2011… ACTIVATE! Bulletstorm

2011… ACTIVATE! Bulletstorm

Go away 2010. You were rubbish. It’s now all about 2011, and the games we can’t wait to play. That’s why throughout the first couple of weeks of January I’m going to be going through some of the games I’m most looking forward to in the coming year. Today’s topic? Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm When it comes to console shooters, you could probably argue there hasn’t been a real step forward – a genuine cosmic leap – since the original Halo. Sure, Call of Duty 4 was solid and Halo: Reach refined, and in some ways reinvented, its own formula, but it has been years since I’ve had that ‘holy crap’ moment. That moment when I knew my expectations had been totally obliterated, restructured, then obliterated again.

Now, it would be unfair of me to suggest that Bulletstorm will provide that cosmic leap – it probably won’t – but at the very least it should shove a rocket up the sphincter of an increasingly stagnant genre by reinventing some of the base mechanics of the FPS – adding a layer of depth to the bog-standard ‘capture the flag/shoot the other guys real good’ style of every other shooter ever made.

Bulletstorm is what happens when you shove a pinball machine down the throat of a sci-fi shooter and force it to swallow. It’s all about the points baby. Of course you kill things, with guns, like every other shooter ever made – but Bulletstorm’s trick is to reward players for how they dismantle bad guys. Kick them off a building to earn the ‘Vertigo’ point bonus, use a leash to launch them through a steel grating to earn the ‘Flyswatter’ bonus.

It’s Old School, but remarkably fresh. The most surprising thing about Bulletstorm is that no-one has thought to make a game like it until now. It’s a no-brainer – combine the point hoarding mentality of the arcade with the visceral gore of the traditional FPS. They go together like cheese and chives. The FPS lives and dies on how it rewards players for shooting – previously it was all about weapon feel, movement, and feedback. Bulletstorm has all those mechanics in place, but adds a fun layer of extravagance to add flavour and flourish. We can’t wait to tuck in.

And perhaps best of all, Bulletstorm is a game that puts hairs on your chin. It isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect and is drenched in the kind of schoolboy profanity we’re supposed to look down upon. Call us puerile, but a game that invents swearwords like ‘dicktits’, and uses phrases like ‘son of a dick’ kinda gives us a ‘testostebone’. And Epic, People Can Fly – if you’re reading, feel free to use that one.

Testostebone… heh heh.


  • You mean a game combining point harvesting and an FPS… like Borderlands?

    Actually, it looks like a lot of fun… and I’m going to enjoy playing it.

    Also, sphincter is a positivly filthy word… it’s like crevice. And I think the body has more that one… it’s a term for a generic muscle grouping isn’t it?

  • Shame there wont be a multiplayer deathmatch gamemode of any sort.
    Or any real versus mode, for that matter. The point system would make a far cooler deathmatch if you’re racking up points against your opponents rather than kills.

    • i’m glad there is no direct competitive multiplayer, because for what the games all about, it just wouldn’t translate into a multiplayer game.

  • I keep seeing this and thinking it looks like a higher spec Borderlands (which is not a bad thing). If there’s loads of lootz and maybe some classes or leveling this could be great.
    Testostebone **snigger**

  • Is the Bulletstorm: Epic Edition going to be available in Australia? You know, the one with the Gears 3 beta access?
    I havent seen anything about it here.

    But from what I understand. . . Gears 3 will use dedicated servers. Servers which will be in America. Servers which will lag for us Australians.

    So, a run down of Gears multiplayer. . .

    Gears 1 – Awesome online. Players free to choose what game they want to join. Even a ping graph to show connection quality. Awesome!

    Gears 2 – Matchmaking which greatly favoured Americans and shafted the rest of the world, especially Australians (us being so far away).

    Gears 3 – Dedicated servers. Based in America. Australians will face constant lag in every game.
    Sure, you wont have the teleporting/stuttering packet loss of Gears 2, but still unfair to the rest of the world.

    Now, what were we talking about here?

  • Hmm, the club, total overdose…just a couple of games off the top of my head.

    While not FIRST person shooters, they are third person shooters which focus on speed and points.

    Total Overdose was described as Tony Hawk with guns, because they gave various trick shots and multikills names depending on how they were done, rewarding linking the various gunslinging tricks together.

    The Club placed the emphasis on getting through levels or killing lots of people as efficiently and also rewarded chains of kills with points or time boosts.

    So not all that revolutionary.

    Also, despite the fact other games had done it before, the cover system in Gears of War showed people how to do it right.

  • Does anyone else remember the old Half-Life mod ‘The Opera’? It had the whole ‘kill with skill’ mechanic. Loved that mod.

  • I was going to buy this, but I only found out today they changed explosive barrels from green to standard issue red…

    seriously, this game had so much promise, but it’s all gone now…

  • Very excited for this.

    I get the borderlands comparisions, Bulletstorm looks a bit like it but definitely has a lot more personality, something Borderlands severely lacked (I found it to be forgettable in the end).

    Bring on the profanity!

  • Im still excited for this, but that excitement is starting to wane since I realised I was also hoping that Naughty Bear would also bring back the endless-replay-for-better-score concept.

    Id prefer to be cooler about it and then be pleasantly surprised again. Especially when I KNOW KZ3 and Brink will be wonderiffic.

  • “The most surprising thing about Bulletstorm is that no-one has thought to make a game like it until now.”

    THE CLUB…?

    • I know! I know about the club, I think this is a little different, and stretches the concept far more.

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