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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Tell us what games you think have aged badly, or what games have aged really well?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway - today's question is...

The games industry moves quickly, and games tend to age poorly as a result. But what games do you think have aged really well? And what games have aged poorly?

Let us know in the comments below.


    Aged really well? Hands down: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast. I popped that sucker back in 2 weeks ago and was again smiling my special Non-sucky-Star-Wars-universe smile! :D

    What is it now? Nearly 10 years old?

    Aged poorly? Any game on MAME32! I mean, I luuuuurve my some arcade beat'em up but how big does hair really have to be??

      Most NES games age pretty well. Some of them are a trip e.g. Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2... young hitler shoots rainbows from his chest to defend himself from enemies... you then climb the rainbows to reach the top of the level... At least that's my interpretation of it :D

      I love Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, especially with the JA+ mod. Halo Custom Edition is good too, heaps of custom maps and a healthy online community.
      Age of Empires 2 is still fun to play, so is Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.(Age of Empires 2 with SW units).

      Games that haven't aged well, Need for Speed Underground 2, looks terrible compared to Most Wanted and isn't as fun. Lego Island 2 is pretty bad compared to more recent Lego games, the controls are so clunky.

    Half Life has aged exceptionally well, especially in the AI department. The soldiers still provide ample challenge.

      On the other hand, the level design of Half Life hasn't aged well at all. Half way through, and I found myself jumping around an intricate maze of pointless conveyor belts, and realized I was playing a 12-year-old First Person Shooter.

    I'm gonna go out and call all the old adventure games. I mean ALL of them.

    Myst, Amazon Trail, Loom, DOTT, Hugo, Secret of Monkey Island, Flight of the Amazon Queen, etc, etc, etc.

    I still play them!

    Another one (though much more recent), is Morrowind. Now flame me all you want due to it being my favourite game, but it just has THE BEST fantasy world I've ever experienced. The graphics may suck, but mods and imagination can fix that!

    I just think due to Game development times being rushed, AAA's not taking risks and "action" being the only genre, today's games will not hold up as well.

      I have to agree. Morrowind has aged very well, even up against Oblivion.
      Oblivion may have had the graphics and, I admit, a greatly improved combat system, but Morrowind has what I think really counts.. total immersion into the world you've been plonked into.

      I disagree about Morrowind's graphics being sucky. I only played morrowind for the first time a couple of years ago and i thought the graphics were amazing considering when it was made. Although not as high res as recent games, the scenery was absolutely captivating.

      Have they fixed it's shithouse engine with any updates or mods? I found it's level and skill system the most amazing in any game I've ever played (gaining experience in armour by getting hit) but it's engine really brought it down.

        Bethesda haven't updated Morrowind at all, but there are around 12 billion user created mods online, many of which really help its graphics. as for other games that have aged well, I'm going to say the old UT and Quake games and also Battlezone 2.

    World of warcraft obviously. Graphics haven't improved drastically, yet has continued to gain subs.

      But thats constantly being updated. It gets plastic surgery done every other month so its a bit hard to say it "aged well".

    GTA III has aged worse than any other game I know. A revolutionary proof of concept when it was released, but it feels so restricted and sparse when you play it now.

    Super Mario 64 still plays so well now, despite featuring totally new control/level/world design for its day.

    I would have to say the rare style platformer on the N64. Going back to classics like conker, jet force gemini and to a lesser extent banjo recently I found them to be clunky and ugly. The nostalgia factor didn't keep me playing for long either. It's a little bit sad because back in the day the were such amazing games!!

      I'm playing both Banjo and Conker on my 360 right now. Loving them.


    WOW! Does that game look terrible these days! IGN gave the game a 9.4 and the graphics a sub-score of 9?! If you've still got it, chuck it in and check out how shitastic the visuals are now haha.

    What is most funny about this, is that RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 came out a year later, got an IGN score of 8.5 and graphics sub-score of 7.5, yet it looks ten times better than Vegas 1 and STILL looks pretty good now?! hahaha.

    Weird, hey...

      Maybe that just means IGNs rating system has aged badly. ;)

    For me, graphics are fleeting, but gameplay lasts forever.
    I think the commander keen games, particularly episodes 4 to 6, have aged remarkably well.
    The smooth jumps, engrossing level design,responsive controls and challenging enemies mean these classic games are still fun.

    As per the picture, played Goldeneye when the flat we were staying at in Paris earlier this year had it hooked up to the TV... the whole family got into it, it still plays beautifully.

    The real winner would have to be Tetris; the gameplay, music, and visuals all still are as appealing today as they were back then :)

    Poorly-aged games? Early-32-bit 3D games; Tomb Raider for instance looks utterly atrocious.

      I'd have to disagree. I'd say FPS's age quicker than any other game. (eg Halo) RPGS or fighting games last forever (eg all the DS ports of FF and Crono trigger, SSFTHDR)

        Agreed. Where FPS games always fail is the story. A lot here vote for Morrowind, KotOR, can I also add to the mix the Complete Ultima VII. Thanks to Exult, I keep going back to that game.

        Would love to see a modern Planescape Torment, the 'Baldurs Gate' engine is so dated, yet the game is still right up there.

        Go play Goldeneye right now and tell me that it isn't still awesometastic!! :D

    It pains me to say it, but Shenmue hasn't aged well. I tried to replay it recently but wanted to throw the controller. It nows seems very slow and clunky. :-(

    Games that have aged well are Knights of the Old Republic, and Morrowind. Also, the Metal Gear Solid games. I could pick these up again tomorrow and it would be just like putting on my favourite t-shirt...more comfortable with age.

      Definitely agree with you on Metal Gear Solid. I'd agree with the others, but, well, I haven't played them.

    I bought NBA 2K11 the day it came out. I have been playing basketball games forever and I still play the old ones from time to time and they never age for me.

    I suppose sports games are one of those games that are generally not the same game every game. Theres no one style wins all scenario. I think that is what gives them their longevity.

    Example of Good
    Abe's Oddysee/Exoddus via PSN and playing that on either the PSP or regular TV, you could still get away with those visuals in a game today.

    Sure, today you could have then polished up more, but everything in the game is still clearly defined.

    Also, the obligatory ICO/SOTC look great still... Same with the PS2 GTA games.

    Example of Bad
    The original Destruction Derby... it's a very old game, but it really looks terribad!

    I would also say Defender of the Crown on my C64 emulator. I still play that quite often. I just love the game and the music. Even the "loaders" had really cool music.

    For me, System Shock 2 would be up there. And Deus Ex. Is my preference got genre showing enough?

    The thing I found most engaging and lasting for each was the way the game enticed you to try different strategies, and still felt challenging and rewarding. Sure the visuals haven't aged well for either title, but story, gameplay, concept are all still top notch.

    Dragons Breath on Atari ST (or Amiga). I still play this game today and for a TBS it still holds pretty strong against todays. It doesn't have the gloss of newer one (which I prefer) but the fundamentals and deepth are still there. Really good for hotseat play with mates too.

    I'm a huge fan of the Crusader No Remorse / Regret games.

    Sure the live action cutscenes are even more cheesy these days. But the gameplay is still awesome. I feel that it'd suit today's climate of fun/arcade action games...even an XBLA/PSN game.

    sigh...1 day...

      OMG! Crusader! I forgot those games even existed.
      They were some really fun games!

    Counter-Strike will always have a special place in my heart <3 The game will always be fresh as long as people continue to make new mods and maps for it. Giving players the ability to create their own mini-games within a game is what keeps it alive for so long.

    Both the original Fallout games and Planescape Torment have aged really well. Not in terms of graphics obviously, but in terms of writing, world-building and immersiveness.

    I just don't get the same feeling playing modern RPGs as I got back when I first played those games.

    Also, Jagged Alliance 2 has aged really well. Got it from GoG the other week and played it for the first time ever. I must have sunk around 35-40 hours into it already.

      +1 for anything Fallout. I still haven't finished, despite a good solid 5+ attempts at it. Still break it out when I stumble across it's clunky 3cd case (with that empty 4th slot... where was that expansion...)

        ...TACTICS, I still haven't finished Fallout Tactics. Kind of forgot to mention the game I was talking about :P

    Games I always go back and play every so often:

    Super Mario world
    Super Metroid
    Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest
    Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    Streets of Rage 2
    Chrono trigger
    Resident Evil 2
    Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition
    Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9.
    Out Run 2006: Coast to Coast
    Super Mario 64
    Mischief Makers
    Onimusha 2
    Castlvania Symphony of the Night
    SW KotOR 1&2

    I'm sure theres more I'm forgetting here.

    All games in the Civilization series have aged well, although it is just personal preference that I don't like the first one as much anymore.
    Master of Magic has also aged really well.

    Obvious choice for games that don't age well are most movie based titles. They hold a brief appeal to fans of the movie, but then you quickly realise how bad the games are. These games age within weeks or months.

    Fallout 1+2 have ages FANTASTICALLY to me.
    Also crash bandicoot on psx and super mart kart on snes.
    Crono trigger and secret of mana have both aged fantastically too.
    Also halflife - i still love that game to bits.

    Ones that haven't though? hmmm..

    The original mech warrior, possibly #2 as well. The original warcraft (#2 is still pretty good by todays standards), same with Age of Empires.

    Probably a bunch more that i can't think of right now..

    Shadow of the Colossus, has aged poorly when it comes to Agro. Hes like a shopping trolly tied to another shopping trolly. (Rest of the game is still awesome)

    Tetris I feel is an excellent example of a game thats aged well.

    Has to be the Light Gun games.

    Time Crisis, Point Blank, Virtua Cop, House of the Dead.

    I still break out the Dreamcast,PSX and PS2 to play the light gun games. I have approx 20 light guns.

    Its great to see the light gun games coming back via the Wii and PS3.

    Warcraft 3, Jedi Academy and Return to Castle Wolfenstein have all aged phenomenally well. I remember the latter two on their hardest difficulty just so I could be done with them, but I still feel compelled to play them again after at beating both of them at least three times.

    I think that games that rely on story tend to age better because you can forgive the graphics a bit more, than say a FPS. However if it is a linear game you might not want to play it again because you already know what happens.

    I know that I was really excited for the psp port of the original FF tactics. It aged very well and played fine on the psp. but it wasn't as difficult as when i first played it and i knew all the twists in the story.

    It was easy to recommend to a friend thou because it was still a quality game. I guess anything that gets a modern port means someone thinks it aged well.

    I still haven't played KOTOR 1 or 2 but will do it one day because the story doesn't age.

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