Gameservers Respond to Black Ops Lag Issues

Players in Australia have been reporting some early issues with Black Ops online multiplayer in the PC space, with pings rarely going underneath 200 - and that's to local servers.

But in a response to concerns from Gamers-Underground, claimed that "Treyarch is aware" of the situation, and are looking to find a resolution "soon".

According to Gameservers service representative Beau Young, the issue is due to "routing issues".

More info as we get it. respond to Black Ops lag complaints [gamers-underground]

Thanks to Jamie for the tip!


    I had these issues last night too. They seemed to be fixed around midnight, my pings went down from 300 average to 80 average.

    I knew it had to be a routing issue, looks like all traffic to Australian hosts was going through the US...

    Well they responded. I guess that's more than Infinity Ward would have done.

    Problems with multiplayer lag. In the PC version of the game. In Australia. Yeah, I'm sure they'll get right on that.

    My ping has been consistently at around about 40-60 ms, but I have terrible lock ups and many, many connection interrupts. Very annoying.

    Not just multiplayer, my goodness! Read the Steam Forum whose link I sent to [email protected] more than 24 hours ago. Just over a day after the thread was made it now has 870 posts and 220,000 views, absolutely full of people who are experiencing unplayable stutter and lag both in multiplayer and in single player. These are not vintage systems we're talking about; these are systems that can run every CoD before this one, can run Crysis at a good clip.

    Here's the thread.

    Meanwhile, XBL had something like 1 million players last night... Don't these people have to work today?

      Don't be silly, 360 gamers don't have to work. I dunno how they got out of school, though...

      I have a friend who took a week off. He says its NOT because of this and its just a coincidence.
      sure buddy...
      PS. if your reading this you know who you are :)

        He can't respond dude. He's playing call of duty: Black Ops online.

    Same issue in Canada too, very laggy unfortunately,hopefully Treyarch is going to address it in a professional manner.

    I guess this adds support for COD on XBL. The local search preferences has been working quite well for me.

    Ive had no issues. Theres HEAPS of servers for australia, all under 20 ping. Not only that the multiplayer is like 10x better than MW2 and in my opinion, better than cod 4. I LOVE IT.

      I'm not that fussed with Multiplayer (too many whingers nowadays and cheaters), I mainly wanted to give the single player a whirl, but I cant even install the thing! Oh wells, your one of the lucky ones I guess!?

    Good Lord... what a botched launch :(

    I just wanna play cause it's so much damn better than MW2

    Well the steam fourm is now at 60 pages of people complaining with consistent lag problems. I am getting good PING rates 20-60 but the game still lags and freezes up in both multiplayer and single player. Spec well over the minium required even tried turning everything down and playing in 800X 600 still lags. Seems lots of people are having the same issue.

    O well, at least we don't have to wait for local servers like LASTTIMEINFINITYWARD!!!
    But no seriously! MW2 has been my favrit game so far

    well yeah I was having these problems last night but it all seems to be.... decent now, still random little spikes where it freezes and then catches up but they're much rarer. Ping seems to have normalised for me as well.

    I've had issues on Xbox with lag so far. I'm using the locale setting and it shows 4 green bars (sometimes 3) but when I watch kill cams back. It looks like its around ~300ms which is pretty bad when everyone is running and gunning with silenced smgs :) Can't wait til it all settles down and people start investing time into they're favourite weapons that aren't spammers.

    I've been holding off buying this until I know for sure it works in Australia for consoles, made a massive mistake buying MW2 on day 1 -__-

    some dude last night said the way to fix lag is to verify your cache (or somesuch) via Steam. Anyone know what he means and how to do it? email me if u do!

      Well I have no way to magically email you but I'll reply to you here and assume you get it.

      It's pretty simple, right click the game in your steam library, go down to properties, go to the 'Local Files' tab and then hit 'verify integrity of game cache'.

      I doubt this will help you, but go nuts.

    PS3 version seems to be lagging a lot to me also...

    I have a Q6600 at 3.4ghz and a hd5870. I can play the single player no problem. Just passed it on veteran. (theres a bit in Vietnam that was insane.) Went to try multi player and it was a joke. Was quite excited for a cod with dedicated servers after the mess that was mw2 multi player. I connected and found it un playable. Massive lag spikes where I would accelerate or slow down then get shot. I understand it has just been released and may need a patch but has it been tested at all? Honestly don't buy it for multiplayer untill it gets fixed, If you do like me your waisting your money.


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