Remember This?

Can you guess this classic game from just a single screenshot? Let me know in the comments below, and if someone manages to get it super quickly, feel free to reminisce on this awesome title.


    Police Quest : In pursuit of the Death Angel

      Sierra classics for the win!

      "Sonny if you don't stop wearing that cologne, I'm going to jump you."


    I finally know one. And WHAT A GAME.

    I love that you can fire your weapon without drawing it. Hilarious text.

        Dude, I LOVE Police Squad!

        Sergeant Detective Lieutenant Frank Drebin reporting.

          Oh yeah. Oops. I see what you did. I made me a little mistake.

          Equally excited about both franchises though... :)

    Wow, long time no see. I learned to read and write on this game.

    Definitely police quest. Although, it looked worse on my CGA monitor at the time. Its in the breifing room.

    Oh Police Quest!!! Man, I spent ages playing this one! *happy dance*

      And, it had the best driving mechanics EVA! gta top down had nothing on PQ!

    *Turn on computer
    *Log on to Kotaku
    *Click on 'Do you remember this'
    *Look at image
    "SQUEEE!! If it isn't police quest!

    Ahh Bains, you mullet haired criminal. You got what was coming to you!

    Ah, Police Quest 1. I remember the driving aspect being quite difficult, and at one stage there being a chicken in you commanders office.

    The first police quest. Can't rmember the sub-title.

    I used to love Police Quest. My favourite of the Sierra adventure game series...

    Mario 64

    I remember good ol' Police Quest.

    man I spent days playing this game. If I remember correctly I would have been about 10 when I was playing this. Getting out of the parking lot alone was a nightmare. Vehicle checks and all that jazz.


    O yeah...loved police quest.

    Nice work Mark, very nice. As an adventure advocate, I salute you.

    Make sure you check all four tyres on your car before you leave.. I hated losing straight away to a flat tyre.

    Ah Police Quest, one of my all time favourites.

    So I was playing this when I was about 7 years old, and got stuck towards the end of the game because I didn't understand a lot of the adult language. I went to ask my mother about a phrase I didn't understand, and she happened to be having tea with some friends at the time. I walked straight up the her and asked "Mum, how do you ditch the broad?"

    I have never seen such a horrified look on my mothers face since.

      Haha! Yeah I recall asking for advice on how to gamble during the undercover stint late in the game.

    I love Police Quest too :)


    I wish I had the walkthrough to this game. I could only get so far.

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