?

Bargain Hunter: Are These Deals Music To Your Ears?

There’s some heavy discounting going on in the music genre right now, with various retailers offering a range of Hero and Rock Band deals.

At KMart, the Band Hero complete bundle on PS3, Wii and 360 has dropped to $238 while the standalone disc, also on PS3, Wii and 360, is now down to $69. The PS2 versions are slightly cheaper.

If you hurry to Target by Wednesday, they’ve got the bundle marked down to $229.

However at Big W, it’s even cheaper. There the full bundle is going for just $198 on PS3, Wii and 360.

Meanwhile, at Dick Smith you can pick up the Band Hero bundle plus DJ Hero for $329. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of DJ Hero, GAME is still – a month on from our first mention of it – flogging off the Renegade Edition for a crazy $99.

On the Rock Band front, Rock Band drum kits can be ordered from JB Hi-Fi online for just ten bucks, plus shipping. They’re advertising guitars for the same price, but currently list them as out of stock.

The Wii version of the Rock Band AC/DC standalone disc can be had for $28.84 right now at Big W. While finally, GAME are selling the LEGO Rock Band discs for $38 on PS3, Wii and 360.

Let us know if you’ve spotted any more music game deals.


  • eb games. rock ba nd bundle ps3, wii and 360 for $229 and you score guitar hero world tour stand alone disc with it.

  • In light of all this Rock Band discounting, I’m wondering if you can use your journalistic ways to get some from MTV/EA on whether Rock Band 2 will finally be released in Australia shortly. It was classified many months ago, and apparently was released in NZ in December.

    Is it possible that the very heavy discounting of Rock Band peripherals is to clear space for Rock Band 2?

    Quite a few people are importing either UK or NZ copies, but I’m a little hesitant when it’s such a DLC laden game, despite the assurances from some that it will most likely work fine.

    • I’ve asked this of EA and been told it’s out of their hands. I’ve put the question to MTV, but each time they’ve offered no comment at all.

      You’ll have no trouble with DLC if you import Rock Band 2.

      • You will only have trouble with DLC on the PS3 version, because aparently PS3 DLC is region controlled. 360 is fine, as long as you get the European version of the game. I got the 360 version last week, and it’s damn awesome.

        • Yeah I kept reading about import keys, which confused things a little. I’ve actually got it on the Wii though, and there’sless comments on the official Rock Band forum about that. Sounds like it will work ok, but I figured if it were only a month or two from release here then I’d just wait. It’s a shame they can’t just tell us one way or another. Thanks for your help.

        • You will have no trouble at all with PS3 DLC if you get the PAL version. Have had it since August and am yet to have a problem.

          The only thing that was a bit tricky was the RB1 export. Just buy a UK PSN card & make a UK account to get the code. Just know that this is against the terms of use so… theres that for you…

      • I got in Rock Band 2 for PS3 from the UK last week. I can confirm that it works a treat, and I’ve downloaded at least half a dozen song packs in that time no problem at all.

        I’m still dying for EA/MTV to officially release RB2 in Aus beacuse that should mean the import key will be put back on PSN so I can play the majority of my RB1 tracks too!

        The game was definitely released in NZ in December, so I can’t believe there’s still not a hint of news on when we’ll get it here. Hell the UK game disc even has our PG rating logo printed on it!

        • The Import Key actually available now, it when up last week and I purchased it.

          Just go into the Rock Band section of the PS Store and it should be there along with Albums, Track Pack, Single Song links…

      • INCORRECT, David.

        Importing WILL cause trouble with DLC. I’m not sure about the 360 but it most certainly does on PS3. I know because I imported and later found I had to buy my DLC from the U.S. store – Australian DLC, AS WELL as exported AC/DC tracks, do NOT work on the US version. (Luckily Sony refunded me to store credit).

        Sorry for caps but I wanted to make sure the other commenter sees this before they go and drop hundreds on an imported game.

        • Yeah, you do need a UK or US PSN account, depending from where you imported the game. It’s easy enough to setup though.

          • Sort of. You have to use very specific credit cards (such as nameless prepaid ones or virtual ones like Entropay) to pay as the US store will not accept Australian credit cards.

            It’s not too much of a hassle but it does add a bit of extra cost and inconvenience.

            I’m guessing you could import it from UK and use the Australian store, but I don’t know that for a fact.


          • FACT – UK Copies work with AU DLC… The UK Disc HAS the AU Classification Logo on it.

            FACT – NZ Copies will work also, again the disc has the AU Classification Logo on it, and further still the game box has the AU Classification logo on it.

            The PS3 is region free, you can buy your games from anywhere, but 99% of the time you are better to still consider that we are living with PAL/NTSC regions. AU is apart of SCEE (Europe), so in most cases we will always get the same games. I did mention 99%, as there are a small minority of games that have a different BLES/BCES Number (on the spine of the game) and in most cases on the PS Store if there are any conflictions with DLC, in the store blurb it will mentioned that the DLC is compatible with BLES/BCES-XXXXX only.

          • With the arrival of the import key in the AU PSN store, UK copies of RB2 are now fully functional/usable with just an AU PSN account.

        • Thanks Adam. Having read conflicting stories in the Rock Band forum, I still wasn’t convinced enough to drop the cash. I appreciate you going to the effort to post.

        • On the PS3, DLC is locked to the region of the game disc, as are exports. Hence, if the first game in a series you got was from the US, you should keep getting all DLC, Track Packs, etc from the US. You can get away with this for Lego RB, though, as the export offers you the option to pick a US or EU version – it just won’t be able to play your stockpile of DLC.

  • Yeah, I took advantage of this to get Guitar Hero 5 + guitar bundle from EB on Boxing Day ($98) and then when I got hooked on the thing, to get the Band Hero bundle (including the new drums, which are said to be a significant improvement on the World Tour drums, they certainly look better) from GAME for $219 and free shipping. This is all for PS3.

    K-Mart had a big clearance sale on Rock Band drum kits too, but when I went down they were all out of PS3 ones (still had some 360 kits though and a lot of copies of Rock Band standalone at clearance price).

  • fuck it, im going to become a politician and waste tax payers money, these guys get to have fun with it i should too.

  • i just find it odd they are discounting them heavily, maybe they realise that the market is dying down since pretty much everyone has a set at home, maybe this is a sign for activision to sharpen up on its mediocre playlists. as for RB2, methinks they’ll say its licence issues for our region, which i cant imagine why it takes so long

  • Damn, now I feel like a fool for spending $99 on the regular edition of DJ Hero. I could’ve used that little table D:.

    Oh well. It’s a fun game and $99 isn’t too bad. Especially considering GAME didn’t have a single renegade edition anywhere in Melbourne when I checked on the 27th.

  • “Speaking of DJ Hero, GAME is still – a month on from our first mention of it – flogging off the Renegade Edition for a crazy $99.”

    Does anyone know if any stores in Adelaide have any stock. I don’t live anywhere near a GAME store but I have friends in Adelaide so I could get one of them to pick one up for me.

  • I got too confused with it all.
    I want 2 guitars for myself and my partner to play. I want to more poppy versions like band hero and lego rock band but from all reports i need the band hero pack to be able to play rock band games, not the rock band pack.
    ahhh it’s too hard.

  • As a side note, I *think* Rock Band 2 has been released in New Zealand. I’ve seen The Warehouse stocking the PS2, PS3 and 360 standalone game.

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