This Virtual Reality Game Made Me Poop Myself

It made me poop myself with excitement. Seamus headed over to the AR.Drone launch today, and came back armed with some insane iPhone recorded footage of the AR.Drone, a new hover craft gadget that can be controlled with an iPhone. The thing that really got me excited however was IR.Pursuit, and Augmented Reality game that let's you hunt and shoot down players using the same device.

Using the iPhone you can shoot virtual lasers and missiles at your opponent's AR.Drone in a virtual game of bulletey death. Think of it like the next generation of those remote controlled helicopters you couldn't fly when you were a kid. These thing are pretty incredible, and apparently retail at $350 from November 30.

I actually, genuinely, want one of these.


    Surely the only real tactic would be to try and give your opponent a haircut?

    I can see me getting one, or two, of these at xmas. If only my parent bought me that RC car I wanted as a kid I probably wouldn't be salivating right now. Time to start building an obstacle course in the back yard :)

    This is going to be abused so badly.

    Hmmm.... Lets go have a look at the neighbors upstairs bathroom.

    Peek a boo Mrs. Smith!!

    They also work with Android devices (or at least they have Android versions available). They use WiFi to connect to from the phone to the drone so they are a bit range limited.

    But I guess that depends on how well your WiFi signal goes reaching the neighbors house... Of course Android phones can be a WiFi hotspot themselves so they at least makes it more portable.

    Very cool, and if you are keen you can actually make one yourself for far cheaper. There is a great open source commuinity covering a variety of drones.

    This is one of those things where you explain it to someone and it sounds like the greatest thing ever.

    In practice it's like some remote control version of laser tag, those kids would have more fun crashing the damn things into eachother.

    Waaaaay more fun.

    What a boring advert!

    Talk about getting stalked with one of these...

    and why wouldn't i just play ace combat or something like that instead? you are still staring at a screen, except you have something completely ridiculous here. and it probably plays that horrible looping music in flight too.

    That does look pretty cool. Apart from the fact I find iPhones atrocious for mimicking "real" controls like that. Would rather it come with a proper control really. Actually, how would you control it if you don't own a smartphone?

      You don't. The device uses wireless connectivity to your phone, which functions as a viewfinder and controller. Having a dedicated remote with a large LCD screen like that and controls will cost hundreds more, instead of an app.

      It's under the assumption that everyone has either an iPhone or Android smartphone these days. Which you'd pretty much have to get if you don't want to be left behind these days.

        Left behind from what, exactly? Other than controlling toys.

    Yep. Saw these Parrot drones on the Engadget show, pretty interesting.

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