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Quite a list this week! Not that many* games, but a lot of quality games, so browse around and take your pick in another thrilling edition of CheapSkate Gamer!

*Yeah, PSPers… you got shafted…

PC Digital Download

Dungeon Defenders Pre-order – $8.99 (10% off) – N/A Looks like a nifty little game, should be $9 well spent.

X-COM Complete Pack – $5.08 (66% off)- 5/5 For $5, you’ve really got very little to lose, and a LOT to gain!

Adam’s Venture – $6.99 (30% off)- 3/5 I followed this game’s development closely, it looks to be similar to uncharted. Perhaps worth a look if your name is Adam, you want to go on a Venture, or both!

Aliens vs Predators Classic 2000 – $2.50 (50% off) – 4/5 Second best video game adaptation of a poem by Coleridge I have ever played, right after Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Alter Ego – $11.97 (40% off) – 4/5 Actually looks to be a decent game from what I’ve seen.

Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition – $9.98 (50% off) – 4/5 Brilliant game. That’s all I need to say.

EVE Online: Incursion – $10.00 (50% off) – 4.5/5 ADAM Offline: Inception was a complete flop, so the developers tried for the opposite, and it seems to have worked!

Evil Genius – $3.98 (60% off) – 5/5 Because Really Nice Idiot wasn’t much of a compelling game.

Legendary – $3.40 (66% off) – 2/5 This game isn’t LEGEN… wait for it….

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel – $9.98 (50% off) – 4/5 Good game, a bit flawed, but definitely worth the $10 you would probably otherwise spend on something useless… like food.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People Season 1 – $11.98 (60% off) – 5/5 Don’t even THINK of buying this if you aren’t getting at LEAST a 9.5 on!

Swords and Soldiers HD – $7.99 (20% off) – 3/5 I love the concept, but I’ve played too many free flash games with the same concept… If you’re making it retail, make it better…

Rush – $4.49 (10% off) – 5/5 You know I love puzzlers, and this is one of the best. The puzzles ramp up to insane difficulty, but it isn’t a nuisance as much as a challenge. Buy it.

Blue Toad Murder Files – $17.99 (10% off) – 4.5/5 Similar in style to the Telltale collections, it matches gameplay and witty humour brilliantly!

PC Retail Boxes

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – $24.99 – 4/5 Buy it.

Battlefield 2: The Complete Collection – $14.00 – 4.5/5 A bit on the expensive side considering it’s age, but it has a very active online world, so well worth a shot if you haven’t tried it already!

Xbox 360

Crackdown 2 – $27.99 – 3.5/5 We love you George. That’s why we’re staging this intervention! Please, for us, put the knife away… and the crack down too. (And worst pun of the year goes to…)

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 – $14.00 – PI/5 An RTS on a console? Go ahead. Try it. I dare you.

Fairytale Fights – $14.00 – 4/5 Brilliant concept, excellent execution, a must-purchase!

Mirror’s Edge – $8.00 – 5/5 Sorry. I meant Mirror’s Corner.

Civilization Revolution – $11.37 – 3.5/5 I don’t know about this one. I never really enjoyed it…


3d Dot Heroes – $32.99 – 4/5 When a sword can be this fat, you know something good is going on.

Just Cause 2 – $28.99 – 4/5 Why should you buy this game? Just ‘Cause…


Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – $24.99 – 2.5/5 The adventure didn’t continue for me. More of the same, really. If you have a kid, maybe it’s worth a look.

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights – $14.00 – 3/5 If you’re looking for the quintessential illegal juice-making industry game, then this is it! You have to deal with illegal imports of various fruits whilst avoiding law-enforcement interaction. Truly a thrilling and thought-provocative game.


MySims Kingdom – $14.00 – 3/5 It’s a fun little game, also exacerbated by the fact that it’s on Wii, which is generally just awesome.


Have I got any deals for the PSPer’s?


Beat City – $12.00 – 4/5 Do it. Just do it.

Super Scribblenauts – $47.00 – 4.5/5 Like Scribblenauts, only Superer!


Parrot AR Drone pre-order – $399.00 – 10/5 (any iDevice)

Cheap – No.

Game – No.

Useful – No.

Awesome – Yes. Very Yes.


Europe 1200 – Mount & Blade: Warband – 4/5


Have any money left? Disappointing. Start again from the top, you obviously weren’t reading the list properly. Otherwise, did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on facebook, and tell us where!


  • I don’t mean to take away from the value of the article, really it’s great, but sometimes I feel that the jokes could be scaled back a bit and actually replaced with something useful about the game. Just a thought.

    • I generally only joke on the games which I have either:
      a) not played
      b) don’t trust the reviews on
      c) are so popular that people are likely to buy them anyway.

      I’m really not trying to rebuff your thoughts, it’s just that I do not have the time to research every single game I include on this list.

      Sorry to disappoint…

  • I dunno. This list isn’t that great besides the Steam deals.

    Most of the OZGAMESHOP prices are fairly standard.

    • Perhaps the sales will be more to your liking closer to Christmas. I’m getting the feeling that the real deals are yet to come!

      Hold in there buddy!

    • I think he should keep posting them. I didn’t know about Ozgameshop until this article started.

      And new people will be reading alla tha time…

      • whats the delivery timeframe like for ozgameshop? cause if they’re coming from the uk they could be hugley delayed from now until after christmas?

        • From what I remember, they ship from within Australia.

          As to shipment times, I think expecting upwards of a week would be reasonable, moreso as we near Christmas.

        • I waited >2 weeks in a non-Christmas-shopping period for my game from them. (It comes from the UK)

          You would want to order really soon if you want any chance of Christmas delivery

          • Normally about a week and a half for me, round it up to two weeks because of the holiday season coming up. Its such a joy when I find my padded bags in my post box with blue aviation stickers 😛

        • I recently order Fable 3 and NFS hot pursuit from them, took 12 days to deliver, which was fine as i had got AC brotherhood and COD blops to finish 😀

    • Darn! It expired!

      It was actually $5. A mate bought it on my recommendation 🙁

      Sorry about that!

      If it’s any consolation, they have actually updated the deals, so there are a few more to browse from! 😀

    • Mirrors Edge has been on sale for the past 12 months everywhere! It was something like $4 at GAME for longer than I can remember…

      This article would be better with less puns and more info or a link to a review of the game…

      • This comment would be better if the poster read other comments before posting…

        Like I’ve said before, the time it takes you to search for the review scores of a few games of your interest may take 15 minutes of your life. For me to search for all these games would take several hours extra.

        I’m also certain that if I used one standardised set of reviews (gamespot, metacritic), people would still complain. This isn’t a game review article, it’s a game bargain article. If you truly want to know about the games, try doing the insane and clicking on the link.


  • Just wanted to add that Steam has an awesome little music puzzler called Chime going for US$1.25 for the next couple of days. It’s usually $5 so not exactly a huge saving but it’s a sweet little game.

    • Yeah. I absolutely HATE how they keep changing prices on Monday nights!

      I freaking wish they would make their “deals” week end on a Sunday.. you know, like the normal people do! 🙁


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