New SSX Domains Registered - New Game On The Way?

SSX was once a flagship franchise, so it's strange that we haven't seen anything in the way of a sequel since 2007's SSX Blur - but that could all be about to change with the news that a handful of new SSX domains have been purchased recently.

MTV's Multiplayer blog wasfirst to spot the news, via this twitter post, but as much as we want to head the nearest rooftop and scream hallelujah, we're tempering our enthusiasm - at least until we hear something more concrete.

If there is an SSX game in development, it's likely we won't see anything until late next year at the earliest, and we suspect the wait might be a little longer than that.

Still, it's great to hear that one of the all-time great extreme sports franchises may be in line for a long overdue reboot.

More news as we get it.


    SSX was one of the reasons I bought a PS2, so fingers crossed they can breathe a bit of life back into it.

    I got way deep into SSX Tricky. I remember a behind-the-scenes doco included on the disc interviewing the voice actors - all Z-grade talent (Oliver Platt, Billy Zane, that circus dude who shoves nails up his ass etc.)

    The most hilarious aspect was the actors trying to convince everyone of layers of personality within the soulless avatars they are voicing.

    "No, he's like a Zen-master who only feels alive when he's on a board and doesn't connect with other kindred spirits on this plane of existence..."

    Then you play it, and the character just yells BOOYAAAAHHH!!! on repeat.

    On topic, eff SSX.

    If it'll be just as good as SSX3 I'll be hooked. :)

    I hoe so - the SSX games are great fun!

    Yeah, wrap all of the goods things up from the first 3 games and you have yourself a deal.

    SSX was the best launch game on the PS2, Tricky was good, but I lost so many hours on SSX3.

    I didn't really like any of the games other than Tricky, which I loved. They ruined Psymon in the later versions :P

      While I haven't played much past SSX3, I have to say that I preferred SSX3 Psymon to Tricky Psymon. I enjoyed the slightly more subtle insanity over Tricky's seemingly forced in-your-face insanity. And Psymon in a strait-jacket pulling off no-handed Ubers is god tier.

    I loved tricky on the xbox.. got an ssx game on the wii, but it's just not as fun as tricky.. hopefully they'll take it back to the good ol days ;)

    Best news of the day, better than knowing COD Black ops is out!

    Like everyone above, I enjoyed every single SSX games with Tricky, SSX3 & Blur being my favorites ...
    (I'm am the only one to think that Blur is one of the best game on Wii?)

    It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
    It's's Tricky, Tricky, Tricky, Tricky!!!
    that song is forever paired with good time memories of performing ridiculously absurd flips and rails... sigh. please make an SSX Tricky 2... for that songs sake.

    Hell yeah. Played the shit out of SSX and fondly recall the hours spent trying to get a perfect run through courses where I hit every single shortcut possible. Will pre-order this once its confirmed.

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