12 Days Of Christmas: The Best iPhone App Ever Made

I've only just this second though of gifting apps for 12 Days Of Christmas. And that's because I've found the best app ever and I want someone to gift it to me. The Word Lens, especially if you do any international travelling, has the potential to revolutionise how we deal with language barriers.

I won't spoil it for you - just watch the video below and prepare to have your world collapse around you!


    I was wondering if you would post that here after seeing how excited you were on FB :)

    man that is seriously so epic - finally i'll be able to go to Box Hill/springvale and know what all the signs say (lawl melbourne joke)


    . . .its only in spanish for now . . . hopefully it'll expand out to other languages . . even ones with no english characters like japanese

    I can't believe something like this actually exists, hopefully they get it for other languages soon.

    Haha, Chuloopa I've been through there and know your confusion. Box Hill has the BEST laser tag place though

      Judging by the area, i would be worried if what they were shooting at me was actually a laser pistol... lol

    Now if they could make one that translates what girls are saying to what they really mean.


    In a car heading to breakup for martial arts, we have two guys in the back from Mexico. Grabbed a license from one, bought this and yep! It works! OMG the possibilities...

    Would so get it if it do Japanese -> english and reverse! going to keep an eye on this one ^_^

      "Sorry. Anime nerds/Japanophiles need not apply"

        Ignoramuses need not apply too. Japanese or Chinese would be exciting to see done. We speak it frequently in training and many of our documents have kanji on them. Would be very interesting...

    could* 'if it could do...' *wishes for an edit button*


    haha start trek's universal translator eat your heart out!

    Not sure why you would be excited over receiving a free app as a gift...

      The "free" app is a demo to try it out, you need to actually purchase the language packs seperately in order for it to work properly.

    Wow, this app is seriously amazing. I wish somebody would give me this, as well. Wait, is this available in other languages? Or is it only available in Spanish? iPhones really have evolved into indispensable objects, didn’t they? I even rely on a specific iPhone app too to balance my schedule as a working mom. If you don’t mind me saying, it’s a super app called Intuition (www.iconapps.com). It manages my to-do list and appointments and alerts me to do some shopping whenever I’m near a grocery. I’m sure every mom out there will find this useful, too!

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