World's Fastest Man Outpaced By Melbourne Youth

That's right, the Olympic Gold Medal winner and sprint record holder Usain Bolt was in Melbourne recently promoting Kinect, and was beaten in a race by Josh Harris, avid Santa Clause believer and connoisseur of chocolate milk. Say what you want about how "accurate" Microsoft's new motion-sensing control system is, but this is just cute.



    Perhaps the system assumed the kid was a full sized adult standing further away, so lengthened his strides accordingly?

    Maybe Bolt let the little kid know to be nice? lol

    Performance enhancing drugs without a doubt. Did they do a wee test?!

    This was just nice to watch.

    BTW, That kid is an Elite Ha><or!

    I wonder if someone will make a human analogue to get perfect scores at kinect ala the lego mindstorms wii bowling machine.

    haha, I was just skimming through the posts here and saw this, I was actually there and can totally see myself in the background. fun times.

    Anyways, this was part of a Puma competition, and yea I think he definitely let the little kid win ;)

    Too bad they didn't let us try out kinect, lousy as.

      I think it's more like the Kinetic tracking code error.

      Kinetic track the kid's hand movement instead, that's when the kid's game chracter run faster.

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