LunchTimeWaster: A Wing And A Prayer

After Years in a Dark Tunnel is about the preservation of hope in a dire situation. It has a prayer button. Most likely your prayers will not be answered, but it may give you hope. It also has a suicide button, for when all hope is lost.

It's the first game by Cosmic Maher, and it's a strange experience. After crashing on a desolate planet you go in search of your crew, but most of them are corpses. Eventually their corpses will appear to you as ghosts.

It's one of the darkest and most engaging flash games I've ever played. Just lay off that 'Q' button. Stay strong people! Life is worth living!

After Years In A Dark Tunnel [Newgrounds]



    Is it just me or is there no link?

    hey captain, great game..but can you throw a link up?

    I got pretty lost, so after a while I decided to press Q to see what would happen. Then Internet Explorer crashed. Hehe, oh well.

      Take that as a sign to move away from IE and download Firefox or Chrome.

    I'm ridiculously stuck, and don't really feel like spending three hours trying to track down the last few items - fun game, interesting concepts but vrey easy to get lost in.

      I agree with this analysis. Not perfect, but I'd love to see some of these mechanics in, say, a Dead Space style game.

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