Reader Reviews: Undead Nightmare

Reader Reviews: Undead Nightmare

Reader Reviews: Undead NightmareJenn Christodoulou, always does good reader reviews. She also has a surname that I always have to copy and paste. But most importantly she has written another reader review – this time on Rockstar’s recent DLC, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Zombies are scary. They’re pretty much my number one fear in the whole wide world. And so normally, you’d think I’d stay away from anything zombie related…normally. Instead I surround myself with zombie paraphernalia and try to rationalise my obsession by telling myself I’m overcoming my fears, but that’s a lie. After countless hours of being terrified, I haven’t come any closer to conquering my fear. In fact, I think I’ve just made it a whole lot worse. And Undead Nightmare hasn’t helped.

So what is it actually about? Well, the beautiful old West is tainted, hit with a plague we know nothing about. There’s no explanation why, or how we get rid of it, all we know is that there are zombies everywhere, and in true old fashioned cowboy style we’re gonna go pump them full of bullets.

Loved Online Play: Online play consists of a group of unfortunates fighting off wave after wave of zombies. There are more undead than people to fight them off so it only ends with your demise.

There’s nothing like hordes of undead to spark the ‘fight or flight’ reflex… and my pixel legs have never run faster. But at least your fear is not alone, as most the people I played with were just as scared as me.

Events: Just like the original game, Undead Nightmare boasts a tirade of random events throughout play. Watching a man shoot his zombie best friend and then himself, or saving a woman from her zombie husband (only to be yelled at for it later) gives the game an element of humour amongst all the horror, and creates a sense of twisted realism amongst the ridiculousness of it all.

Hated Easy mode: I like a challenge, even a scary challenge that’s going to give me nightmares, however I didn’t really find that with UN. Even though everybody is dead, I still found weapons and bullets in abundance, and I was not careful with my bullets. I shot everything. And still I never ran out.

Random spawning: Zombies sometimes seemed to spawn out of nowhere, which not only scared ten years off my lifespan, but also kind of annoyed me. Getting off my steed for any reason, always seemed like a dumb idea to me, but there are some points where you have no choice. After a lengthy surveillance session to ensure the coast was clear, I’d hop down to pick my flowers and there they were, creeping up on me, trying to gnaw my ears straight off my face.

Zombies scare the hell out of me, and yet I keep finding myself coming back to Undead Nightmare over and over again. Admittedly I only play it for short bursts at a time, but those brief hours (or minutes) are always enjoyable in a cripplingly scary sort of way. Normal people probably won’t be nearly as freaked out, but they’ll definitely still be entertained by this interesting add-on to an already awesome game.

Reviewed by: Jenn Christodoulou

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  • Undead Overrun is intense. Reloading a double barrel shotgun just in time to headshot the speedy zombies is zuper.

  • It it worth the $$ Jenn? :s

    And more importantly, did you find it ruined your perception of a previously kick ass game? I’m still weighing up whether or not to get this, I haven’t played Red Dead for ages, but it had such a believable world/atmosphere… I don’t know if adding zombies is such a great idea.

    • Yes, definitely worth the money. HOWEVER, I bought my copy online, and it only cost me $20AUS. Today I saw it in EB for $50AUS. Whilst I think this dlc is amazing, I don’t think I would have paid 50 bucks for it

    • Justin – its totally worth paying the $$$ for.

      I was suffering gaming depression after finishing Red Dead, so the wife convinced me to get Undead Nightmare.

      And I’m not disappointed – the way the whole zombie thing is interwoven in doesn’t really detract from the believability of it all.

  • I am not in a situation where I get to play new release games (8 month old baby, wife not working full time – life and other priorities in other words!)
    Red Dead Redemption has been one game that keeps popping it’s head up and saying “buy me in the next sale”.
    The fact that it has Zombie DLC has nearly tipped me over the edge… In fact when I do see it cheap/on sale in #mylocalamestore I will probably be sorely tempted to buy it – and if I happen to be in that store on pay day… well 2 minute noddles ain’t that bad? right??

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