An Open Letter: 3D Gaming

An Open Letter: 3D Gaming

An Open Letter is a new feature where we communicate directly, straight to the heart of someone/something/anything in gaming. This month we speak to 3D Gaming.

Dear 3D Gaming,

Don’t you just hate it when you arrive at a party too early? You’re the only guy there, the place is empty. You pretend to fiddle around with your phone, shuffle your feet, look around desperately for someone familiar. 3D Gaming, that party is your party – the 3D Gaming party.

No-one’s there yet – they’re elsewhere. They might be crashing the motion control party, the mobile phone party – they’ve almost certainly just arrived at the high definition party. As far as these socialites are concerned the 3D gig hasn’t even started yet – and they plan on being fashionably late.

The problem isn’t necessarily the entrance fee (which is a little expensive), it isn’t even the guest list (which is a little sparse), the problem is timing. It’s too close to the HD shindig, and to be honest, we’re all a little partied out.

And what’s with the dress code man – why do we have to wear those goofy glasses? No-one wants to wear goofy glasses. Especially when they cost over 100 bucks. Goofy we can just about take – goofy and expensive? We probably won’t even bother to RSVP…

You should take a leaf out of Nintendo’s book. Their 3D party will be a blast. No stupid dress code, no stupid glasses – they’ve got the right location, perfect timing. And take a look at that celebrity laden guest list! Solid Snake, Mario, Link, that dude from Resident Evil… what his name again? Yeah the muscley one! That party is going to be the event of the year.

Look mate, I don’t mean to be a jerk – maybe if you lose the glasses I’ll come along. Otherwise I’m just going to hang out at this HD gig.

See you around,

Mark Serrels


    • Same here,I’m only using anaglyph glasses with Nvidia 3dVision, works with almost every game out there, except Jedi Knight 2 and 3. Mind you, 3D does seem a bit early, It probably won’t take off for another 8-10 years if you listen to James Cameron.

      Imagine that, showing up for a party only to find out the party doesn’t start for another decade :C

  • ‘Goofy we can just about take – goofy and expensive? We probably won’t even bother to RSVP…’

    Yup. The cost is far too prohibitive for the benefits of 3D gaming. Especially when I already wear prescription glasses, those 3D glasses are just cumbersome.

  • Haha, very spot on! I think there’s a real buzz around the 3DS, I certainly am quite hyped about it. Nothing seems to be really happening for 3D on the PS3, which is very much a reality right now, but it’s pretty quiet on their front. At my local Westfield’s there was a show floor demo for the PS3’s 3D games but every time I walked by there were just a handful of people checking out the games; there weren’t any crowds like when Nintendo comes around with their connection tours.

  • what i find most amusing, is that the only people mocking 3D in general are those who cannot afford it. It is far from a gimmick. It is awesome! And I am only speaking from the experience of the crappy 3D games that are available at the moment. Can’t wait till KZ2 & GT5. They are going to blow everyone away.
    What is a gimmick is motion controlled gaming. Standing in your gaming room with stupid controllers in each hand waving them around looking like a complete moron! Then we have kinect coming out. yeah, tell me you won’t look like a total dick trying to play games with nothing but camera slowly capturing your stupidity to control the game.
    you guys are at the party with all the loser kids drinking cordial and eating home made tuna sandwiches listening to cher on your grandma’s AM only radio.
    we are at the party down the road that has music pumping from a $10000 sound system shaking your nanna’s radio off the shelf. we are drinking 25yo scotch and beer from a keg that is tapped into the built in bar. oh yeah. not to mention our party isn’t just a damn sausage fest. the chicks laughed at your party and came to ours.
    enjoy your tuna and cordial.

    • This is a pretty solid red herring argument.

      Just because I think your overexpensive eye straining dorkgoggles are a gimmick doesn’t mean I’m some kind of arm waving motion gamer fairy.

    • what are you talking about the chicks rocked up to your party went look at all these nerds with glasses on and went to the the nana’s for some moonshine

      oh BTW im pretty sure they’ve said 3D + alcho = no go

    • LOL
      i’m sure i made you all smile though 😉
      yeah, i may just drop in on nanna and have a swig of her bathtub moonshine. But, I will not I repeat NOT be using her ridiculous motion controllers!!

      • I agree with your points on 3D gaming, it is indeed awesome and give it a few more years (in which time they might actually release GT5) and a lot of people will be on the bandwagon. Except my girlfriend… she seems to oppose all technology invented after the Nokia 3310. She insists on buying the DVD when the Bluray costs exactly the same…

        I digress! Motion controllers aren’t always a gimmick. The Wii proved that you can base an entire console on it and I think the Kinect and Move are both going to succeed with some great titles over time. Perhaps none of the titles appeal to you yet, but I’m sure you will find one that will. Eventually. 🙂

  • 3D strikes me as one of those technologies used to entrance rubes that know nothing about technology. Avatar was awful.

      • It was actually pretty lacklustre in my opinion. All it did was make the scenery and the vehicles look like flat cardboard cut-outs like a diorama. This is why I’m really excited about Paper Mario on 3DS – flat cardboard cut-outs are exactly what the graphics are supposed to look like.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees current 3D films like that.
          Any you know what would be awesome? Super Paper Mario 3D. Everything stays 2D until you flip into 3D and things start popping out of the screen. Awesome.

    • I saw Avatar in 2D at imax, thought it was a pretty good generic adventure flick.
      Cool monster designs and such good performances.
      Just generic.

  • Dear 3D gaming,

    Please go away, your butt-ugly cousin 3D movies is currently shitting up the cinema, so please go away because nobody wants you. You’re the baby anti-christ and you need to be aborted ASAP.


  • Have ANY of you got 3D TV’s? I have And it’s actually pretty good. As with everything there are some devs that get how to use it to further their game, and others that just chuck it in there. The Games that use it well I have been very impressed with. Motorstorm 3D is rad, Super Stardust HD is rad, Even the 3D Ridge Racer update makes that shit game a little more awesome… well a little less shite.

    I agree with Brad, most of the negative Nancies are poor people who can’t afford the awesome that is 3D, now leave me alone while I eat my Abalone and truffle gelato and drink my Clos du Mesnil.

    • I don’t know why everyone complains about price. The current range of 3D TVs are cheaper than last years model and the plus side is they are exceptional 2D TVs.

      I got a 63″ 3D with 7 glasses (which can be worn over my prescription glasses) and waiting on the free bluray player + another 2 glasses via redemption – all for $3500 aus.

  • I have a Sony 3d Tv and all the 3D games and its awesome, movies are awesome, its just great and if wearing glasses makes you look like an idiot then everyone who wears glasses looks like an idiot too. if you cant afford it then thats fine but don’t hate just for the sake of it. WITHOUT EARLY ADOPTERS YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ANY TECH!

  • Dear 3D gaming. I haven’t actually tried you out yet, to be honest. The price is still a bit too prohibitive, and I honestly don’t see how you could make my favourite sorts of games better. That said:

    I do not want to wear another pair of glasses to play a video game. Wearing glasses is enough of a pain. I really don’t need two.


  • I hate the word gimmick. I wonder if when colour TV first came out people were calling it a gimmick? I wonder when real virtual reality (plug into your brain type stuff) comes out people will call it a gimmick?

    I may not have a 3D TV and probably wont for a long time but I’m exited 3D is becoming more the norm and 3D gaming is being thought about. It’s the first step towards virtual reality.

    We have to take baby steps people, we wont learn to walk for a few decades yet and it will be even longer if we don’t even try to learn to crawl.

  • So, I don’t have a shit-ton of money like the Abalone/truffle eating peps above me, but i do have enough for a 3D tv, looking to buy one around the end of the year.

    I’m in two minds about the 3D thing. On the one hand it might be kinda nice to play black ops in 3D, but I can’t really say, havn’t tried it.

    On the other I could sink the cash I would spend on a 3D tv into getting a HD with bigger screen, and maybe some sweet speakers to boot.

    I’m a little late to the HD party; and I am wondering if I should just meet everyone else at the 3D party before it gets too crowded,
    catch the highlights of the HD shindig now, with all the cheap beer and drunken women before making up my mind about carrying on and go home, or makeing my way over to the 3D house warming.

    What do you reckon Kotakuities?

  • 3D gaming is going to be huge! And thoroughly enjoyable for all of us! Sky launched the world’s first 3D TV channel in the UK on the 1st Oct and it’s insanely good. 3D TV (sport, concerts, shows) and 3D gaming are going to get better and better as producers hone their skills and Sky’s move has injected urgency into the set manufacturers so they are all going to be pumping out sets meaning a price war and affordable prices. It’s going to be great.

  • “You should take a leaf out of Nintendo’s book.”

    Oh god not this. What, you really really think 2mm between two pieces of perspex is going to provide the necessary 3D effects that you would get by sitting 5m away from the TV?

    There’s a place for both of the tech, but I’ll stick to my “goofy glasses” for some screen popping action.

  • Okay, I’m going to break the trend here. C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO-BREAKER! I’m the early adopter with the 3D TV here to tell you I’m dissappointed in the tech. Yes, games are pretty cool after you get used to the first 10 minutes of eye strain and mild headaches. But there’s not enough industry support, which means it’s a poor choice to consider in the short term. As for the long term, when they release the TV’s that DON’T require glasses (yes, they exist) – how much of a chump am I going to be? Hell, the ‘old’ archaic glasses models may not even be made the same way as the glasses-free TVs, and they’ll go the way of the Laser Disc. PS, for all of you who are joking referencing Avatar, you might be interested to know that while Avatar on DVD and Bluray have been out for quite some time, we are yet to see an Avatar 3D release. Pwned, right?

    For justifications sake, the reason I’ve got a 3D TV is because my old LG Plasma died on me, and I was in the market for the baddest model out. Then, I see this 63″ Samsung… 63 INCH! It’s mad epic.

  • I recently bought a 3d Projector and some Nvidia 3d Vision Glasses. Seriously awesome. The main problem at the moment is that most games don’t render crosshairs or pointers at the right depth. From my experience, 3d works really well on a projector and not so much on a monitor. The projector doesn’t lose the brightness that monitor does. Also, because you sit further back when viewing a projector, you can crank up your depth to full and experience little to know ghosting.

    Don’t knock it till you try it.

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