Stories Of The Year #4: Paradox

It's the last week of the year, so we've decided to go into the Kotaku backlogs and pick out the most popular stories of 2010. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are flat out stupid.

It's funny how one single image can make such an impact. You spend hours researching and writing in-depth articles, only to be upstaged by a hilarious faux pax. This is one of those moments.

Stories of the Year: Best Paradox Of The Day


    Well, you do have to admit - it's pretty bloody amusing.

    Besides, it caters to the attention span of the current generation, unlike long articles.

    I do get what you mean though, all that hard work, usurped by an image. lol

    Could be worse - your work could be ignored in favor of bayonettas arse... oh... wait... bugger...

      I guess that is proof a picture is worth a thousand words?

    Are you counting Talk Amongst Yourselves in the most-clicked stories? Or just regular posts?

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