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Kinect is coming out this week in Australia, so you know what that means! A princely deluge of fitness games, sports compilations, and loads and loads of Dance games.

On the awesome side of things comes Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I managed to spend about three hours with this game at the weekend, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. One game I haven't had the chance to check out, however, is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, but I've heard nothing but good things. All signs point to this being the best Need for Speed game this generation.

So… on to the list.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3/360) What is it? Direct sequel to Assassin's Creed 2, prequel to Assassin's Creed 3. Should you care? Absolutely. There's a ponderous amount of incredible content in this title.

BeyBlade Metal Fight (NDS) What is it? Anime based battler that I totally don't understand. Should you care? I'd rather dip my hand in a deep fat frier that play this.

Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (360) What is it? Begun the 360 fitness wars have… Should you care? Just go for a jog!

Dance Central (360) What is it? A dance game from Harmonix. Should you care? This is actually the best Kinect launch title by a street length.

Dance Masters (360) What is it? A dance game that isn't Dance Central. Should you care? You should buy Dance Central.

Dance Paradise (360) What is it? Another dance game that isn't Dance Central. Should you care? See above for Dance Central.

Disney All Star Party Games (Wii) What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin. Should you care? If you care about this, I'm worried for you. Honestly.

EA Sports Active (360/PS3/Wii) What is it? A fitness game! Should you care? Just do some squats or something!

Fighters Uncaged (360) What is it? A Kinect based brawler Should you care? It doesn't really work all that well.

Get Fit With Mel B (PS3) What is it? Oh sweet lord, liberate me from this fitness game hell… Should you care? Watch this instead.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (360/PS3/NDS) What is it? Game adaptation of that movie starring that guy. Should you care? I love Harry Potter, but I'm not expecting much from this.

Kinect Joy Ride (360) What is it? Game based on that song by Roxette. Should you care? I said hello, you fool, I love you. Come and join the Joy Ride.

Kinectimals (360) What is it? Pet sim thingy… Should you care? I don't know… maybe?

Motion Sports (360) What is it? Kinect version of Wii Sports. Should you care? Not really.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (360/PS3) What is it? Burnout creators get a go at making the NFS of their dreams. Should you care? Hell yes.

Sonic Free Riders (360) What is it? A motion controlled Sonic racer thingy. Should you care? If you get Kinect this might be worth a bash.

Wii Sing Robbie Williams (Wii) What is it? Oh gawd… Should you care?

Your Shape Fitness Evolved (360) What is it? It's a fitness game… evolved. Should you care? Honestly. The treadmill. Hit it.


    This week I will get Brotherhood and Black Ops, and then I will buy no more games until next year. I SWEAR.

    Bwahaha! Roxette!
    And damn you, now I have that song stuck in my head.

      I have also been afflicted with the Roxette song :(

      I haven't decided if I'll get the Kinect yet, there doesn't seem to be any gaming styles that I haven't already experienced on the Wii or don't want to experience, plus there's I haven't seen anything in the way of 'real' games supporting it. At least with the Move I can play Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain.

      I'll probably decide on launch day depending on how I'm feeling, plus I'm still figuring out how to fit all these cameras and sensor bars around my TV at the same time.

    Won't pick it up right away but looking forward to grabbing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.
    I'm also interested in trying out the Kinect but I'm afraid I don't really have the room for it.

    ...say Dance one more time.

    You lost me when you linked that clip, that was painful to watch..

    then i read this

    "Kinect Joy Ride (360)
    What is it? Game based on that song by Roxette.
    Should you care? I said hello, you fool, I love you. Come and join the Joy Ride."

    and i fell in love with you all over again - brilliant stuff.

    I'm actually headed to the Gym tonight, so most of these tittles are pap to me.. Unless i get some copies to throw at the bodybuilders mid 200kg press... and RUN!

    Knowing my luck i'd throw them from the treadmill, meaning no matter how fast i run, the bastards will catch me.. :(

      I'm 150km from the nearest gym, so these fitness titles actually interest me. I wish someone would review them properly though. I'd like something that just tracks your progress and nags you. It is hard to stay motivated when there is no actual gym to go to, and no social aspect to working out. These games could really fill that niche, if done properly. I'm hoping Kotaku will do a proper roundup at some point.
      Now, to get my fat arse back to finishing off Reach.

        Go for a run you stupid git!

    Hot Pursuit on PC and Assassin's Creed 2 on Xbox.

    Hell yes. This week is going to be OFF THE CHAIN! UUUUNGH!

    I will be hip thrusting in the direction of Assassins Creed. This is the only game of the year I am getting all giddy over.

    "Dance Masters (360)
    What is it? A dance game that isn’t Dance Central.
    Should you care? You should buy Dance Central."

    Unless someone is a fan of DDR and/or Para Para, in which case Dance Evolution (it's not called Dance Masters here) is a better buy.

    Not that people would know that since my submitted 'reader preview' was ignored. Oh well.

      Not ignored - we're just sticking to reader reviews for now!

      And yeah, maybe I was a bit harsh.

        Well you can expect a reader review of Dance Evolution the day it comes out, then. :P

    Need For Speed this week, next week GT5. After GT5 got delayed I actually hoped it might have been for a bit longer so I'd have a couple of weeks for NFS, but I guess I'll just have to try and find time for both.

      Just think this time next week, under "this week in games" will be GT5, mmm GT goodness.

    Brotherhood is only the second game i have been foaming at the mouth for in a long time - the last one was Mass Effect 2. Have heard whispers that it is going to get quite favourable reviews and that the SP is just as long, if not more so then AC2 and that the MP even has some story to it.

    GIVE IT TO ME NOW! (Oh wait i have an exam to study for - guess what day - Thursday...)

    Pre-ordered my copy of Hot Pursuit. It's being imported though and I'm goin on holiday soon so chances are I won't be able to play it until I get back :( . I should probably consider picking up Brotherhood as well.

    Mark, Wildgoose used to the 'First Hour of' series sometimes with games, seen here:

    I was wondering if you would be kind enough to consider to doing such a thing with some of the newer games as well? I found them to be quite a good read, and would love to see appear again for Brotherhood and any other newer games :)

      Yeah, those were great. A nice way of reviewing the game in real time and giving us a taste of the gameplay.

    I'm going to have the Rocky theme tune stuck in my head all day now.

    I'll be getting my Kinect on Thursday, and I've already cleared the living room.

    Also, is there anything, on this earth, that the Scottish won't deep fry?

      Nothing. It's a way of life.

        I figured as much when I bought by first deep fried hot dog in Edinburgh.

        BTW. A guy in Texas has patented a way of deep frying beer.

          Deep fried beer intrigues me. However, I fear it will have to be supremely awesome to beat the perfection that is a deep fried mars or snickers bar.

            Hey they had those around the corner from the place i used to live at in Campbelltown!. I actually idn't try it until about a week before i moved because I just couldn't think about anything worse. I was wrong.

            They even topped it off with icing sugar which i thought was a nice touch.

            Wait, what was that... oh just a tingling pain in my right arm and breathing is getting a little harder... I am sure it is nothing!

    +2 for me this week...

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    I enjoyed the Hot Pursuit demo, it's certainly not Burnout, but it was abit of fun though.

    Am hoping that Criterion do support the game like they did with Paradise and when they do move on, either do a new Burnout OR SSX... ;)

    oh game make me sad

    Hat tip for use of the word 'ponderous' in your AC:B line. Will be definitely be picking it up if the reviews are as good as they're looking - any chance of a Kotaku AU review soonish?

    Tossing up whether to get NFS Hot Pursuit, or pre-order GT5.
    Decisions, decisons.....

    One weird side effect of this week is for the first time I can remember XBOX is on the cover of the major dept store catalogues - given most of this year Catalogue space has dominated by Wii and then PS3 it's interesting to see M$ fork out the money to promote their new toy

    Having said that I'm still yet to see one single TV ad for Kinect (I watch too much cable)

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