A Look At The Maps And Zombies Of Black Ops First Strike

Call of Duty: Black Ops isn't just getting four new maps when First Strike hits the Xbox 360 next month, it's also getting more zombies.

While we have already seen a bit of the four multiplayer maps included in First Strike, due to hit the Xbox 360 on Feb. 1 for 1,200 Microsoft points, or about $US15, all we know on the zombie front was that another map was coming.

In this latest video we get another quick look at Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Stadium, as well as our first look at Ascension, a new map for those of you who love the cooperative play of Black Ops' zombie mode.

Flying platforms, stadium lighting, giant space rockets: This looks like the sort of place I'd love to kill zombies in.


    Anyone else think its a joke that 3 of those maps are (taken from) levels in the game?

      Wow dude, ever played CoD4 ? Every map was based on single player levels!! I think its great!

      Most games do that. Areas you recognise from the game but slightly edited for MP action. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the game I play the most. Some are classic maps from the last game, some are from the campaign.

      I guess the difference is that they were technically free...

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