17 Year Old Aussie Attempts To Break FIFA World Record!

Michael Pluterflam is your normal 17-year old kid, he's just finished his HSC exams, and now he's attempting to smash the world record for time spent playing FIFA non-stop! The current record is 24 hours and next Wednesday, starting at 12pm midday, Michael intends to beat that record in an effort to raise money for the Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camps, which supports disabled children, and Football United, a football charity that works with underprivileged kids.

Gamers can actually head over to Westfield at Bondi Junction on level 6 and challenge Michael in exchange for a cash donation to charity. He intends to play FIFA 11 for a ridiculous 29 hours straight, so we think he deserves some of your money! We'll be heading over for a quick game at some point, and wish him all the best with his record attempt. This is an awesome idea and we hope it bring much needed dollars and attention to both of these worthy causes.

What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent playing a game? I remember playing Mass Effect 2 for roughly nine hours straight - but I can't imagine going any longer than that, let alone 29 hours. Then again, I've never had a crippling WoW addiction...


    I think I played FF8 back in the day for around 9-10 hours straight. Not sure I did anything longer than that... I too never got into WoW.

    Once participated in a 24-hour perfect dark multiplayer showdown, but there were five or six of us, so while the machine didn't stop, individuals did.

    Two Ive been involved with that sticks out. Halo Co-op legendary, took us about 10 hours.

    And a group of us at uni finished Ocarina of Time in one sitting, taking shifts. About 20 hours, I think it was.

    A few years back I used to play the MMO MapleStory. I remember I spent probably 16 hours straight (6AM ~ 12mid) playing it.. and more than once. I was definitely addicted to it.

    In terms of normal games.. Final Fantasy X. Spent a good 10 hours playing that when I first got it years ago.

    While I was waiting for my VCE results at the end of last year (couldn't sleep) I finished off Assassin's Creed 2, I think I played it for about 8 or 9 hours until 4am. That was a long day -_-

    Headline: Teenager dies of exhaustion from playing game.

    I wish him good luck, though.

      more like bladder rupture or something. Does non-stop include no stopping for toilet breaks? or are there certain acceptions?

    Original Civilization for 10hours~ish. It was insane what that game could do to you. I pulled similar marathons on Railroad Tycoon 1 and Transport Tycoon.

    God I hate these stunts, if you truly wanted to help people, go out there and volunteer for 29hrs at one of the camps.

      Don't be so negative! The kid is 17 years old and has found a way to do what he loves to raise money for charity. Props to the kid, I wish there was more people like him out there.

    When I first got the original Civilization, days after getting my first computer, it was school holidays and due to the novelty my parents let me keep playing pretty much until I fell asleep. I probably played it for about 15 or 16 hours straight (with short toilet and food breaks).

    I've probably done similar sessions on a couple of RPGs from time to time.

    24 hours awake isn't difficult though (I've done THAT). Pretty silly there's an official record for 24 hours of FIFA. 24 hours of Guitar Hero/Rock Band might be more interesting, at least there's a physical challenge there. 24 hours of FIFA is no different than 24 hours sitting in front of a TV... what's next, 24 hours of Pokemon? 24 hours of Final Fantasy XIII?

    I used to play wow from bout 12pm-2am on weekends lol. Haven't played fifa since 99. Good ol' ps1. I don't get how people die from playing that long I have to eat and drink lol.

    i could so match him in that; as long as i had ample food and water. :D

    Eleven hours 40 odd minutes on Mass Effect One.

    When I saw the save time I turned it off and went looking for sunlight.

    I feel either very lame or somewhat happy that I haven't played as long periods consecutively as you guys; my longest gaming session was about 4 hours, Uncharted 2 was just so engrossing. It's only when I got hungry that I realised it was 1:30 in the morning.

    It's hard to believe that 24 hours is the record. I'd wager that quite a few gamers have played thier favourite game of the time many many hours at some point in thier lives near enough to a whole day...

    What about all of those World of Warcraft addicts out there playing for ages at a time?

    He'll fall asleep in the 23rd hour. Epic fail.

    Wasn't there a kid in Korea who died after 56 hours of straight starcraft or wow or something?

    I think I can put a got 8 hours into a game on the weekend if all the planets allign and there isn't anything to do around the house but that would be over the space of the whole day. I rarely find myself playing for more than a a couple hours without taking a decent break.

    This reminds me of a podcast that I listen to, Sarcastic Gamer, do an annual money raising event called Extra Life. You game for 24 hours and help raise money for your local childrens hospital. I think it is in their 3rd year now and it has really taken off.

    Just looking at this chart you can see how much money they raised:

    I noticed that there was a small Australian representative of 45 gamers that raised 7.5k for a Sydney Hospital.

    I think Kotaku Australia should jump on board next year!

    Anyway, kudos to Michael. Good effort to raise some money.

    24 hours isn't that long for a record. I'm surprised its that low for a game as popular as FIFA.

    Original Civilization for 14 hrs. I didn't recall eating or drinking the entire time I was lost in it.

    I reckon the record is only 24 hours because that's the longest the game has run without freezing or crashing :p

    What about food and bathroom breaks? What's the ruling on that

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