WIN! Bayonetta’s Xbox 360 Climax Edition

WIN! Bayonetta’s Xbox 360 Climax Edition

WIN! Bayonetta’s Xbox 360 Climax EditionYou’ve only got one more chance left to win the limited Climax edition of Sega and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya’s hair-raising new action game. Find out how to enter and who won Thursday’s draw after the jump.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.

Thanks to Sega we have five Bayonetta Climax Editions on Xbox 360 to give away this week. We’ll be giving away one per day until Friday. And since Friday is today, this is the last one!

Inside the Aussie exclusive limited edition you’ll find:

* A copy of Bayonetta on Xbox 360 in premium slipcase packaging * A replica Scarborough Fair, Bayonetta’s beloved pistol which she has strapped to her hands and feet * A 36-page hardcover art book * A CD of the game’s soundtrack

Scroll down for a pic of everything inside the Bayonetta Climax Edition.

So how do you win?

Given Bayonetta’s rather raunchy nature, we figured it was time to get you all writing limericks again. After all, the best limericks are always just a little bit naughty.

Your limerick must begin with some variation on the line: “There once was a girl called Bayonetta…” And it must follow standard AABBA limerick rhyming form.

Leave your limericks in the comments below. You must enter by midnight to be eligible for today’s draw and the final winner will be announced tomorrow.

You may only enter once per day. If multiple entries are received, only the first one will count.

Good luck!

And Thursday’s winner is… Mr Explody!

Here’s Mr Explody’s winning limerick:

There once was a girl named Bayonetta, Who’s legs just went on forever, She looks like she’d spank me, Slap and disgrace me, If she were real I would totally let her

WIN! Bayonetta’s Xbox 360 Climax Edition

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  • A hero was born, Bayonetta
    Whose story begins, a vendetta
    A game to behold
    A tale to Unfold
    And vengence on those who’d forget her.

  • And for those who missed it, or didnt realise, here’s the complete story, made up of all five of this weeks entries.

    There once was a Bayonetta
    Worked as a hooker in a VW Jetta
    She was generally nailin
    In the guise of Ms Palin
    And only Tina Fey could have done better.

    There once was a gal Bayonetta
    Who finally paid off her debtor
    she gave up her ways
    of taking money for lays
    And became a temp writting letters

    There once was a Miss Bayonetta
    Who dreamed her life could be better
    A witch, she became
    And sought power and fame
    And inspired awe in any who met her

    There once was a witch Bayonetta
    Who’s enemies were out to get her
    To sleep, she was set
    A spell to make her forget
    And she woke with a pair of Baretta

    A hero was born, Bayonetta
    Whose story begins, a vendetta
    A game to behold
    A tale to Unfold
    And vengence on those who’d forget her.

    While each individual entry probably isnt good enough to win, I hope you enjoyed the narrative.

    • I know this isn’t an entry cause i’m really not good at these…
      PLUS i haven’t been following this competition til now…

      But did you win on the Palin one? That one is great! Well done.
      +1 to you and i would choose that to win if i were Dave.

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta
    She went to the shops to buy a cornetta,
    the Australian summer so hot,
    her ice cream did not
    survive the blistering weather

  • There once was a witch, Bayonetta her name
    Her demonic hair was her claim to fame
    Though rarely they spoke
    Unless ’twas a joke
    Of her ridiculously oversized… frame

  • Bayonetta: a woman so grand,
    That the gamers felt need to demand,
    For Deep Silver to agree
    To develop it for Wii
    So they all could ‘waggle’ with both hands.

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta,
    Whos competition was harder to win than defeating Hitler,
    But just like the Yanks,
    Ill keep grinding the cranks,
    And hopefully get that game winning letter.

  • There once was a tramp named bayonetta,
    Who had hair like a black English Setter
    She blew up a farce,
    And wiggled her arse,
    Letting all kinds of gamers inspect-her! 😉

    <3 limmericks

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    who preforms stunts that leaves all in wonder
    so don’t be startled by her naked derriere
    as your biten by her dragon formed hair
    it feels good to nude up when you preform torture

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    She liked to suck off the debt collector
    She pulled out a tit
    and whipped off her kit
    Now he likes her a little better

  • There once was a girl called bayonetta
    I swore I’d never forget’er
    But when I realised she was bare
    Except for her hair
    I wish I had never met’er

  • The wickedly witch Bayonetta
    Is mad and she’s comin’ to get ya
    But give her a rum
    And a slap on the bum
    And if lucky you’ll climax together

  • So it’s my last chance to win Bayonetta
    the heroine clad in Hair-leather.
    A butt that won’t quit
    i’ll buy it, who gives a spit
    EB? No, EBAY is much better.

  • Bayonetta; once a girl was named,
    With long hair which couldn’t be tamed,
    Dressed in all leather,
    A look of come-hither,
    ‘I LOVE YOU!’ I excitedly proclaimed.

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Controlling her movements she’ll let ya,
    Do whatever you please,
    With pink pistol to the head ease,
    You’ll find animated is even better!

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    With hazel eyes, like autumn weather
    Don’t be fooled, by her sexy heel
    The pistol attached will make you squeal
    And her arse looks sublime in tight leather

  • Bayonetta is my kind of witch,
    always seeming to scratch that itch,
    I helped her one day
    and I heard her say
    “Now you can be my bitch!”

  • There once was a girl, Bayonetta
    A finer looking girl? Never met’er
    As I play I will dream
    Until my wife she does scream
    And in the meantime just aim to play better!

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    She was vain and so easy to flatter
    But then she must’ve heard
    Actions speak louder than words
    Now describing her requires a French letter

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta
    who did battle with foes in the altogether
    people said: ‘girl have some shame’
    so she opened their veins
    and she entered the fray -hair covered nethers

  • Bayonetta that sexy witch magician.
    The past five days at ten, began the tradition
    First read others for insight.
    Then brainstorm my own delight.
    Will tomorrow be the day I win the last edition?

  • There once was a women called Bayonetta
    Who liked all manner of guns and tight fitting leather
    With a quick flick her hair
    She catches angels unaware
    And we all get to see her without underware

  • Well as for that girl Bayonetta
    I wrote some limericks about her
    I gave it my best
    Now surely you jest
    that some other f***er will get her

  • Bayonetta is one sexy witch, i must say.
    Each time she moves, my mini-me wants to play.
    The bigger her attack,
    The faster i jack,
    Oh Crap! i’m out of tissues for today.

  • Bayonetta, what makes her so slick?
    Other games you have given the flick,
    Of course she won’t show,
    But you still want to know?
    Secret’s the side of this limerick.

    Also well done to Mr Explody!

  • Bayonnetta came to Sony’s machine,
    And was faced with a problem she had not foreseen.   
    For an Xbox she’d opt,
    As her progress was stopped, 
    By the damned PS3 loading screen.

  • There’s a girl named Bayonetta, believe it or not, who was very girly
    Though all that has changed, she is now quite surly
    We once dated before her change
    Though sex got her acting strange
    Perhaps it was because I ejaculated prematurely

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta,
    No finer a ‘Mole’ could you gett’a.
    She’s aggro, she’s catty…
    A pash would drive you wacky 😉
    A Fair dinkum, little Ripper, you betcha!

    I’m an Irish/Aussie so hopefully I have used this slang in context, ha!

  • There once was a lady named Bayonetta
    who could not fathom the word bodhicitta
    The nature that was kind
    she was not able find
    As killing only makes her get wetter

  • “What was mummy like”? As I consoled the bed wetter.
    Again, my son was still not for the better.
    How do I explain the brief fiery romance we shared?
    Sacrificing her life so that I may be spared
    “For there once was a girl called Bayonetta…”

    • There once was a MILF Bayonetta
      She was much hotter than Stripperella
      She has great T’n’A
      Her Beaver is Shaved
      You press X A B A to undress her

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta,
    who was a cheap substitute for viagra
    and to appreciate her climax
    you will need to go to i-max
    its no surprise people fap when they see her

  • For Bayonetta, such love I do harbour!
    She with naught but a hairstyle to garb her.
    With all her fine dresses
    Made of overgrown tresses,
    Wouldn’t you just love to be her barber?

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta
    Into Bondage & discipline if you’ll let her
    Leather & lace are her pants
    For an insane fighters dance
    Bayonetta i’ll write you a love letter

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    Who delayed my prestiging this summer,
    I wouldn’t play normally,
    I was just a bit horny,
    Now it’s back to ranking up in Favella

  • The competition entries could get no better.
    With use of words like setter, wetter and vendetta
    But try as I might
    The google searches ruined my plight
    I could just find no new good words to rhyme with Bayonetta

  • There once was a girl, Bayonetta,
    Who brought whoopass to all who perved on her.
    But a single crotch kick,
    From a very hot witch,
    Is well worth being a voyeur.

  • Bayonetta, hair down to her feet
    Made men wonder ’bout doing the deed
    Til some fella did ask it:
    Pray tell, witch, the carpet
    Does it match with the drapes, so to speak?

  • I had a dream last night ’bout Bayonetta
    And her crazy bondage hair-leather
    The wife’s leaving, unimpressed
    But I have to confess
    For the Umbran Witch, I might just let her.

  • There once was a girl named Bayonetta
    With a comp to write and get her
    If I won
    I’d use the gun
    And roleplay in a tight black sweater

  • Bayonetta’s hair is her clothes as she traipse.
    Used to attack all her foes; no escapes.
    So slide into the grooves,
    Cause when you’re pulling those moves,
    You’ll see if the carpet, it matches the drapes.

    (traipse; to walk or tramp about. Seemed to fit well, and besides, you know how few words rhyme with drapes?)

  • There once was this game Bayonetta,
    The demo came out in December,
    It’s good, just a shame,
    It’s not my type of game,
    If I don’t win, it’ll just be a renta

  • I know I’ve already won, BUUUUTTTT:

    Bayonetta is a saucy young strumpet,
    Consider to be a good bit of crumpet,
    If I were so bold,
    Her hand I would hold,
    Then maybe she’d blow on my trumpet.

  • Bayonetta was a witch with flair
    Her best “asset” was her hair
    She puts me in a trance
    When her hair becomes pants
    Just wishing that I could get in there

  • Am having technical issues submitting – hope this one gets through! Apologies if there is a double post

    There once was a girl, Bayonetta
    Whose boobs my boyfriend liked better.
    If I win the contest
    Then I think it best
    To not let him play with her.

      • I’ve been having trouble posting using Firefox and when logged in with Facebook (hence just posting under guest) – is there something I can fiddle around with in my internet settings to make it better? Or is this a question for tech support?

  • I inserted the disc labled “Bayonetta”
    And the opening had her in a nuns kitta
    But she had too much sin
    so it got whipped off her skin
    Now she’s gotta birthday suit for a swetter

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    who Famitsu said couldn’t be better
    but their praises before
    went to MGS four
    which doesn’t belong at the alter

  • We’re head over heels for Bayonetta
    A position I’m sure we’d all let her
    With a gun at my face
    And her hand on that place
    My pants better not get any wetter

  • I don’t have a 360, but I do have a friend who might like this, so what the hey;

    There once was a woman called Bayonetta,
    Who wore high-heels, glasses and tight black leather.
    “The longer you play,
    the harder it gets”, you’ll say.
    And that’s why the one-handed automatic mode is better.

  • There one was a girl named Bayonetta,
    who looked rather fetching in leather,
    if the Devil May Cry,
    well he’s just not a guy,
    so perhaps a young girl could do better.

  • I once knew a girl,Bayonetta,
    created by quite a trendsetter.
    Hideki’s his name
    you should check out his game,
    but Viewtiful Joe might be better

  • There once was a girl called bayonetta
    I am jumping through hoops to net her
    Four days in a row
    This is a new low
    I am sure to climax if I get her

  • there once was a girl called Bayonetta
    who i would bed if i ever met her
    but in passions embrace
    she might shoot a bad place
    i might be singing falsetto forever

  • There once was a sexy witch named Bayonetta
    Titular and Titillating star of an epic from Kamiya
    Hot hair, eyes, body and guns but never a whore
    Leaves the clothed Gean, Joe, Dante and Amaterasu done for
    Simply put she’s way hotta.

  • Outnumbered, overwhelmed Bayonetta
    With, wounds worse than had ever beset her
    Please! Do not fret
    Lollipop GET!
    With a wink and a suck she’s all better

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta
    Who wouldn’t tap your butt if you let ‘er
    She might whoop your ass
    Or kick you through glass
    Or shoot you with guns on her stilett’a’s

  • So there once was this girl called Bayonetta, yeah.
    And anyway, she had this cool special magical hair.
    With like guns on her feet,
    She’s sick mate, fully sweet!
    And dude, when she fights she’s like totally bare!

  • There once was a girl, Bayonetta her name
    Her demonic hair was her claim to fame
    But more people spoke
    Well, mainly the blokes
    Of her freakishly oversized… frame

  • Bayonetta, that cruddy lil bitch
    ripped me arms off and left me in a ditch
    though i guess i had it comin’
    for not askin for her lovin
    and instead going in for the pinch

    i have such a great time with these limericks – though i never have much luck with them lol.
    Last chance guys!!! good luck all!

  • There once was a girl Bayonetta
    The ultimate fantasy game character
    If money could measure
    What she generates in pleasure
    Fanboys’d be rich, instead of delivering pizza

  • There was a girl named Bayonetta
    Of all women there were no better
    Guys wanted her boobs
    But they weren’t for n00bs
    So best you ten year olds forget her

  • There once was a beauty called Bayonetta
    But a mate claimed the man Rodin looked better
    “See his big beefy chest!”
    “But her thighs, butt and breasts!”
    I still say he just doesn’t get her

    • Whoops, typo – that was supposed to be:

      There once was a beauty called Bayonetta
      But a mate claimed the man Rodin looked better
      “See his big beefy chest!”
      “But her thighs, butt and breasts!”
      I still say that he just doesn’t get her

  • There once was a girl called Bayonetta,
    All the world was out to get her,
    They started a feud,
    Just to get her nude,
    And they all died feeling much better.

  • There once was an old bloke named Mike,
    Banned violent games day and night.
    He played Bayonetta,
    And ceased his vendetta;
    She was his guilty delight!

    Honestly, how did this sneak past Atkinson and his drones?

  • There was once a girl named Bayonetta,
    Who loved to mix her business along with pleasure,
    She’s sexy while stylish and smooth like wax
    Working with her we’d reach an infinite climax,
    Her style is so hot there is no cold weather.

  • I just checked and it’s still before midnight here, in PA. I didn’t see any timezone specific details, so am I still in the clear? It’s still friday here and the post says I made the reply on saturday.

  • There once was a girl called bayoneta she fights like a girl who fights for pleseaure she could do anything to fit once pleasure she’ like the thrill of beting like fether

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