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Well, if last week's One Hour Christmas Special wasn't enough, prepare yourself fro yet another full hour of Good Game gaming madness, with our Game Of The Year Edition!

* Yes, this episode is our 'year in review' - and we give out all our game awards for 2010: including best sound, graphics, overall game, etc – as well as worst game, and the 'big claim – lame game' of the year – and many more.

* Baj and I also take the opportunity to reflect on some of our own memorable gaming moments of 2010, as well as some rather lol-worthy clip montages of various slaughter, glitches and so forth.

* Ah... and we can't forget the dreaded bloopers reel. (They've got me SINGING at one point. Excuse me while I go and bury myself in my own personal pile of shame.)

And with that, everyone on the team here at Good Game would like to thank you all for watching and for sharing a truly great year of gaming. We'll back next year of course with more shenanigans!

Good Game will return in February 2011.

Watch any episode at

Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

See you next year! Hex


    February 2011... :(

    Good Game will return... :(

      That's great and all, but what about Hungry Beast?

    *sad face*

    Any bloopers with Junglist in the office meeting being told he was axed from presenting!

      I miss Jung, Bajo and Hex agree too much on reviews.
      They seem to have identical tastes, so what's the point of having two reviewers?

        I also miss Jung.
        I recently played uncharted for ps3 and was pretty underwhelmed. I watched the old good game review and Jung gave it a 6.5 while baj gave it some ridiculously high rating (as always to any game that looks nice).


        Hex is kewl though ^_^. <3 Hex. Also <3 Bajo. <3 everyone.

        The show does need someone with differing tastes from Bajo and Hex. It's basically 30 mins of them agreeing about x and y

          The reason why they agree so much is because they haven't both played the game. Possibly neither of them have. Reviews are written by some one else. Remember, the show by actors, for noobs - don't you remember all the revelations that came out when jung left?

        Have you check out Jung's show 5 inch floppy over on gamearena?

          It's not worth watching that show, he literally spoils the game for you. I was incredibly saddened when he was reviewing Metroid: Other M and he flashed the mother load of spoilers.

            Actually I've calculated that 5 Inch Floppy is exactly 30 times better than Good Game, so case closed.

      Yeah, I'm at the point where I'm just waiting for Bajo to be ditched now too... in favour of an even blonder scene chick who also never played a game before she got the job.

        They could take her straight from the local EB games!

      I watch Good Game to be entertained and Hex is more entertaining than Jung was. No offence to Jung though, he was great in a more serious way, but I definitely prefer the new show with Hex in it.

        I Agree... no offence to Junglist either but the mix of Bajo and Hex seems much more fun to watch... Much more entertaining from a TV point of view... Keep it up Good Game!

          I strongly disagree, Before Jung left I used to appreciate good games, but as soon as I saw one "new" good game episode (with hex) I just lost interest and as a result I haven't seen an episode since.

    I completely lost interest in good game. They need to review more indie games, ones that people aren't going to know so much about. They usually review games that I'm already aware off, or stuff that I have absolutely no interest in.
    Oh, and they should focus on games Australian companies make.

    Any chance of a Gran Turismo 5 review, Hex?

      It was reviewed in GG: Spawn Point, the G rated version.

        It was? ahhh crap... hopefully the episode is up on the website.

        About that Spawn Point - I've maybe caught it 3 times this year - it's on at the most ridiculous time on a channel I forget exists. I'd even like the kids to watch it - but at 7.30 on a Saturday they're usually halfway through a movie on one of the commercial nets.

        Find a better time for it - or rerun it during the week.

    Good Game; its about as entertaining as play school and appeals to the same audience

      I might actually have to agree with this; I don't even see why the spin-off (Spawn Point) was made, since this could've easily been for a more mature audience. Not to mention once a week is never enough in gaming; I follow nearly a dozen gaming blogs just to keep up. I have nearly 200 new stories to read on the worst days (even though the same thing repeats 2-3 times).

      Overall, not worth watching really.

        I have to disagree. I am not entertained by playschool, yet I'm really enjoying watching Good Game. Therefore, your statement has been disproved. Q.E.D.

        Last night's episode has some brilliant moments. I laughed, hard. Especially with Bajo and his diseased peacock farm. Priceless!

    Who else got a vibe that Hex was trying to look like Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect 2). So should we be expecting next year for her to turn up in the infamous catsuit?

    geez, tough audience guys. Personally I enjoy it, always gives a laugh.

      Agreed. It never ceases to amaze me how butthurt people still are over the whole jung firing thing. Time to move on people.

    I can't get over how much of a douche Bajo is. He appears to be on speed.

    Spawn Point was created for ABC3, a channel that is primarily focused on youths aged 12-16. If they had shown the original GG on ABC3, parents would have complained about the mature content- if they made the original good game more kid friendly, they would have copped a lot more abuse from regular viewers- a G-rated version of the show was the easiest way to please everyone.
    An observation I made from watching an hour or so of ABC3 however, was that most shows have one male host and one female host (probably to not alienate either gender regardless of content)- Hex was most probably bought in to fill that quota- I can imagine young girls interested in games looking up to her (and hey, any chance to start 'em young is good, right?) Still, It would have been nice to see Jung + Bajo for regular GG and Hex + Bajo for SP- or even better, have three hosts, like the show used to.

    Worst show on TV.

    If I wanted to experience a girl pretend to play video games, I'd go to my local game store.

    At least girl a girl who actually plays games.

    I can't believe some of the comments here. I actually think they did well to get a girl who was into games as opposed to the normal "actress" types that normally end up on these shows. I just think there are some hurt feelings because there can't possibly be a girl who is into or as good at games as they are.

      She's clearly an airhead who reads off the teleprompter. Her constant agreement with 'Bajo' is a testament to the fact she knows nothing about games.

      She is on the show as a sex object for lonely nerds. Junglist wasn't great, but he was a whole lot more respectable as a journalist. 'Hex' might as well not open her mouth, nothing meaningful ever comes out.

      She's not there to speak though, she's there to appeal to the lonely libidos of the male audience.

        Examine your use of the word "clearly". I do not think it means what you think it means.

        To me, Hex comes across as very much into games. Not only in the things she reports about the games she reviews, but also in the side chatter that's sometimes included in the show. This is a woman who very much gets gaming.

        As for being included as a sex object, that may be so. She is pretty, but the often heavy eye makeup and the apparent need to change hair colour every few shows, limits the sex appeal for me. Still, she seems an intelligent person, and it's nice to get perspective on a game from the opposite sex.

        If you don't like her as a host, you've got a right to do so. Don't go spouting blatant slander, though. It doesn't reflect well on you.

    This was the first episode this year that I watched, I used to be a massive fan waiting excitedly every week for the next installment of GG with Bajo and Junglist. I completely lost interest after Junglist was thrown away and I haven't been able to get back into it, this ep was alright but I couldn't stop thinking how much better it would have been with Jung. ;(

    And it is not a matter specifically of the replacement being female, but more so that there are now 2 supposed gamers of the same type, without the hardcore gamer element that Jung brought. Jung was a game journalist, Bajo was an actor - the combination worked well, now we have 2 actors.

      Care to elaborate on how they are just actors and not hardcore gamers? I'm just curious, especially how you came to that conclusion after stating that you havent watched a single episode all year.


        And just to point something out, I don't see why everyone can't just accept everyone's opinion? Opinions are open, therefore it is different for an individual. And if there are conclusions ou there, at least back it up with some evidence that aren't corrupted. Just saying by the way... :D

        As for my opinion, I observe Hex is a rather laid-back type of person --so why does the fact that her hair colour changes every other episode or so is different? It could be that it's just her tastes, as others have their own tastes? And she isn't acually in full agreement with Bajo, sure they have similar tastes, yet her focus is usually more on the graphics and storylines.

        So to Hex out there...I applaud your patience for people out there who enjoy destroying your name. I, myself, is a teenage girl who have grown up with games (having to live with cousins and a brother who are 24/7/365 gamers who do not allow anything to get between them and their games).

        As for my closing statement...
        If you think this teenage girl (15) cannot mouth is moving and the words are flowing..I shall now leave you with the onerous task to comprehend what have been said.

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