Vanquish Feels The Need For Speed

As you may have seen earlier, we're running a Vanquish competition that involves sped up footage or recording yourself at high speed.

To give you guys some inspiration SEGA has sent us over a Vanquish vid that shows just how the game can be played at fast speeds.

Check it out folks.


    Looks funner-er than I was expecting. It was barely on my radar before, but the more I see the more I like.

    On an unrelated note, is this a new Kotaku-uploaded video solution? You don't make it easy to download from (took me a little while to work out), and I have an awesome habit of downloading anything I find the slightest bit interesting. Just sayin'. :P

    Slowing down time in a 'speed run' kind of defeats the point doesn't it?

    C'mon gamedevs, is it really that hard to make the 'cover' look like part of the environment rather than something that was just glued into place that screams 'this is a piece of cover, crouch here!'

    Really hope to win a copy of this - it does look pretty good - unfortunately i sucked at the demo, where as this guy seems to do much better lol

    It must be fast, just look at all that bullet time

    Seriously, this looks awesome. Now to think of the most stupid thing i can do on camera

    Got this on order. I can't wait.

    Haven't been this excited about a game since Lost Planet 2 and still love that one.

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