Sony's Doing Glasses-Free 3D Too

There's no glasses free 3D PSP coming yet, but Sony just showed that they will be making camcorders and cameras that show 3D images without the need for glasses.

Sony's not shunning glasses-free 3D, which Nintendo is bringing to us for gaming this winter.

The 3D camcorder, a $US1500 handycam shown here will shoot in 3D and show 3D without the need for glasses on its digital viewfinder. So too will the company''s new 3D Blggie cameras.

Sony has not yet committed to bringing 3D, glasses free or otherwise to its PlayStation Portable line, though Nintendo is doing glasses-free 3D on its 3DS, which comes out in the US in March. Sony, of course, has been pushing glasses-based 3D for gaming on the PlayStation 3 for much of the past year.


    It looks like a sandworm.

    That thing looks horrible. Couldn't they have at least fashioned it in a way that it just looks like it has one lens? I'd hate to wake up to that thing looking at me.

      Oh comon it's a camera, not everything has to be a sleek and shiny iPad.

    It looks like Johnny 5
    0 H 0
    # #

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