"Wii U Kid" Gives "Nintendo 64 Kid" A Run For His Money


    Seemed set up.

    no where near as awesome as n64 kid

      Agreed. N64 kid went apeshit, he couldn't even use his hands properly. This kid just got a little emotional.

        this also seems staged, n64 seemed very very real

    A basic model? Duuuuuude...

    Ah I wish I could get that excited over video games/xmas :/

    Can;t be real. no one would get that excited for the Wii U. The N64 was revolutionary. The Wii U is a piece of shit 6 years too late.

      For a kid, a Wii U might be higher up the list than a Console with a bunch of big MA15+ titles that his parents won't let him play.

      If they show me the games I want to play I'll buy a Wii U.

      got to love the butt hurt fanboy. Keep sooking you know you wont make a difference how the console wars goes. BTW the Wii U has comfortably outsold both ps3 and 360s world wide launch numbers, infact outselling them combined so keep sucking on those sour lemons.

    I like that his first reaction is to hug and thank his dad, good mannered little boy. He deserves it.

    I want to see the follow-up video, showing his reaction when he has to wait several hours to download the day-one patch before he can play it.

    No way is that even close to this http://youtu.be/BKEL4cUTOI4

    I'd definitely say this is real, going by nothing more than the father's smile.

    And to this day it's still patching.

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