Stories Of The Year #5: Bayonetta's Butt

It's the last week of the year, so we've decided to go into the Kotaku backlogs and pick out the most popular stories of 2010. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are flat out stupid.

Bayonetta's Butt - how can you not click on a story with those two words in the headline? Enough said...

Stories of the Year: Bringing Bayonetta’s Butt To Life


    This was a popular story in 2010, even though it was posted in 2009?
    Bayonetta's butt is pretty persistent.

    Pretty laughable that the 5th most read story on Kotaku for this year had absolutely NO comments on it by regular readers or otherwise.

    That and it was bollocks anyway...

      Our most clicked story will make you want to headbutt the screen!

      It's amazing how much click traffic TNA related subjects can pull down ;)

    Was this most read by Australians, or by Kotaku readers world-wide?

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