Bulletstorm Probably Won’t Get A Sequel, PC Pirates Blamed For Poor Sales

Bulletstorm Probably Won’t Get A Sequel, PC Pirates Blamed For Poor Sales

Bulletstorm, one of 2011’s more surprising critical successes, wasn’t as big a hit at the register, with Epic Games boss Mike Capps telling GameSpot that “From a sales perspective it was good, but not amazing. I think EA was hoping we’d do better.”

In terms of whether this means we’ll see a sequel or not, Capps says “We thought a lot about a sequel, and had done some initial development on it, but we found a project that we thought was a better fit for People Can Fly. We haven’t announced that yet, but we will be announcing it pretty soon.”

“I’d love to go back [to Bulletstorm]”, he adds. “I think there’s more to do with Bulletstorm. Heck, it kind of ended wanting more. I’d love to see another project, but right now we don’t have anything to talk about.”

Which all sounds entirely sensible, until you get to his closing remarks about the PC version of the game, and how poorly it sold in relation to its console siblings.

“We made a PC version of Bulletstorm, and it didn’t do very well on PC and I think a lot of that was due to piracy. It wasn’t the best PC port ever, sure, but also piracy was a pretty big problem.”

Um, no, it didn’t do very well on PC because it was one of the worst PC “ports” in loving memory, its lack of even rudimentary video and system settings making it the least attractive proposition of the three versions.

Epic shelved Bulletstorm sequel [GameSpot]

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  • And it was just dick jokes. Soooo many dick jokes. I’m not being a fanboy (I own all the consoles), but there’s a different target audience for each console, PS3 has the most JRPG’s, 360 has shooters, and I think the humour in Bulletstorm was a bit too stupid for the PC Audience. It wasn’t as bad as Duke Nukem, but it was in your face and annoying, and for the 500 odd jokes in the entire game, only 2 parts made me laugh.

    • Yeah this is what turned me off the game, and I still haven’t bought it even now. I just knew that there’d be no way to turn of the childish vulgarity and still hear the other possibly important parts of dialogue.

      Of course an objective thinker would obviously disagree with your “too stupid for PC comment”, as any console / PC comparison article’s comments will show you there’s plenty of idiots on all sides. It’s not restricted to any one system.

  • The biggest issue I had with it, was the initial cost of it. They were asking far too much for it. Only recently it was on a Steam Sale for like $7? I still wouldn’t buy it and glad I decided not too, because it looked rather horrible from gameplay Vids =/

  • I thought the demo was OK, but I’m waiting to pick it up at Christmas during the end of year Steam sales (like Duke, I won’t pay much over $5 for it). My only disappointment was mandatory Games For Windows LIVE (!), and I normally avoid games with GFWL like the plague . So far only Batman:AA and GTA4 are the only games I have with GFWL, and I hate their forced ‘insert disc to play’ stuff. Graphics for Bulletstorm looked pretty nice, and seems like a nice ‘finish it in a weekend’ type of game. Oh well 😉


    The single player on this game was so fun i enjoyed every minute i mean come on Robot T-Rex dino’s whats not to love.

    i got this on xbox and the ending left room for sequel i was all like hell yeah another one and after some fine tuning from feedback could be even better.

    FML PC pirates stick to pirating movies.

    • If a game is good enough *coughwitchercough* piracy isn’t an issue for a PC game.
      In most cases, a game not selling well on PC is a sign either no-one knew about it or they pissed off the community somehow and people chose not to buy it.
      Poor ports particularly, as well as bad DRM, will always drive PC gamers away from a multi-platform title.
      Piracy didn’t kill the game, the choices of the developers and proucers did.

  • If Bulletstorm under-performed it is likely because it wasn’t very good. I bought it on 360 after hearing the pc version was rubbish. Of course I returned it and bought it again when it was much MUCH cheaper but that is by the bye.

  • f*ing loved this game, and yes piracy is bullshit… it was badport + games for windows on it.

    We actually tried to have this at impact lan but when setting up GFW prevented LAN so it had to be scrapped which would have been a sale of MANY COPIES..

    Origin I could tolerate , if it had been on steam it would have NEVER been considered for lan, it was an awesome game but we ended up procuring several copies on PS3 and having echo campaigns.

    The PC should have been the lead platform for this game, and to everyone not into the dick jokes?

    I dont get it… what games arent allowed to be funny? I remember when we were all looking forward to BAD COMPANY being a comedy FPS like NO ONE LIVES FOREVER.

    Instead any attempt at comedy was riddiculed by fans and we ended up with BAD COMPANY 2 being a standard BF shooter.


    • ” if it had been on steam it would have NEVER been considered for lan”

      Kinda confused by this, as there’s a number of games I own on Steam that have LAN modes.

      As for comedy, Bulletstorm has moments such as this.

      Maybe if I was 15 again I’d find ‘dick killing parties’ funny, but I’m not. I do applaud their intent of bringing humour in though. That said, they might want to talk with the Portal writing team.

      • we’re anti-steam for :

        A) compatability and network issues – it hates working over multiple routers, and is resource heavy
        B) valve is like coca-cola they dont like playing fair, we got offered sponsorship by them if we started using steam exclusively and for that they offered us free copies of TF2 as long and for that we were meant to only have steam games, which means no one can bring their games from home.
        C) I F****NG hate valve and steam. It’s just as bad as itunes, just because heaps of people use it and it has a ton of fanboys and girls it doesnt make it good.

        • and for that…. portal 2 was terrible… im sorry I dont care how many people write rave reviews on it.

          Spent most of that game wanting to KILL the actor who played wheatley, most annoying character ever.

          Only good thing about portal 2? cave johnson.

          • For the record dude, funny games are a welcome change, but it sounds like you’re not playing them. The humour in Bulletstorm is crass and completely devoid of wit. It’s true games like Portal 2 are overrated, but Stephen Merchant as Wheatley is not one of the reasons why.

            And it’s not like one of those things where only one type of humour floats my boat, I still look back at Amped 3 with fond memories as one of the truly wacky, funny games this generation.

            People aren’t against humour, they just have a more developed sense of it than you. Don’t worry though, you’ll get there.

          • hehe. Dont take personal shots mate.

            It is crass but people it seems like most gamers dont get it, like americans not getting british dry wit comedy.

            I bet if we had Dylan Moran pen the story for a point and click adventure game full of humor, no one in america would like it.

            If larry the cable guy was in a movie tie in cart game with fart noises americans would love it.

            It is hard to get everyones taste, its like with RA3….. it had good comedic essence but balance was hard to find, most everyone hardcore into RA1 HATE the comedy that RA2 became.

            One of the best comedy games ever made hardly anyone would have heard of, bonus points to anyone who loved TOONSTRUCK.

  • Maybe if Bulletstorm had been the multiplayer game that everyone originally thought it was then it would have done a lot better.

  • I played it on 360 and each time I see it on steam on sale I want to buy it but I always remember why I didn’t buy it on PC when it first came out.

    Games for windows live is shit. If they don’t care about us (PC Gamers) why should we give them money for a sub par version.

  • I played the PS3 demo and hated it – it tried too hard to be crass and edgy with the dick jokes and adlibbed swearing. I played it with my GF at the time watching on and I felt genuinely embarrased.

    However. I recently bought it for the PC and had an entirely different experience. The crassness seemed to be a bit toned back and the gameplay was incredibly fun. It reminded me off all the things we’ve lost on FPS games and made a sport of doing destructive, insane things. The visuals and set-pieces were pretty great too.

    It’s disappointing in that there’s not much replay value or much in the way of multi-player (just some co-op stuff) so for me it was a one-shot game. Would have loved to have seen a sequel with better PC support and zero Windows for Games.

  • For some reason nothing I saw of Bulletstorm grabbed my attention. Its release went by with me not even realising it came out on PC and I quickly just saw the console version in the used game sections at stores.

  • “It wasn’t the best PC port ever” so he admits to making a shit port and then expects people to put down $70 for it???

  • I liked the game well enough, but the author is right, this was not a strong port. On top of that, the game didn’t have strong sales on any of the platforms – the fact that it sold worse on PC (whatever the reason) is moot.

    The game was fun to play, the plot was decent and I liked the strong female lead, but it had way too many dick jokes. A more serious tone might have pulled it together, though I agree the gameplay lent itself to tongue-in-cheek.

  • PC Pirates blamed for poor reception of game by company a mere day after they say they are working on a PC exclusive title.

    And while that PC exclusive title could be something like Farmville. or other crap.

    Seems rather contrary to their statements.

    I finished Bulletstorm. It was a pretty bad port. The game showed potential but never lived up to it

  • Am I the only one who didn’t have a problem with GFWL on Bulletstorm? I thought the game was worth the $5 I paid for during the Steam sales. The really liked the arcade-y style points mechanic, that was real cool. The dick jokes were kinda stupid though, couldn’t they have come up with something better? I could have sworn I was playing Bulletstorm, not Dickstorm.

  • Bulletstorm grabbed my attention when it was first announced. Great graphics, epic battles, environmental kills with a “borderlands-style” numbers above an enemies head when varying kills were made. Seemed like a decent shooter with points for style.

    Co-op campaign support dropped, as did my interest. They then started flooding the market with dicktits and other quality, my interest also dropped as I’ve not been a teenager for some time. Then the demo came out and all I could think of was a remake of The Club. Replaying levels over and over to get a better score is not my idea of fun, did that with Pac Man when it came out.

    To me, THAT is why Bulletstorm failed. Pirates got to see the game for what it was worth and decided not to purchase.

  • Don’t make shitty or uninteresting games and maybe you’ll sell a few more. Blaming pirates is just an excuse for their own mediocrity.

  • Pretty sure noone bought it on PC because of the crappy port done and the fact it had GFWL which is essentially the kiss for any game, especially a new IP which people aren’t familiar with.

    But hey go ahead and blame pirates, its easier to use them as a scapegoat than admitting you screwed up royally

  • I loved Bulletstorm, and regretted trading it in so much that I had to pick it up again. Skill shots, the whip, the kick, the dick jokes, it all just worked. It was goofy, it didn’t take itself seriously, and it was a riot to play through.

    I’ll take games like these over a yearly CoD release any day.

  • Didn’t Epic say that making money was not their imperative in the creation of Bulletstorm? Something along the lines of “it didn’t make any money but we’re the kind of company that would have made it even if we could’ve predicted that.”

    Not that I’m saying that is a good way to do business it’s just that this bit now is totally contradicting that ideology.

  • Totally loved this game. Short and sweet tho.

    That sniper rifle slow mo bullet still gets me warm and fuzzy!

  • Oh so it’s piracy to blame for PC gamers not buying a crappy console port? I suppose it’s easier for game developers to blame piracy than that the game they made was just mediocre.

  • What he meant to say :

    The PC was not used as a lead platform, therefore it was not optimized, therefore gamers were not to happy with it and if we had put an invasive DRM system around it such as STEAM or LIVE it gives the customer less incentive to buy it.

    Then we saw how many times it got downloaded on a torrent site and did not compare it to how much retail space and distribution the PC game market has the moment due to EA and activision pushing consoles as lead platforms, such as the old days when most department stores had a pc section and now have half a shelf of pc games that all end in xxx-CRAFT.

    In closing check the top 2 Elite torrent websites. 360 is the king of piracy at the moment, it also has more shelf space and moves more copies of each game in the west due to the fact its the lead platform and distributed through more households.

    So don’t blame pc gamers… I would convert back from PS3 gaming today if you can take things back to the good days.

    Buy a game, get a disc and a serial number ONLY required for online play, and being able to play a single player campaign OFFLINE.

    • Man you really have an axe to grind against Steam. Steam is probably the least invasive DRM system on the market. It’s a one time code which, if you buy your game from the steam store, is done automatically for you, i’ve never seen it crash a game, and in some games, the best example is probably Skyrim, Steam actually encourages modding the game. What is your problem, man?

  • I’m amazed the consensus is that it was a bad port – Digital Foundry said the PC version was the best version!

    That aside I think they squibbed it by not including a PvP multiplayer. I was excited for this game up to the moment that I found out there would be no competitive MP mode.

    Ironically I picked it up on the xbox for cheap ($28) around Xmas and I was amazed how fun it is – it deserves a sequel, or at least for the ideas in this game to be used in other games in the future.

  • It’s a proven fact that if the game is “GOOD” then it will sell despite pirates and….. ahh nvm seems like everyone above is on the same track.

  • the game was ok, but again it was a bad port, it used Games for Windows Live which has always been terrible, there was no Co-Op campagin only competitive Co-Op of certain fights. It was also advertised as being like Serious Sam, but the enemy count was extremely low. The fact that on button was used for so many things was also a turn off for many PC users ( Seriously the controls were netured and jump was removed from the game because they ran out of buttons on the 360 game pad)

  • Bulletstorm was a great, original shooter with detailed environments and a compelling story. If you can see past the dick jokes, which really were just a small part of the game, you’ll find something a lot more original than Call of Duty or Gears of War ever tried to be. Unfortunately, most people are ready to dismiss it based on the most obvious element.

  • Bought it, played for a few hours, am yet to get back to it… So if a developer makes a shit game that no one wants they just claim “it was the pirates” nowdays.

  • because bulletstorm couldn’t possibly be unpopular for any one of the millions of reasons out there, it must of have been the pirates.

  • Bulletstorm was a bad port?

    Clearly you’ve forgotten Bully (Canis Canim Edit) on PC. Now that was truely woeful.

  • when will the industry stop blaming pirates, there are two groups that pirate the game: those who wouldn’t / couldn’t buy it in the first place and those that want to test out the game before they invest their money.

    Group A: is never a sale
    Group B: is likely to buy the game if it’s good or not buy it, but they wouldn’t be looking at buying it in the first place, so they were never a true sale to begin.

    If a pirate buys your game in the end, congratulations you made a sale, but in most situations they were never going to be a sale and pretending that you lost that sale because they pirated instead of buying it is a fallacy which just needs to stop.

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