While You Were Sleeping

Wake up! Or don't wake up. This is the holidays. You should be in bed. But if you are at work, I salute you. I know your pain. My wife is currently snoozing it up while I'm hammering away at this keyboard like a dummy! Let's do a quick wrap up of the news and stuff...

I went to watch The Hobbit last night at the cinema and I actually, literally fell asleep for roughly 90 minutes of it. That isn't necessarily an indication that I hated it or anything — I was just really tired. Anyway — did you know the Soviets made a Hobbit movie in 1985? I didn't. But they did. And it was so bad it was incredible.

But yeah, that's not really game news. Not really. This is: it looks as though BLizzard has axed Diablo III's Team Deathmatch mode.

This is cool, and it gives the Nintendo 64 kid a run for his money. Now we have a Wii U kid losing his mind on Christmas day. Some people find these vids obnoxious, but I really like them. I remember how excited I used to get for Christmas. Finally — this is Finger Tied. It's like naked Twister you play with your hands.

In Short Blizzard Axes Diablo III's Team Deathmatch PVP Mode The Soviets Made A Hobbit Movie In 1985. It's So Terrible It's Incredible Wii U Kid Gives Nintendo 64 Kid A Run For His Money Finger Tied Is Like A Game Of Naked Twister You Play With Your Hands


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