Tonight On Good Game

Well, if last week’s One Hour Christmas Special wasn’t enough, prepare yourself fro yet another full hour of Good Game gaming madness, with our Game Of The Year Edition!

* Yes, this episode is our ‘year in review’ – and we give out all our game awards for 2010: including best sound, graphics, overall game, etc – as well as worst game, and the ‘big claim – lame game’ of the year – and many more.

* Baj and I also take the opportunity to reflect on some of our own memorable gaming moments of 2010, as well as some rather lol-worthy clip montages of various slaughter, glitches and so forth.

* Ah… and we can’t forget the dreaded bloopers reel. (They’ve got me SINGING at one point. Excuse me while I go and bury myself in my own personal pile of shame.)

And with that, everyone on the team here at Good Game would like to thank you all for watching and for sharing a truly great year of gaming. We’ll back next year of course with more shenanigans!

Good Game will return in February 2011.

Watch any episode at

Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

See you next year!


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