Oh Hell Yeah Vanquish Is Getting Remastered (And Bayonetta Too)

Oh Hell Yeah Vanquish Is Getting Remastered (And Bayonetta Too)

Sega will next year be remastering two of PlatinumGames’ best releases—Bayonetta and Vanquish—and bringing them to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Bayonetta, cool, we all know Bayonetta, but fuck yeah Vanquish is back! The cult classic shooter kinda split opinions at release in 2010, but as its 2017 release on PC showed it’s slippy-slidey gunplay, unrelenting pace and over-the-top action sequences are as good now as they were back in the day.

The games are being bundled and sold together in the same box, and will be released on February 18 2020.


  • Meh. Look I had fond memories of Vanquish but then I bought the PC version. It’s fine but the story kinda sucks and everything is pretty forgettable and drab.

    Combat system is great of course. Totally great but add to that some framerate issues that make later levels incredibly difficult and i’m not keen for a remaster personally.

    It needs a sequel imo.

  • I’m completely down for both. Wonder if Ninty will negotiate the rights on Bayonetta 2 so that could be remastered and released for more powerful platforms too?

    One can dream.

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