LunchTimeWaster: Pretty Colours!

Nuclearoids isn't a potent Pokemon-style evolution of piles, or an Olympic-banned substance - and it isn't a rubbish reinterpretation of Asteroids either. It's what can only be described as a strategic 'explodey' flash game, minus the strategy. I mostly like it because of the pretty colours.

Don't you judge me.

The screenshot above doesn't really do it justice. In Nuclearoids you create explosions which result in chain reactions that look really pretty. There are discrete goals involved, but whether or not you achieve these goals is mostly down to chance. For some strange reason this doesn't stop the game being rewarding or fun.

I enjoyed it, at least.

Nuclearoids [Newgrounds]


    Definitely more luck than strategy alot of the time, but it sure looks pretty.

    That filled my belly. Very tasty.

    Back to the lab now.

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