WIN! Bayonetta's Xbox 360 Climax Edition

Sega and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya's hair-raising new action game is officially released in Australia this Thursday. How would you like to win the aptly-named Climax Edition?

Thanks to Sega we have five Bayonetta Climax Editions on Xbox 360 to give away this week. We'll be giving away one per day between now and Friday.

Inside the Aussie exclusive limited edition you'll find:

* A copy of Bayonetta on Xbox 360 in premium slipcase packaging * A replica Scarborough Fair, Bayonetta’s beloved pistol which she has strapped to her hands and feet * A 36-page hardcover art book * A CD of the game's soundtrack

Scroll down for a pic of everything inside the Bayonetta Climax Edition.

So how do you win?

Given Bayonetta's rather raunchy nature, we figured it was time to get you all writing limericks again. After all, the best limericks are always just a little bit naughty.

Your limerick must begin with some variation on the line: "There once was a girl called Bayonetta..." And it must follow standard AABBA limerick rhyming form.

Leave your limericks in the comments below. You must enter by midnight to be eligible for the day's draw and winners will be announced at 10am the following day when the new draw opens.

You may only enter once per day. If multiple entries are received, only the first one will count. If you wish to enter the next day's draw, you must enter a new limerick.

Good luck!

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    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Who would buy you a drink if you let-a,
    After 5 or 6 rounds,
    You could rub on her mound,
    And oh how the night would get better.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    She killed angels without no regretta,
    Her hair used for clothes,
    And also to defeat foes,
    When she attacks, in my pants I feel better.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Who decided to go on a vendetta.
    Much violence ensued,
    She fights in the nude
    Though her hair can act like a sweater.

    A witch named Bayonetta
    Had a dog; an irish setter
    Dog had a large tongue
    Also it was quite hung
    She thought "screw men, this is better!"

    Shameless and probably too dirty, but it made me chuckle.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    that had a disappearing sweater
    Her gunshoes are lame
    and the game is too tame
    Time to go find some raunch that is better.

    The once was a girl named Bayonetta
    Who would only drink cafe ristretta
    The caffeine made her go fast
    So she could kick arse
    A secret weapon that helped her fight better!

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Who ate far too much feta,
    So when she push came to shove,
    And she had to save those she loves,
    Her skin tight clothes would no longer fit her.

    Note: pronounce fit her Fit-Ha it's not like lymrics have always been the best examples of proper pronounciation and grammer.

      Yeah I think everyone expects a lymeric to have a slightly wonky pronunciation or spelling of some words. Seems perfectly passable.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta…
    Who looks like shes from an erotica
    Who can pistol whip you in the face
    At such a high speed pace
    It was only just a flicker.


    There once was a girl called bayonetta
    and didn't know what to make of feta
    With the waft of cheese in her nose
    A swift kick caused broken toes
    Poor girl didn't know how to make it better

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    She'd kick angel ass for days if you'd let her
    But you'd best stay away
    Since it's as they all say...

    Her weird hair destroys those that have met her.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta..
    Her Creator was Hideki Kamiya..
    She has big huge boobs..
    killing angelic noobs..
    Transforming hair into demons, she'll getcha!..

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Librarian glasses, high heels and tight leather
    Now players insist,
    Though none yet exist,
    That one handed controls would be better

      Hehehe... like it.

      Subtle. This sounds like a winner.

      I think we have a winner.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    I gave her a lovely sweater
    She wore it all day
    until I would say
    let's cover those breasts with fetta.

    There once was a girl named Bayonetta,
    Guns and cleavage? she thought she knew better,
    With her last "Witch time" and a frown,
    She packed her bags to settle down,
    With a pipe and a large irish setter.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    All this fighting made her wetter
    She ripped off her clothes
    Naked, head to toes
    Her long hair made the sex better!

    Bayonetta had good shape
    Many would stare mouth agape
    But because of her hair
    Men didn't dare
    Fearing carpet matching drapes

    There once was a woman called Bayonetta
    She'd look no good wearing a mantelletta
    Slaying enemies with her magical hair
    Angels laying on the ground in despair
    None will ever understand her vendetta

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Whose breasts would attract any fella
    In the climax edition
    she'll put me into submission
    And I tell you I'll never forget her

    There once was a girl called bayonetta
    she killed all things with a banga
    she used many guns
    and had lots of funs
    she was called the angel of deatha

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    That could do anything that the demon world would let her,
    The game has hentai dregs,
    But with spaghetti legs,
    Lets hope the tentacles will never get her.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    With a figure to game boy passions unfetter
    But when that figure slips from beneath its costume of hair
    It seems game and controller were designed as unfair
    An extra-special edition with "third hand included" is required to enjoy her better

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Her tits were exquisite, there were none better
    She was disproportionately top heavy, high five!
    But all men she would deprive
    For no others could make the girls wetter

    Ahah, this competition has descended into debauchery in record time! There are some pretty funny entries though.

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Mistress of lethal hair to all who met her
    Numerous foes find their demise
    Facing her bespectacled eyes
    Rapunzal’s coiffure could fare no better

      Winner right here... well constructed, but wheres the raunch? :)

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    A pure-breed aggressive go-getter
    Impossible hair
    But otherwise bare
    That bulge in my jeans is no Beretta

    There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    She always did the right thing to the letter
    Until one fateful day
    When she played GTA
    And now thinks killing guys is better.

    Not raunchy...but I thought it was kinda fitting on here!

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